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Californians - What do you think of Proposition 32?

  1. watergeek profile image97
    watergeekposted 5 years ago

    Californians - What do you think of Proposition 32?

    I keep receiving mail from proponents, whose arguments in favor don't make sense, knowing what I know about how corporations operate. The words do restrict both. But corporations don't use payroll deductions to acquire money for political donations. And union deductions are not forced, they're voluntary. I know union members who joined partly because they liked that their dues helped the union represent them politically.

    Seems to me that this proposition would hurt unions and leave corporations untouched. Why are unions being so attacked these days?

  2. TempusFugit profile image60
    TempusFugitposted 5 years ago

    I think if the unions want it, it is bad.

  3. tirelesstraveler profile image81
    tirelesstravelerposted 5 years ago

    Because a teacher in CA pays $120 / month  I think the teachers union should be held accountable for what they do with the dues.  Listening to ads that the union sponsors during elections you have to wonder how they justify the amount of air time they buy. Unions were to help the worker.  What good has it done for teachers?  They have to teach to the test which, doesn't educate anyone very well. A teacher can use the text books and standards and still have crummy test scores in her class because the test doesn't jive with the texts. The demands put on teachers make it very difficult to teach.
    I spoke with a union rep when I was looking for information on SB 1148.  She said"We know its irresponsible to enact this with the economy as it is, that is why it doesn't have to be fully enacted for seven years" .  Temporary politicians make permanent laws in order to grant favors to supporters.   Read what Prop 32 says. You can read the entire text on-line. It's only 3 pages.
    Think about a person who has to belong to a union before they could get a job? Construction, Radio and Television are a few of those kind of jobs. How do you pay dues for something when you don't have a job? The union gets a the first slice off the top of your pay check after taxes when you get a job.  Just what do unions do.  My teacher friends all join the union in case they are sued.  I ask why? Nobody with sense sues someone without money. They go after the school district.  Schools can't even fire teachers who have abused children in Ca because of contracts.  It takes a minimum of  two years to fire a teacher here.  The politicking in the schools here is all about who likes you and who doesn't.  Why do some teachers get tenured after 3 years and some who have been with the district for years not get tenured?  Where does the union come in to their defense?

    1. watergeek profile image97
      watergeekposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I don't know exactly what the unions due. I've never belonged to one. I have two siblings who were teachers and both became union reps for awhile. Unions had nothing to do with laws that require teaching to tests or any of the rest you mention.

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