Do you feel the Kony 2012 is a propaganda movie??

  1. hinazille profile image81
    hinazilleposted 5 years ago

    Do you feel the Kony 2012 is a propaganda movie??

    Jason Russell the filmmaker of Kony 2012, who has been working on this for the last 9 years, has been found publicly drunk, shouting expletives, damaging vehicles & masturbating.

    The movie fails to mention important points such as the fact the Ugandan government, who the US is an ally to, is also guilty of numerous murderous acts, leaving us wondering why the US government would side with the Ugandan government against a man that have an army with less than 500 people!

  2. brages07 profile image60
    brages07posted 5 years ago

    I certainly believe it is.  Kony has been committing his atrocities for twenty years, yet this group does not take an interest until after oil is discovered in DRC and South Sudan, which border Uganda and are where Kony is causing most of his trouble these days.  Moreover, Yoweri Museveni also used child soldiers in his war against Kony, not to mention he pushed the Ugandan gay death law.  The United States government did not care about the child soldiers of Sierra Leone, the genocide in Rwanda and they still do not care about the abuse of the Palestinians.  They also killed Mossadeq, Allende and the Diems.  They also faciliated authoritarian regimes in Peru, Chile, Iraq, Iran, Cuba under Batista, Vietnam until Ho Chi Minh went commie, Argentina, Egypt and Israel's dominance over Palestine.  Let's also not forget Air America and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.