College entrance examination

  1. mialan profile image56
    mialanposted 6 years ago

    China's annual national college entrance examination, is actually the whole of a tragedy.
    Look at these terror of the university entrance exam slogan you: "hot June!" "Band!" "Spell!" "The last ChongFengHao!"
    In the face of these is the slogan of the world wonders, feel, in addition to mourn, or sorrow.
    Thousands of examinee, from the primary school start (actually some parents start from kindergarten to high school caught), end, ten years of valuable time, parents' efforts, were relentlessly cost in the exam.
    China's college entrance examination system, and creating a generation of imbecile students. High Many college entrance examination topic, is professor also don't to come out. It is absurd.
    And how do you think this promble?