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Right to Bear Arms in Restaurants

Updated on August 19, 2009

Second Amendment- Right to Bear Arms

The Constitution of the United States states that citizens of the country have the legal right to keep and bear arms. Well, that right is restricted in so many places and by so many people. There are anti-gun politicians and officials all over the board that are doing their best to restrict the rights of gun owners. The past few years have shown that the NRA and other officials are fighting for the rights of gun owners.

One policy that has been overturned in some areas is the ban against firearms in restaurants that sell alcohol. This has created an uproar, but it's official and legal in some places now. Those anti-gun people and politicians will have to fight even harder now to reverse the new law.

Guns Legal in Restaurants

States such as Georgia, Montana, Tennessee, and Virginia, have legalized carrying guns in restaurants that beer and other alcohol. The law states that those permitted to carry a weapon are allowed to bring it in to these restaurants as long as the restaurant permits it and as long as the firearm is visible.

In some cases, bars are now accepting firearms to be carried in the building, but again the firearmĀ  must be visible and you generally have to tell the bartender that you have it.

Arizona has its own law that permits firearms in restaurants, but there area few restrictions that include guns are not allowed in bars, you must have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and you cannot drink while in a restaurant with a gun. Not all restaurants permit guns in their facilities, so that is another restriction in Arizona; even with a visible weapon, you can get turned away.

Why Do You Need a Gun in a Restaurant?

It's pretty simple... Protection. You never know when walking out of Cheddars late Friday night, a drunk person or group of people may try to gang up on you. If you're a female, you are more of a target than a man, so by having a gun you can protect yourself when walking to your car.

If it's just for protection, why not leave the pistol in your car while inside the restaurant? Because you may not get to your car before you need to defend yourself. More than likely someone with a gun isn't going to need it in the middle of TGI Friday's, it's generally the walk from the restaurant to the car alone in the dark or evening time, will be when the firearm will most likely be needed.

Having a gun does not mean that you are going to kill someone. It doesn't mean that you are out with the intent of even hurting another person. It just means that if needed, you can protect yourself, which that in itself doesn't even mean kill someone in order to protect yourself.

Guns in the hands of a responsible person should not be feared.


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    • Acquilles profile image

      Acquilles 8 years ago from Lucknow

      As long as you do not use the gun for something other than protecting yourself, I cant see a harm in carrying one anywhere, be it a restaurant or any other place!!