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    melvin banggollayposted 7 years ago

    Melvin d. Banggollay


    Hostage taker of a bloody massacre
    of Visiting nationals is a stupid culprit
    of a crime to express his great anger
    against his dismissal is out of mind and wit.

    Over and over again, I firmly condemn
    such act of a man even he is a fellowmen
    for it's against law and descency's helm
    it's against life, honor and dignity of men.

    Such is a heinous crime of satanic tendency
    in aiing grievances at the expense of many
    tarnsihed the great honor and dignity
    of the filipinos as a nation of great hospitality.

    Taking a life of a brother of no mercy
    Is beyond reason of morale descency
    hence, it must be condemn by all humanity
    even he is a kin or a part of our community.

    An act of prudence, understanding and mercy,
    Is my personal  appeal to the victim's family,
    to the affected Nationals for their descency
    Not to retaliate against our brothers in their country.

    God have mercy upon the souls of the victims
    That they may be taken in God's kingdom
    and give upon them forgiveness of their sins
    and to their families, peace, love and freedom.

    Everybody knows this is an isolated act
    Not sanction at all or like by the Filipinos
    Who are known to be peace loving product
    of co-existence with other nations accross.   


    Expression of grief for the victims of the
    hostage drama at Quirino Grand Stadium
    against the visiting tourist and foreign nationals
    from Honkong by a stupid and fool policeman.HOSTAGE DILEMMA

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    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    Yo dude, do you even have a clue.....this is a forum?

    You do realize you're not writing hubs and you are wasting all this on just forum posts.

    Why don't you delete your posts from the forum and write all this stuff in hubs.

    Btw- Welcome to HubPages!

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      Cagsil is right, you are wasting this on the forums, quick delete this post and make a hub of it!

      Welcome to HP!