Should Tax Avoiders In The Gulf Get Money From BP And The Government?

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    leebertteaposted 7 years ago … =128169388

    Many in the gulf haven't filed tax returns for years and now are wondering how to document the loss of revenue from their cash business. This highlights one of the real problems with the current American tax system, that people, even poor people, look for ways to avoid paying taxes. Imagine how good the rich with their resources are at avoiding taxes.

    The question is, should these people get financial help and if they do should they also be prosecuted for violation of tax laws?

    What should we do to insure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes?

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      rhamsonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think they are only entitled to the loses they can prove whether it be through a receipt basis or tax return.  If they wish to receive money that was not through the proper tax structure then they should not be compensated.

      They should be given the opportunity to file for amnesty and the penalty should remain as being compensated for only the money they reported to the IRS. 

      The IRS is a savage beast we all live with and pay when taxes are due.

      No tax bill ever came at an opportune time and if we owed no excuse would quell the beast.  And no act of God got between the taxpayer and the IRS for Joe Blow Taxpayer.