why the Bush tax cuts are a good thing...

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    SparklingJewelposted 7 years ago

    I am not interested in getting into an argument of rather you believe this or not...as usual, my purpose is to show the differences in thinking and encourage finding common ground in how we run things in this country...it's absurd to not learn to give and let go of some things on all sides

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    leebertteaposted 7 years ago

    No Bush tax cuts didn't cause the deficit, his spending did! I don't understand how anyone could be in favor of paying more taxes. When I spend my money, I like to see what I'm getting for it. Shipping my hard earned dollars to the government, or should I say having my hard earned dollars confiscated before I even get to see it by the government leaves my unable to account for what I just bought.
    Anyway, deficits are not hard to understand, it's simply the government spending more than what they budgeted. This happens to all of us. Sometimes things come up that we don't expect like a health crisis or an expensive home or car repair and sometimes that means we have to borrow. The problem with government is they have the ability to create crisis and to borrow unlimited amounts. And unlike the government we can't just go to our employer and tell them that they are now required to increase our pay like the government can.
    So we need some things to keep government in check. First we need a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. Second we need to eliminate the IRS. There has to be a better way to tax without stealing it. Thirdly we need a strictly defined role for the government. I don't mind paying taxes, but I hate to see the government spending my money on studies of the sex habits of the Californian Fruit Fly.