Jimmy McMillan, 'rent is too damn high' candidate, faces eviction

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    Jimmy McMillan, 'rent is too damn high' candidate, faces eviction
    Manhattan landlord says tenant really lives in Brooklyn

    BY Barbara Ross & Larry Mcshane

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    Jimmy McMillan (l.) and friends give thumbs-up outside Housing Court after Wednesday's eviction hearing. He's hoping to keep his $872-a-month, rent-stabilized Manhattan apartment.

    The rent at Jimmy McMillans East Village apartment is not too damn high  and thats why his landlord wants the former fringe candidate evicted.

    The one-time gubernatorial hopeful was back in Manhattan Housing Court on Wednesday, battling to stay in his $872-a-month rent-stabilized one-bedroom home.

    McMillan  his distinctive white hair combed back  insisted he was living at the Manhattan apartment while using a second address in Brooklyn as an office.

    But his landlord countered that McMillan is improperly using the Manhattan apartment as an inexpensive residence for his 32-year-old son, Jimmy McMillan IV.

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    well call it irony, or karma, it's a bit surreal