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Do we humans really have the right?

Updated on November 29, 2011

Is This Legal?

Do humans have the right?

Do We Have The Right?

Do we have the right as humans to dig up ancient ruins, old bones and artifacts? I understand the historical and scientific importance of doing such things, but is it legal? As far as I know grave robbing is illegal. Isn't this just a form of robbing graves?

Yes all artifacts are used for historical purposes, but it is a form of stealing from the dead. Uncovering a pyramid and removing the mummy and possessions to put them on display seems unethical. Are we insulting the religion of these dead people by separating the body from these possessions. After all they believed in a system where possessions were important in the afterlife.

I also understand that these archaeologists are doing these actions in other countries most of the time. However, are we, as a nation accepting  such behavior by allowing these items to be displayed in our museums?

Then there is the issue of someone making money off the dead. Artifacts are sold between people all the time. People are paying admission to see these items. Someone, or a group, are making money by promoting the dead. Seems rather insulting to me.

Suppose we desecrated one of our founding father's grave so we could arrange a show and tell tour? How would the public react to that? Is it acceptable to us because these are objects from a different country? Are not the laws of America still in effect for visitors? Dead or alive?

How would you feel if our Government decided to dig up your great grandfather and put him on display? Guarantee you would see zero percent of any proceeds from that. Would you allow that to happen? I think not because it hits too close to home. It's the old saying "As long as it doesn't happen to me".

To me it seems like we feel grave robbing is alright. We'll gladly pay to view a corpse and their possessions. We forget that these we once living, breathing people. We forget that they had a very elaberate way of dealing with death. Obliviously they didn't want their tombs to be dismantled and scattered across the globe.

Doesn't matter how old the burial site is. Doesn't matter what fancy title you associate with your job. You dig up a grave, remove just one item, you're a grave robber in my eyes. Therefore you should be punished. Yet it goes on today and most likely forever. Cremation seems to be the only deterrent. 


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    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 7 years ago from florida

      I'm not sure we learn much more from grave digging then are already in books and writings. Most of the finds are about money instead of history. Thought provoking Hub!