Congress Worried about National Debt

  1. MikeNV profile image80
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    Give AIG $160 Billion so the investment Banks won't take a loss. Give Billions to GMAC and Chrysler, approve a $1 Trillion Dollar Health Care Bill, Send another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan... $4 Billion a Month, $800 Billion record military spending this year.

    But nope... no money for jobs!

    "WASHINGTON – The election-year jobs agenda promised by President Barack Obama and Democrats has stalled seven months before voters determine control of Congress.

    Democrats have no money to pay for the program. That's because both Republicans and the Democratic chairman of the Senate Budget Committee objected to taking money left over from the fund that bailed out banks, automakers and insurers and using it for the jobs bill.

    Such a move, they insisted, would add tens of billions of dollars to the $12.8 trillion national debt."

    Go ahead and blame the Republicans... blame the Democrats... blame whomever you want.

    Bottom line is Americans are suffering and both parties are just clueless.

    There are a whole lot of Republicans and Democrats a like that need to be voted out of office this year and replaced with people who "Get it".

    Unfortunately America's priorities are not reflected by our elected representatives.