Riot in L.A.

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    iantoPFposted 7 years ago

    The original post by Flightkeeper seems to have got hijacked so I'll start a new thread.
    It began on Tuesday with the fatal shooting by police of Manuel Jimenez, a Guatemalan immigrant. All the details are on Flightkeepers post I just want to update.
    Tuesday night's demonstartion became violent. The LAPD declared it an unlawful assembly and dispersed the crowd, Every night since then there have been relatively peaceful marches along 6th street around Alvarado and Union Streets. It does appear that the demonstrators are getting ready for a big demonstration on Saturday. How that turns out I'm pretty sure you'll read about on the news.
    A personal note; I know about these things because I'm a supervisor for L A Metro and I'll be one of those responsible for detouring the buses around any disturbance.