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non-hybrid heirloom seeds

Updated on June 10, 2011

Genetically Modified seeds are artificial. Heirloom non-hybrid seeds are natural

There is a fine line between a creative development of nature and a destructive artificial one. Man has been cross breeding plants for eons and even nature does it herself through cross pollination and so on. The line is crossed when you have a creation that is not natural (the hybrid) in that it has an introduced aberration that can be harmful to another living organism that feeds on it, or injures its own survival. Nature has been testing plants for thousands of years and her own mutations abide by the laws of nature. A recent development is an "agriculturalist" who thinks he can jump thousands of years of evolution and arrive at an untested mutation? For example, should the heirloom tomato be altered to include a molecule of potassium to increase the quantity of this element? This turns heirloom tomatoes into something else.

It could be claimed that man has intelligence that should be used to improve his quality of life. It may well be very clever to alter a gene and thus create a new hybrid with the intention of it being a step forward. However, it is unwise to bypass the methods that nature uses to develop a new plant. They are there for a reason. The fact is that the gene is a complex marvel of nature. It is a marvel that we should study and get knowledge of. However, it is like changing lines of code in the Windows operating system. You might think you know what the effect of the change will be, but only when you try the program out do you find out what the consequences of the change were. That code change might not be accessed for a while. But when it is, only then do you find out. Programmers do testing. Then we expect gene manipulators to do so.

More than making a mere change, is it ethical to create "terminator seeds"? Terminator seeds are good for only one planting out of the seed packet. Is it wise to include a chemical such as an insect deterrent, in the plant seed? A law of nature (survival of the species) is being crossed with a law of business (to make a profit).

See below for more info.

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A quick introduction

Non-hybrid seeds are untreated seeds as far as genetic tampering goes. They can also be heirlooms if they come from an original source that has not had the seeds tampered with. Grown season to season the seeds are only modified by the weather and the growing conditions. People have fed off the crop for thousands of years. But manipulating the DNA of the plant can have unexpected results.

An example that should be checked on. There are two types of molecules. Dextro-rotatory and Levo-rotatory. This describes the behaviour of polarized light when it is incident on the molecule. (see ) One way it is a valid food which gets assimilated by the body, the other is not a food as it passes right through your system. Does the genetic modification change the crop from one type to the other? I understand this is a relatively simple lab test that can be done. And I ask that someone do the tests.

p.j. floyd from Jaffray B.C., Canada writes: Substances produced in nature and substances produced in factories and laboratories are NOT identical. Natural substances - vitamins, foods - are dextro-rotatory (Vitamin E: d-alpha tocopherol.) Synthetics are levo- and dextra- rotatory. Vitamin E: l,d-alpha tocopherol.

It is safe to assume that if nature didn't provide it, it is unnecessary and probably harmful.

A scientist explains difference between genetic and hybrid modification

Monsanto seed found to be Dangerous

Genetically Modified food tested and found wanting

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.

A full documentary on the US GM food scene. - A positive look at how people can decide their own food to consume

To get a copy of this film go to The site also has other info you might want to check out.

To view the video go to:

Another documentary to check out is below

Source of seeds

Amazon has a variety of Heirloom and non-hybrid seeds

Here is info on how to save your own heirloom seeds and why - This also tells how to cross plants effectively and why

As you want to save your own seeds for next year's harvest, you will want to find out how to collect your heirloom seeds and store them. See how on the page linked below.

The first link gives you how to do this

The second link tells of difficulties for farmers trying to do this.

Some YouTube vids


You need to get the original seed from somewhere....

Red Drumhead Cabbage 150 Seeds - Heirloom - Veggie

A very practical garden addition

Create a future food cupboard for you.

Red Drumhead Cabbage 150 Seeds - Heirloom - Veggie

Green is good. Natural is safer.

Should genetically altered crops continue to be fed to humans and animals?

Is there a case for further testing to be done to determine the viability of GM crops?

Should all GM crops be suspended until full testing has been done?

And now it is genetically Modified Alfalfa - Isn't Alfalfa fed to cattle? Chickens?

Look over the web page as it is a scholarly backed presentation. A bit long, but pick and choose your own area of interest.

I wrote a protest email to the FDA on this saying:

Dear Sirs,

I have been informed that GM (Genetically Modified) Alfalfa is about to be released. DO NOT allow this!

1) The long term effects of GM plants have not been proven as safe. On the contrary there are studies that indicate the offspring of GM fed animals are stunted even if they survive to be born. Animals fed GM grain in Germany have sickened and died.

2) There is no reason to use GM Alfalfa as the heritage seeds are adequate for the purpose.

3) Import of meat from animals fed GM alfalfa may be banned by Europe and Japan etc. This is counter to the intention of US farmers who should be exporting so as to redress the trade imbalance.

4) Meat from GM alfalfa fed animals will be boycotted in the USA. I for one, only buy New Zealand lamb, cheese, and butter for this simple reason.

5) If it gets approved, I will demand that it be brought before congress for a full investigation.

As I have been awakened to this menace, I will now put up web pages to educate people into the dangers of GM plants.

No doubt it will be one of many protests, but I welcome your voice being added to the protest. To do so go to the article and about halfway through there is a link to make a comment online. This takes you to the site where you can craft your comment. It might or might not be read, but volume of comment will create an impact!

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    • profile image

      itstrujillo2011 6 years ago

      Heritage Seeds and Heirloom Seeds, this relatively new science allows DNA from one species to be injected into another species in a laboratory...

    • Steve Dizmon profile image

      Steve Dizmon 7 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Interesting. We may need Heritage Seeds in the future on a level we can't anticipate now

    • greenerme profile image

      greenerme 8 years ago

      I was just reading more about these, and I just featured this on my 50 lensmasters who are going green lens. It's amazing how much science seems to have changed the typical veggie into something far different from what it was once was.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Id like to thank you for putting up this valuable information.Because of the link to my blog called

      I have made sales selling the CHEAPEST and HIGHEST QUALITY Non-Hybrid Heirloom Seed pack available online,thank you.

      PEOPLE NEED TO BUY THESE SEEDS NOW,there is NO telling when they will no longer be available,biodiversity hangs by its pinky finger of a high cliff.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Collecting non-hybrid seeds for yrs. Bury them in PVC pipe under ground. Interested in how others save their seed in the coming bad years - called the Survival Years. Barter w/seed not gold or silver - you can't eat neither.....

    • profile image

      poutine 9 years ago

      Fascinating to read about non-hybrid seeds.