What Are The Top 10 Doomsday Prepper Supplies?

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  1. PhoenixV profile image63
    PhoenixVposted 12 years ago

    What Are The Top 10 Doomsday Prepper Supplies?

    Doomsday Preppers are people that are preparing for catastrophes like nuclear war, pandemics  or other types of major disasters. Some prepare for war, extreme fuel shortages and even solar flares. What are the top things one would need to be prepared for just about any disaster of large scale?

  2. profile image0
    Gusserposted 12 years ago

    Seeds--not the modified type. Guns and Ammo. A way to build shelter. A way to purify water. A food supply to sustain you and your family until a garden can be grown and harvested.

  3. Silva Hayes profile image77
    Silva Hayesposted 12 years ago

    Water, water purification tablets, food, waterproof tarp for shelter, one of those striker things to make fire, guns, ammo, knife, generator, fuel.  Lots of other things would be nice, but those are my top ten.

  4. lenamariee profile image80
    lenamarieeposted 12 years ago

    Guns, ammo, water, water purification method, food, a way to grow food, more ammo, fire starting materials, warm clothes, shelter.

  5. lovetrees profile image60
    lovetreesposted 12 years ago

    Okay water, sturdy backpacks, medical supplies, hunting equipment, non perishables and a how to survive in the wilderness minimally guide would all be in my top ten.

  6. profile image0
    L a d y f a c eposted 12 years ago

    Water purification tables, water, enough MREs/IMPs for at least a month, non-perishables (such as peanut butter, soups, rice, canned meat, canned milk, powdered milk, granola bars, beans, dried fruit, etc....), can opener, ibuprofen, something to catch water in, extensive first aid kit, toothbrushes and lots of toothpaste and dental floss, camp stove with basic military kitchen things, tent, plenty of warm blankets, extra clothing, a sewing kit, fishing equipment, hunting gear including wear and weapons/ammo, axe, matches, shovel, radio, batteries, backpack, compass, maps, mirror, wash basin, soap, towels, razor, basic stationary, my guitar (I don't want to go completely insane), Swiss army knife, several large tarps and a lot of very strong rope/string, instructions on how to tie proper knots, 2 pair solid, steel toed, waterproof, winter lined boots with a dozen replacement laces.. hiking shoes, rubber boots, 5 gallon buckets, Ziploc bags of every size, more socks and underwear than you can shake a stick at, essential spices (sugar, salt, etc), vegetable seeds, several large bags of soil, spray paint, multiple language dictionaries, work gloves, garbage bags, toiletries, gas, flashlights, hurricane lamps and oil, pallets of duct tape (seriously, this can be used for EVERYTHING from footwear to beds to actual functioning boats), basic tool set (crowbar, hammer, nails, screws, driver set, wrenches, vice, saw, etc), weather gauge, good exterior clothing, calendar, clock, air mattress, sleeping bag, pillows, fire extinguisher, rifle, 12 gauge and crossbow (with ammo), as many books as I can, whistle, important documents, money, photos, games, feminine hygiene products, portable generator, Potassium Iodide (KI) or Potassium Iodate (KIO3) tablets....
    I think that's it...

  7. Julie Fletcher profile image71
    Julie Fletcherposted 11 years ago

    1. Common Sense - not everyone has it. Be able to sift through the good information and the stuff that can get you killed.

    2. Water source - stored water or natural source

    3. Food - stored or find it which leads me to #4

    4. A good field guide for identifying wild edible plants

    5. A military grade survival guide

    6. Weapons and ammo. I think a bow would be best, it is quiet and you can use arrows until they break.

    7. Mobile cookset

    8. Shelter building skills or a tent

    9. Water purification system - I like the straws that last for 3 months. I forget who makes them, but just having a few stashed in bags, kits, and in the car would be ideal.

    10. Friends who share your mindset. A strong community of like-minded survivalist can work together. Community can be a few people or many.


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