Gov't backs 4 more solar loans as deadline looms

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    Stacie Lposted 6 years ago

    Gov't backs 4 more solar loans as deadline looms
    By MATTHEW DALY - Associated Press | AP  16 hrs ago

    WASHINGTON (AP)  The Energy Department on Friday approved four more solar energy loan guarantees worth nearly $5 billion, hours before a controversial loan program was set to expire.
    Meanwhile, the Justice Department moved to take away control of a failed solar panel maker from its management and transfer it to a court-appointed trustee

    Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the department completed deals on four projects, including two that were sold late this week by Arizona-based First Solar Inc., a major solar manufacturer that had been seeking three federal loan guarantees for projects in California. The sales were announced Friday along with the loan guarantees. … 23508.html
    The govt claims that these loans are to help companies compete with's frightening to see all this money going out without some guarantees