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Go Green At Home

Updated on March 12, 2015

Go Green | Start With Your Home

This has been created in April 2010. After a short weird winter, which was warmer than any winter I lived over the past 40 years, I believe that the change in the Earth's climate due to our irresponsible consumption of energy has reached a point where it's "either now or never" that we have to do something.

Burning fuel to run cars and produce electricity is something new to the Earth. For millions of years whatever that was affecting the Earth's climate had nothing to do with burning fuel to carry people for distances our ancestors used to walk easily without complaining. And what was out of their reach they didn't bother with. They ate what they had and never tried to unnecessarily transport out-of-season produce to satisfy their crave.

We through away plastic containers that could be otherwise saved if we reused empty ones for the same purpose for years before they are torn. And because some people are making big bucks out of it, oil trade became the number one profitable industry in the world. And what people do with it? Burn more of it.

If we think more economically in terms of energy consumption, we can produce heat without burning, have healthy and tasty food without transporting, and live a healthy lifestyle while producing green energy at the same time.

Go Green At Home | Use Green Energy

The green alternative of energy are not science fiction any more. They are real and are being implemented widely in every thing, including the electricity that you use at home. If you live up here in Canada, we have the green party and it's leader Jack Layton who himself is an example of going green to home. He produces enough energy at home to even send the extra electricity back to the grid. I heard Jack Layton saying in an interview that his meter goes backward in the summer. His electricity is produced by basement geothermal and solar panels installed on top of his downtown Toronto 120 year old house.

In the past this was a costly option. Installing solar panels on top of your house might have cost you $20,000 and they are good for only 10 years. Now you can install solar panels and wind mills on top of your house yourself for about 1% of the above cost. If that's good for 10 years, and you pay about $200 or even $500 for the greatest part of your 10 years consumption of electricity, isn't it worth it?

Organic Gardening

Ok, I know this is not an option throughout the year in some areas, and not for every one to do. With that said, if everybody who has the means to grow their own vegetables and probably some of their fruits in their back yards, on top of their roofs, or in their balconies, we will be producing OXYGEN and CONSUMING CARBON DIOXIDE. The plants that we will grow in our backyards, on top of our roofs and in our balconies will add to the God-made filters that consume carbon dioxide (the gas that causes the green house effect and increases the atmospheric temperature) through photosynthesis and produce oxygen instead.

This is for me the minimum that everybody MUST do as a way to make it up for our only planet. If it was up to me I would have made it a law that those who grow plants on top of their roofs and in their balconies will pay less (or no) property taxes for that year.

But not just any gardening will do it. If you use fertilizers you'll be adding to the chemical pollution of our water reserve. Instead learn organic gardening and produce your vegetables and fruits that are fertilizer-free and at the same time have participated in cleaning the atmosphere from some carbon dioxide that you have already produced.

Go Green Living A Healthy Life Style | Work Out And Produce Energy

When you cycle or run on the treadmill you exert energy and burn your own body fat, right? The first law of energy states that energy is conserved, meaning that it doesn't initiate from nothing and doesn't disappear, instead it transforms from one form to another. In your exercise example you transform your chemical energy in your stored body fat (hopefully :-)) into kinetic (motor) energy in your legs and arms. Then this energy transforms from kinetic energy into another kinetic energy that moves the parts of the machine and heat energy. Then this final kinetic energy what happens to it?

Well .. I don't know exactly what happens to it, other than it transforms in to heat and it gets diluted in the surrounding molecules of the atmosphere. Then ... it's wasted forever.

Why not modify your cycling or treadmill machine so that it transforms this kinetic energy that you gave to it out of your own body workout, into stored electricity that you can use later?

Unfortunately there is no guide in the market that is devoted to this particular task.

The good news is, if know how to store electricity, and how to transform kinetic energy into electricity, then you are ready to do it.


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    • waldenthreenet profile image

      waldenthreenet 5 years ago

      How about a variation of this for "Community Green Project" for example the "Twin Project" as I am developing for Fairfax VA Hometown USA. A "Crowdfunding Virtual team" for Community Twining Demo ? I can help. Thanks.

    • profile image

      e2t2man 6 years ago

      Nice Lens. well written and thought provoking. Keep up the good work