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A message to all members of Tea Party Organizers --

  1. OLYHOOCH profile image60
    OLYHOOCHposted 6 years ago

    A message to all members of Tea Party Organizers -- A Troll-Free No Spin Zone!

    Subject:  McDonald's

    I'm sure those of you who aren't in the cattle business  don't understand
    the issues here. But to those of us whose living depends on
    the cattle  market, selling cattle, raising the best beef possible...This is
    frustrating!  This will keep us from ever stopping at McDonald's  again,
    even for a drink. The original message is from the Texas Cattle  Feeders Association.   American cattle producers are very passionate about this.
      McDonald's claims that there is not enough beef in the USA to support
    their restaurants. Well, we know that is not so. Our opinion is that they are
    looking to save money at our expense. The sad thing of it is, that the  people of the USA are the ones who made McDonald's  successful in the first
    place, but we are not good enough to provide beef.  We personally are no longer eating at McDonald's, which I am sure does not  make an impact,
    but if we pass this around maybe there will be an impact felt.
      All Americans that sell cows at a livestock auction barn have  to sign a
    paper stating that we do NOT EVER feed our cows any part of
    another cow! South Americans are not required to do this as of yet.
    McDonald's has announced that they are going to start importing much of
    their beef from South America . The problem is that South Americans aren't
    under the same regulations as American beef producers, and the regulations  they have are loosely controlled. They can spray numerous pesticides on their pastures that  have been banned  here at home because of residues found in the beef. They can also use  various hormones and growth regulators that we can't. The  American public needs to be aware of this problem and that they may be  putting themselves  at risk from now on by eating at good old McDonald's.. American ranchers raise the highest quality beef in the  world and this is what Americans deserve to eat. Not beef from countries  where quality is loosely  controlled. Therefore, I am proposing a
    boycott of McDonald's  until they see the light.  I'm sorry but everything is not always about the bottom  line, and when it  comes to jeopardizing my family's health, that is where I  draw the line.  I am sending this note to about thirty people. If each of  you send it to at least ten more concerned folks--
    (30 x 10 = 300) ...and those 300 send it  to at l east  ten more (300 x 10 = 3,000) ... And so on, by the time the message reaches  the sixth generation of people, we will have reached over THREE MILLION  consumers!
    I'll bet you didn't think you and I had that much potential, did you?
    Acting together we can make a difference. If this makes sense to you,
    please pass this message on..
    David W. Forrest, Ph.D ., PAS, Dipl.
    ACAP Department of Animal Science
    Texas A&M University
    Phone (979) 845-3560
    Fax (979) 862-3399
    2471 TAMU College Station , TX 77843-2471
    I no longer will eat there--you have my word
    on it!!---Landel

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    1. Evan G Rogers profile image77
      Evan G Rogersposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      outlawing the importation of beef for any reason is stupid.

      If other countries can do a cheaper job than we can, then they deserve our business.

      1. uncorrectedvision profile image60
        uncorrectedvisionposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Interference in a price regulated free market always leads to disaster.  Tariffs were one of the major causes of the Great Depression.  The problem isn't imported beef but foolish and wide ranging regulation of all aspects of agriculture(and all other) production by the government.

        1. OLYHOOCH profile image60
          OLYHOOCHposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          I agree with you on that


        2. Evan G Rogers profile image77
          Evan G Rogersposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          i can agree with that!

    2. pylos26 profile image78
      pylos26posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Good luck with that.