Kimberly Proctor - Remember That Name

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    SomewayOuttaHereposted 6 years ago

    I am waiting for the frost to disappear this a.m. before I head on up and over a mountain pass this beautiful sunny morning.

    Kimberly Proctor was a Canadian teenager murdered by 2 other Canadian teenagers.  She was lured by them, confined, brutally  raped and finally killed by them.  They were both convicted in adult court recently.  They were caught, confessed etc.  One of the teen's father had also been convicted of murdering a 16 year old girl.  Tapes of the detective interviews were released yesterday as well as audio recordings as they travelled to and from court.  I listened and watched the videos last night.  Why?...the parents of Kimberly stated they wanted people to know how evil these two teens were.

    This morning I also read - they had attempted to lure another young woman they knew (within a few hours of killing Kimberly) - WOW!  What happened is what goes through my mind - I don't know - there is no answer.

    She's on my mind this morning and her family.  I'm so glad these 2 were caught and hope they never ever get set free.  So remember Kimberly Proctor because one day they will apply for parole - and they must never ever be released.  I cannot even bring myself to utter their names - only hers right now.

    Well...I better start packing up and go and enjoy some life on this beautiful sunny morning...

    Peace to you Kimberly Proctor and Peace to your family!