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    melvin banggollayposted 7 years ago

    Melvin Banggollay

    In the land where I was born
    Politics is like a golden bone
    All wants to have a throne
    Only to be heared and known.

    Those in power want to own
    the government to be their home
    Where they can truly enthrone
    crownies to protect their throne.

    Congress resolved a resolution
    To protect the presidents throne
    By way of a political convention
    Even senate have not their own.

    Such act of congress is curruption
    of the true essence of legislation
    For they did it to protect their own
    interest fooling this crying nation.

    Is this the essence of democracy
    Winning by number called majority
    even if this is against descency
    justice and people's suvereignty.

    Greed for power, wealth and money
    Inspires politicians of this country
    to do everything even out of descency
    to protect their interest and authority

    Most of them are afraid to lost
    The power they enjoyed the most
    only to protect their name that lost
    honor from the people's holocoust.

    But sometimes you can't blame them
    For people accept their payment
    a thousand bill or rice for their vote
    weave their rights for a descent vote.