When, where and most of all - HOW? - did one nation devolve such a wasteful and

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    stanwshuraposted 5 years ago

    When, where and most of all - HOW? - did one nation devolve such a wasteful and divisive politics?

    How did America's founders, for many of us our ancestral trespassers, this land's first illegal immigrants, breed today's bitterly divided citizenry?

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    JON EWALLposted 5 years ago

    A Simple Answer   ( MONEY DOES BUY ELECTIONS )
    In 2006 we the people (WTP)  VOTED, result  of which was a Democrat controlled House and Senate ( Congress). The Bush recession started in Dec 2007 and ended in June 2009. In 2009 President elect Barak Obama took office with a super majority ( filibuster proof control ) of Congress. For 2 years, 2009-2010, the Democrats had 100% control of the government. The Republicans were not in charge of ANY LEGISLATION until they won the House in 2011.The leadership  control score card reads: Senator Reid 2007-2012 ( 6yrs.), Speaker Pelosi 2007-2010 (4yrs, ) , President Obama 2009-2010 ( 4 years ). Summing it up is that the Democrats  have had 2/3s control of the government since 2007-2012 (6yrs ). The Republicans have had 1/3rd control of the government ( the House ) since 2011-2012 ( 2 yrs )

    Next time you hear the President say he inherited a mess, next time Obama blames the Republicans for holding up jobs bills, know that Obama is distorting the truth. The winners blaming the losers, that don’t sound right, how could that be TRUE? In Washington today, right is wrong and wrong is right?

    Have you EVER once heard President Obama expose Senator Reid for not voting on 30 JOBS bills passed in the House waiting for Senate’s approval or rejection. http://www.majorityleader.gov/JobsTracker/

    THE NEXT QUESTION should be, does the President and his party  deserve 4 more years of abusing the Constitution and the laws of the land?

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