How much "foreign aid" has the U.S. provided since 1776? How much has been repai

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    Tom Voglerposted 20 months ago

    How much "foreign aid" has the U.S. provided since 1776? How much has been repaid?

    With all the aid the aid the U.S. has given to foreign countries over the last 240 years, if that money were paid back, even not adjusted for inflation, how much would it reduce the $19.3 Trillion National Debt?

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    mike102771posted 20 months ago

    That is a hard question to answer unless you are an economist with a lot of time of your hands.

    Having typed that the concept of foreign aid is a modern one. From 1776 to 1781 (during the war) (1781 to 1789 we were under the articles of confederation) we weren't in any position to loan or give money to anyone in fact we were in deep debt much like today. After the new government formed under Washington we were fighting each other over taxes to pay for our own government.

    Most of the 18th and 19th centuries were devoted to colonization (including us just ask Cuba, Hawaii and the Philippines) not aiding foreign powers. Yes, we paid bribes not aid.

    One site seems to suggest that our foreign aid did not start until around WWI.

    If we asked for our money back (from the countries that still are countries) I think it would at least cut it in half. Most aid is a gift and not loan and gifted in the idea that this aid would strengthen both us and our friends (frenemies).

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    wingedcentaurposted 20 months ago

    Hi Tom Vogler! How's it going?

    The idea behind foreign "aid," is humanitarian. Unless I'm badly mistaken, the idea is not to have it repaid like a loan.

    The second point is this: Michael Collins is quite right to point out that the United States was not in any position to give out foreign aid in the eighteenth century.

    We were still a "developing" country in the nineteenth century. I do know that the United States started loaning money to allies in WWI and WWII.

    The United States and "foreign aid" probably should be dated to 1945, as the United States was trying to create a new world order after the wreckage of World War Two.

    Also, foreign aid was almost always about what is called "export promotion." Anywhere from 70-80 percent of the aid money goes right back to Western/American corporations, who then do whatever development project is required in the aid recipient country.

    Foreign aid is never, ever, ever "free." The "aid" is "repaid" before it ever reaches the hands of the recipient nations----in fact, again, seventy to eighty percent never reaches the recipient nation.