Do you think the wealth inequality in America is too harmful?

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  1. William15 profile image88
    William15posted 5 years ago

    Do you think the wealth inequality in America is too harmful?

    There is an increasing divide between the 1% and the 99%. Is this how it's supposed to be or will there be serious problems down the road?

  2. David Carl profile image63
    David Carlposted 5 years ago

    The term wealth inequality is a euphemism that appears to make the assumption that having resources is some how a right that every person should be guaranteed from birth. Accepting this premise, allows individuals to believe that their well being is the responsibility of some one or some thing other than themselves. Our country's birth and growth was not based upon this premise. "Wealth inequality" is not the problem in America,  although the perception that it is,  the cause of poverty,  is.
         Our country has made  a once hard working, self supporting  citizen base into parasites that live off a federal government that acts like a giant mammary gland. We have a spoiled nation where only the immigrants seem to know that they have to work for a living to support their families. (Even squirrels know that they have to store nuts away for the winter to survive). This is unsustainable. Government must pull back, so that people can be allowed to keep the money that they earn from their labors. Small businesses must be allowed to grow and flourish.
          As the belief in God diminishes in America, so do the morals that have historically prevented people from making their own rules to balance what they experience as an unfair equation.We are already seeing increases in crime in areas that have been previously considered safe spots. For instance, the city and surrounding area of Oakland, California. Many retirees are choosing to live in gated communities because they feel unsafe living in their own homes elsewhere.That is like living in some third world countries, where gangs will kill a whole family to obtain the contents of their home. Liberal policies have increased the divide between rich and poor because they do not support free enterprise, the work ethic, traditional families or biblical morality. Loss of those values leads to chaos, which is what we are seeing in the White House and throughout our country everyday. Chaos is a place where people make up the rules as they go along and where there are no consequences for disregarding the laws that are in place to maintain a sustainable society.

    1. Jack Burton profile image83
      Jack Burtonposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      well said, sir. There is nothing more to add to such a fine display of economic and human behavioiur understanding.

  3. bn9900 profile image68
    bn9900posted 5 years ago

    No, it just shows me that there people who work and people who don't. You don't become wealthy without lots of hard work, If you are working hard and barely getting by why blame someone else, or expect some of what they have. Live within your means, and you will have a great sense of life.

  4. Kathleen Cochran profile image79
    Kathleen Cochranposted 5 years ago

    Those who have answered this question are apparently unfamiliar with the data on wealth inequality in America.

    Since 1980 US financial policy has focused on lower taxes and fewer audits to make people accountable. Analysis of the latest IRS data reports the average income of the vast majority of taxpayers in 2010 (adjusted for inflation) was only slightly more than the average income going all the way back to 1966. Those at the top of the scale saw their 2010 average income grow by $18.7 million per taxpayer compared to 1966.

    This very real situation exists because those in power in our country decided to make it happen.  And they will keep telling the rest of us to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps" as long as we keep falling for the idea that somehow the situation is our fault or worse, we're just imagining it.


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