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how we are responsible for pollution

Updated on January 20, 2013


"When the natural environment is contaminated with unwanted dangerous things which harms living beings then this state is known as pollution."

Who is Responsible for pollution?

The answer is us, let us find out major types of pollution

Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution

These three things are always around us in world and we cannot live without them so they are major and have prime impotence.

When we are polluting then we are not only polluting ourselves and our life but we are polluting nature and every living thing other than humans as they also need air, water, land to live.

How we are polluting

Let us find out how we are doing so

  • We are polluting air by smoke of our industry, vehicles, factories, by nuclear experiments, by bomb blasting.
  • We are polluting water by throwing waste materials in it, by channeling waste water in clean water, by crude oil which leaks down in water due to damage in ships and destroys water living beings.
  • We are polluting land by throwing wastes on it, by waste chemicals which are buried in land and by polluted water like sewage water.

Who are affected

  • Water pollution affects badly the life in water, and also life on land and air as they drink water and get food from living things in water.
  • Air pollution affects badly the life in air, life in land and in some cases also life in water.
  • Land pollution affects badly the life on land, life in air and in some cases also life in water as they feed on land.


So take steps for minimizing pollutions and spread knowledge about it.

"Save earth, save nature, save yourself"


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    • profile image

      Anant madhvrav shinde 5 weeks ago

      Clean city green city

    • profile image

      SHRESHTHA 2 months ago

      Not at all

    • profile image

      aj stylus 23 months ago

      Clean environment green environment

    • profile image

      deepika 2 years ago

      Was disgusting.

    • profile image

      allierijal 3 years ago

      not to informative but still useful