reasons America's welfare state doesn't work

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    three quotes from an interview with Robin Koerner (coined the name and concept of the Blue Republican): My answer is here: "America's Not Faring Well on Welfare."

    All the data show that the delivery of welfare by the central government has failed by its own stated goals, and is having massively damaging unintended consequences that ultimately harm those it is meant to help. Please see the article. This is not the same thing as saying there is no place for structured means of helping the poor in our society. It is to say that a) we should treat the disease (crony-corporatism, the capture of politics by special interests, a government monopolistic fiat monetary system) and not just the symptoms (poverty etc.) and b) there are a myriad other ways of manifesting compassion for the poor in our society other than federal government-driven, and it is time to bring the innovativeness and genius that resides in our nation to start working on them. A good place to start is with the Tenth Amendment and the laboratories of the 50 states.

    Ultimately, the Fed-based system has to be uprooted. It ensures a systematic transfer of wealth/value and power to a tiny segment of our society, and ensures that no economic limitations are imposed on our government and its spending. It also provides an avenue for the making of huge political decisions that the citizens – and even in some cases their representatives – cannot see. Moreover, I believe in the rule of Law, and that Law includes the Constitution, and I just don't see how our monetary system altogether (Fed monopoly over fiat, etc.) is constitutional. I realize that it's not a simple matter to eliminate the Fed overnight in a world in which other nations have central banks and monopoly control of fiat money. Other things (other than simple abolition) would have to be done to reap the benefits of a non-central-bank-planned monetary system. Ron Paul seems to recognize this.

    My articles all address this question in one way or another. Fundamentally, though, we need to start seeing what Dems and Repubs have both done – what they tacitly agree on. We must no longer be distracted by what they traditionally disagree about, i.e., we must have the paradigm shift to understand that "Left and Right" do not cover all political space, and that they are not fundamentally "oppositional." (In other words, the terms "left" and "right" are themselves misleading.)

    I would like to see the American nation give more of the "How dare you?" attitude to their political masters. We have begun to see some of that sentiment with the tea party and OWS. Now Americans need to do their own research to find out what is being done to them in terms of reduced civil liberties and a system that redistributes destructively (at least as much upward as downward).

    There truly is a liberty-oriented spirit in the USA that does not exist in Europe. We need it to continue to strengthen. Then we need America (both people who identify "liberal" and those who identify "conservative") to recognize that the Constitution is sublime – and then demand that it is followed. That may mean taking to the streets, etc. The currently burgeoning liberty movement will, of course, be critical. It needs to stay energetic, focused and passionate, and must take care to remember that it is impossible simultaneously to antagonize and persuade: It needs to focus on winning supporters – not just arguments.

    see the rest of this interview at … Koerner-on

    more people that can think like this guy are needed...all the opposition to each other needs to stop...the people need to change their minds and hearts and rise up to take command of their Constitutional freedoms and liberties