The world will little note ...

  1. DoctorB profile image61
    DoctorBposted 9 years ago

    ... nor long remember what is written here. However, anything written can be read by anyone, so maybe someone will take note(s) and act accordingly. Everything written is all opinion, anyway.
       We have recently been entertained by the Libertarian Party's conclave in Denver (party time!), emulating procedures used by the major contenders for power in America.  It was hardly noticed by anyone other than the few hundred participants. Comments concerning Libertarian efforts to be noticed weren't offered in major media outlets, and barely made page twenty-one in Denver's "Rocky."
       So, what's it all about, Alfie? The minor political parties in the USA are generally ignored, for they have no hope of influencing the outcome of national elections. Time after time, every effort to compete with the presidential players fails, for the flag of Freedom is trampled by moneyed incumbents.
       Libertarians claim leadership in "third party" efforts to break the strangling postures of Donkeys and Elephants, but really have no chance of even cleaning up the poop at the back of the parade..  Third parties in the greatest country in the world are like a  Third World tail of a whining, crying beast.
       The Party has no plan. Oh, there's a "platform," a stated mission. But, there's no plan to execute; no step-by-step outline for progress to power.  Military method (lead by example) is lacking; management by objective is missing; a purposeful trail of achievements is not apparent.  The Party reacts, but has no vision.
       What to do? 2008 is lost. It's time to move on to 2012.  The delusion of national competition in politics needs to be confronted.  We need to "get out of Dodge" (DC), and establish a viable base of operations.  How about a return to roots? Any link to the established hierarchy and its incumbent patrons does not enhance the Libertarian position. It's not Hamilton, the Federalist, but Jefferson and Madison to whom we should be looking for sustenance--to the Heartland, the locals, the young Tigers who eschew Washington bureaucrats. Wars--and politics is a war environment--are won by youth, led by vision.  The first step to be taken is our own establishment of a solid command post in the New West, free of the taint of the stink of Foggy Bottom (in my opinion).
       The Libertarian leadership has failed miserably in using the "free" electronic media as a tool for alerting the future generation of voters to the methodology of government devoted to Freedom.  Education of young voters should be a primary objective.
       And, in the sense of "leadership by example," the dead weight of a congress of do-nothing management, a "Board" should be eliminated from the Party's makeup.  Consensus of state leaders could exclude one level of misdirection and confusion by an egocentric coterie of unnecessary governors.  The success of the Party must be borne in local constituencies, at the basic level of concern  for how government should perform.
       Finally, it's not just about money, but how resources are used that is important. Pennies must be productive, for that is the necessity to political fruition. Convention(al) expensing is wasteful.
       Think about it.  The basic incentive for every voter, is: "What is s/he going to do for ME (and, what is it going to cost me?)."
       Until the Party inflames the populace for their personal aims and concerns, it's just another case of tilting at windmills. (In my opinion.)

  2. knolyourself profile image60
    knolyourselfposted 9 years ago

    It's not a parliamentary system. Third parties have no seats in the congress or senate. It is a winner take all system. People will always vote for the better of 2 evils
    because they only have a seat at the table. Third parties in America are an illusion. What are the chances or what
    would it take to get a parliamentary system ...

  3. TheCapn profile image55
    TheCapnposted 9 years ago

    I doubt third parties will ever establish a strong foothold in Congress. Politics is a crap shoot and there's almost no accountability. What little accountability there is comes from within Congress itself, essentially allowing crooks to regulate themselves.

    If the third parties want to win, they need to start playing hardball and take some spotlight. The only time I hear anything from a third party is if I happen to catch one of their websites. Many, such as the Libertarians, have websites full of grand ideas and plenty of insults for the Democrats and Republicans and that's the only place you'll see it. If they continue their seemingly impotent approach to campaigning they'll never garner enough attention to wage a proper battle against the two parties. If the third parties want to start bringing home the bacon, they need to sack up, throw down a lot of money, and attack on all fronts as publicly as possible. Libertarians call themselves the "Party of Principle". What good is principle if you're struggling to gain 50 state ballot access and no one knows who you are. Politics is a grownups game, if the Libertarians want to play they're gonna have to leave the childish notion that whatever they're doing is working.