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Do you believe a consensus can be ever made in regards to gun control in the USA

  1. Medvekoma profile image84
    Medvekomaposted 2 years ago

    Do you believe a consensus can be ever made in regards to gun control in the USA?

    I'm a firm believer of personal freedom, with no other real moral commitments apart from that. For this reason however, the issue of American gun control has always been something hard to judge for me. Liberalism would see people with guns, as they are tools to protect themselves from the government, as shown in the many revolutions over the years, including the very one that led to the foundation of the USA. Yet the casualties are still too high to leave the second amendment unchanged.

    Do you think a consensus will be made that satisfies or at least serves both sides?

  2. Helga Silva profile image84
    Helga Silvaposted 2 years ago

    I think citizens should have the right to defend themselves (in case of home invasion or mass shooting) and shoul be able to own a gun if they choose to. The military grade guns should not be sold to citizens.
    No need to have a consensus, because our Constitution was written by very smart people.

  3. wrenchBiscuit profile image83
    wrenchBiscuitposted 2 years ago

    Both sides have missed the boat. Love is the remedy for gun violence. On one hand people are too "educated" to accept this solution, and on the other hand people are too stupid. So what we are dealing with is a bunch of stupid educated people who think they can legislate their way to a non-violent society. It has never happened and it never will. It is pretty straightforward: Get Love or Get Dead.

  4. SgtCecil profile image92
    SgtCecilposted 2 years ago

    No. Never. Other countries have done it (or are trying to figure it out) but the US never will. That's the point. People, PACs and lobbyists on both sides throw money at politicians to find an answer but as long as the issue is on the table the money will always flow.

    The unwashed masses vote like they always do, thinking it will change things this time. Then they wonder why the same people get into office as before and then why nothing changes. Meanwhile, incumbents on both sides are high-fiving each other on their way to the bank.

    Gun control is one golden goose they'll never kill.

  5. aguasilver profile image76
    aguasilverposted 2 years ago

    First, I'm not American, so it has little effect on me whatever happens, but I was a gun club member in the UK, when it was still legal, before they banned guns.

    The ban meant that criminals could still carry guns (you could buy one in many places I knew about) so obviously it was not banned to stop criminals, and the controls I had to pass in the UK before a gun club would allow me to join were stringent, and actually getting a license to keep guns would have been even more difficult.

    So those who are gun trained and authorized have little or no likelihood of going on a killing rampage, te other gun owners would spot any possibility, so I guess we were just caught up in the banning frenzy.

    But your constitution gave you that right, to carry guns, BECAUSE the writers KNEW that this was the ONLY final defense the citizens would have against a repressive authoritarian government, i.e. those wise men wrote into law an amendment that protected you from them.

    The argument is presented that when they wrote it all anyone had was a musket, which took a trained soldier a few seconds to load and make ready to fire, (so) stopping rash actions, however that may stop crimes of passion (though a Colt pistol will work just as well) but does nothing about premeditated murder.

    You need guns because you do have a government which is out of control, and behaves far worse than George III did in his time, you need guns because otherwise one day, you will all be at whoever controls the countries mercy, and mercy is a rare event.

    You with guns will be massively outgunned and out weapon-ed against your own military, so the eventual outcome may be very bloody, unless the military decide to side with the people, not the elite in power.

    2.5 million trained and seasoned veterans, who have little reason to support the administration, may tip the balance if they are well armed, because you only have 500,000 soldiers under arms, but when the proverbial hits the fan, having your own gun, being properly trained and being prepared to use that gun, may keep you alive until the Cavalry come, if they do at all.

    So no, I do not think there is any ground to find an agreement, though they could make a start by making it an automatic 10 year sentence for carrying an illegal weapon, and enforcing it.

    1. wrenchBiscuit profile image83
      wrenchBiscuitposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      The scenario that you present would make a good movie. Lee Greenwood could provide the soundtrack. However, the cowardly indifferent response of the Americans to Ed Snowden's courageous attempt to stand up for the people is the writing on the wall.

  6. Sgt Prepper profile image61
    Sgt Prepperposted 2 years ago

    Maybe. Our Second Amendment right to own and carry firearms has nothing to do with hunting, gun-collecting, or protecting ourselves from savages, thugs or wolves.  The entire reason for this unalienable right is as a last ditch insurance against runaway federal-control under an illegal-tyrant(like right now).
    Sadly not even our guns and birther-Trump can stop the New World Order under the UN and the Antichrist.  I hate Big Brother Obama and greatly dislike his False Prophet Pope Francis.  Get ready!