America and it's People- Black History Month

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    Isn't diversity the inspiration behind America? … ;FORM=EWRE

              Since this is Black History Month
    As a hobby I do a little personal PC programming and so I've
    created this file to computer one's birthday in Windows format
    so if anyone is interested in downloading the file the options
    are listed below:

        [ Standalone File ]

    Some more advance computer may not need to install/setup
    this software as they can execute it simply by double clicking
    on the name: "AfroUSA.exe"
    To Setup The Program You Will Need All Three of These Programs
    In The Same Folder.  Once Inside the folder Double Click Only Setup.exe

    [ Each File Below Needed-- To Setup On Computer ]

    After following the instructions from the Setup.exe file.
    The first time you go to use your software AfroUSA.exe
    It will search your hard drive looking for a shortcut which
    can't be found.  It will continue to search your computer
    until it finds the name of the program AfroUSA.  Once this
    name has been found you'll be given 3 choices.  Pick the one
    that says "Fix It".  Wait a few moments and then you'll be
    able to use the program.

    If the search stop prematurely simply start it again.

    Feb 18, 2011. These files will only be available for 15 days

         Enjoy your software.....