Sinn Fein Candidate Funded by the British Secret Service M16

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    Sinn Fein’s Presidential Candidate Martin McGuinness has received over 200,000 Euros in funding for his Presidential campaign from the British secret service (M16), the M16 Slush Fund is used by the British to prop up regimes or individuals whom the British believe can be used to their advantage, the fund has been used by the British to prop-up puppet Governments and dictators around the world.
    Martin McGuinness became fully engaged with M16 in the 1980s, although his contacts with M16 date back to the early 1970s. Martin McGuinness who is known to M16 by his Codename (Martha) was handled by M16 Agent Michael Oakley (The Mountain Climber) this is mostly public knowledge at this point as McGuinness was forced to come clean about his M16 contacts when a document exposed the contacts in the early 1990s. In one of the correspondence exchanged between Oakley and McGuinness , Oakley signed off by saying:
    “Martha I hope you don’t mind if I give a new meaning to Tiocfaidh ár lá (our day will come)”.
    This closing line by M16 Agent Oakley has been interpreted by academics as meaning the surrender of the Provisional IRA, the question remains, how many people was McGuinness allowed to murder while he was working with M16 Agent Oakley.
    The British secret service (M16) are funding McGuinness’s Presidential Campaign as they believe he will be an important intelligent asset in the Aras, from an economic view point, the British believe that the election of McGuinness would further weaken the Euro zone and in effect strengthen Sterling on the world markets, small tremors on the financial markets can bring in billions in Revenue for UK Bond Holders.
    Previous Up Dates
    MARTIN McGUINNESS last night moved to deal with a serious challenge to his presidential campaign caused by a dramatic confrontation in Athlone with a man whose father was murdered by the IRA.

    McGuinness continued to hold his long held position on the murderers of Gardai and Irish Solidiers when he refused to condemn the murders or those who had committed those murders.

    McGuinness would not condemn the killings of Pte Patrick Kelly and Gary Sheehan, a Garda trainee from Co Monaghan, who were murdered by the IRA in Derrada Woods near Ballinamore, Co Leitrim, during a joint Garda and Army operation to rescue businessman Don Tidey in 1983.

    Mr McGuinness was speaking after being confronted by David Kelly, the son of the late Pte Kelly, yesterday while the presidential candidate was canvassing in Athlone, Co Westmeath.

    Mr Kelly described the Sinn Féin politician as a “liar” for saying he did not know the identity of the IRA members who murdered his father in 1983.

    He also asserted that Mr McGuinness was a member of the IRA army council at the time. Mr McGuinness denied he was lying about the matter, was in the IRA at the time or was a member of its army council.

    Mr Kelly, from Moate, Co Westmeath, held a picture of his father in front of Mr McGuinness as he told him: “I want justice for my father. I believe you know the names of the killers of my father and I want you to tell me who they are. You were on the army council of the IRA.”