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How To Help Charities Without Donating Money

Updated on December 3, 2015

Helping Charities When you Have no Extra Cash

First look at your financial situation, evaluate if you can afford to put aside a fixed amount for charitable works. If you can great, if you cannot, do not despair, there are still many ways to help out.

Get your Family and Friends Involved in Charitable Works

Organize a meeting of friends and family and discuss how you can help your local charities.

Donate Books

Books | Source

Donating Time to a Charitable Organization

Time. If you have some free time volunteer it. From book readings to home visits for the house bound, even if you have very little time, helping to run a few errands a week, for people who have difficulty moving around would be of great help.

Donate Working Electrical Items

Electrical items
Electrical items | Source

Tip: Organize a Garage Sale, all Proceeds to be Donated to a Charity.

Talk to your neighbors about organizing a garage sale, everyone contributes things from their homes, the money is to be given to a charity and whatever items are not sold are also to be given to charities. This will not only help your local charity, but it will also bring your community closer together.

Contribute Your Skills to a Charity for Free

Services you can provide to your local charities from home, most of us have a skill or hobby that charities can utilize, for example do you know how to fix broken computers? I used to get people I know to give me their old or broken computers, I would fix them up and give them to orphanages, and people with children who could not afford to buy a computer.

Do you like to knit or sew, a lady I knew sewed kids toys, and we used to give those away to orphanages. A friend of mine was an accountant, and he used to do the accounts for a local charity.

Nearly any occupation or hobby can be used for a charitable cause.

Get More People Involved in Charities

Being helpful spreads like wild fire, or at least that has been my experience. People want to help, they just do not know how, show them a way and most people will come through for you.

Donate Clothes

Clothes | Source

Donate Blankets

Blankets | Source

Be Proactive

Our family had a butchery, We used our store as a collection point, we would collect things that people did not want and distribute it among various charities. Toys, clothes, even furniture, then once a week we would sort the things people dropped off and distribute it. You would be amazed at the things people donated. Our bulkiest items were a full 3 door wardrobe and a 2 door refrigeration unit.

Toys and children's clothing went to orphanages, adult clothing to shelters and the homeless, old furniture and electrical appliances to people who needed it. If we got swamped and could not sort in time, we gave to the local church or temple, and they helped us sort and distribute.

The more people donated, the more charities we found that needed our help, soon we had a thriving community of givers, people were dropping things of at our shop on a weekly basis, we soon gained a reputation as a drop off point. More people volunteered to help us distribute our donations.


Do you think Society should get more involved with Charities?

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There are Truly Heart Breaking Stories out There, and Just a Little Help Goes a Long way.


There was an orphanage that one of my friends heard about, where there were 28 children with 9 school bags, they were sharing pencils and pencil boxes. When I heard about this my father and I walked into the nearest Tesco and asked for the general manager, we told him the situation and what was needed. He generously donated school bags, boxes of pencils, pens, pencil cases, notebooks. Three Big shopping carts full of goods. He eventually became a good friend of our family :)

Donate Food

Food | Source

Donate Food

Feeding the Homeless.

We heard about a church that was feeding the homeless three times a week, but they were shutting down due to lack of donations. We were in the food industry and knew where to buy food at wholesale prices, we told our suppliers to either donate the food to the church, as we planned to do. Or to sell us the food at a very cheap price, so we could afford to support the church for a longer period of time. We managed to donate enough food supplies to keep them going until the donations started coming in.

Think about how YOU can Contribute.

People are generally very charitable and helpful, they just need to have a way to contribute, if you want to donate money, service or time. Just think about it for a few minutes, there is someone out there who needs your help. There is no better feeling in the world, then knowing that you have made a difference, no matter how big or small. If you want to do it anonymously as many of us do, don't worry. Most charity organizations are more then willing to respect your privacy.


Most people get coupons, some of them we use, some of them are for products that we do not want or need, Do NOT throw the coupons away, Use the coupons and give the items to charity.


How Have You Contributed To a Charity

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What Items/Help Most Charities Need

I was going to list out a number of charities, but upon further consideration, just do what we did, look for a charity in your area. Here is a list of where to start.

  • Churches ( volunteer work, fund raising )
  • Temples ( Volunteer work, fund raising )
  • Orphanages ( Clothes, computer equipment, school supplies, toys )
  • Retirement homes ( volunteer book reading, visiting, money )
  • Soup kitchens ( volunteer work, food, tables, chairs, utensils, financial aid, kitchen equipment )
  • Homeless shelters ( blankets, mattresses, beds, pillows, bedsheets, clothing )

Charities Need Your Skills

Handy man (help fix things for people who cannot afford to do it themselves, and do not have the required skill).

  • Technician (repair electrical items that were donated, then give to people who need it).
  • Professional (lawyers, doctors, accountants, all skills any charity organization needs).
  • Teacher in any field ( you could teach something you know, to make a person more qualified to get a job, and improve their situation, plumbing, basic computer skills, a second language, handy craft).
  • Driver (help people who do not have the means to get around to do errands).
  • Reader (connecting with people and reading to them).

There are so many ways to contribute, I leave it up to you to decide how you are going to make a difference.

© 2013 ketage


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    • ketage profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Croatia

      Hi Celeste, thank you. I agree , there are so many ways to contribute, if only people took the trouble to think outside the box. I have also helped in various organizations and have made many friends.

    • celeste inscribed profile image

      Celeste Wilson 

      5 years ago

      This is such a wonderful list and thought provoking. We CAN all do more when we think outside the box. I have volunteered at various organizations, villages, schools, non profits etc and I remember each fondly. Thank you for the inspiration. Voted Useful.

    • ketage profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Croatia

      Hello Billy, I am glad that you and the missus agree that charity is important. I believe that people are charitable at heart. Thanks for commenting

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Such an important message and no comments???? I am all for charity and I'm married to a woman who is a bigger charity nut than I am. We have to do this or we are in danger of losing our humanity. Great hub!


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