Are you Charlie Hebdo???

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    someblogsposted 3 years ago

    Are you Charlie Hebdo???

    Let's be honest here. Those artists who became the victim of the terrorist attack in paris are being considered martyrs for the freedom of speech, but if they were trying to do the same in america, they would not lasted a minute. Everyone would be accusing them of hate speech.
    But, more than 40 world leaders went to condemn and mourn for them. Are their lives more valuable than thousands and thousand of people who were killed by terrorists in afghanistan, iraq, pakistan and all around the world?????

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    KU37posted 3 years ago

    I don't necessarily agree that people in the US would accuse them of hate speech.  In 2014, very few people in the US would have accused them of hate speech.  Now, unfortunately, I think there would be more, but certainly not everyone.  I think your question is very provocative, and to answer it, I would refer you to an article I wrote in the heat of the moment on the day of the attack, and let you decide for yourself.  I felt personally affected by the Charlie Hebdo attack not because of the color of the victims' skin or the number of victims.  I was deeply affected because they were specifically targeted because they were satirists.

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      KU37posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I cannot think of any target more obvious than this one during this week in USA. Saturday Night Live COULD have been the American Charlie. Their ten-minute "Weekend Update" segment on 1/18/15 made not one single mention of Charlie Hebdo. Coincidence?