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How to Get Back at Junk Mailers

Updated on February 19, 2011

Help stop junk mail

Things to do to stop junk mail

Are you feed up with going to the mailbox and it being overstuffed with junk mail? Well I have some interesting ideas that you may want to try to get back at these people. Remember, all this stuff that they send is trash that you are responsible for; it fills up our landfills and creates hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage each year. The more we can stop, the more we can reduce the garbage that they create.

OK, here is one of the first ideas that you can try, it takes a little effort but it is worth it. When you receive a prepaid envelope with an offer, save it and start a stack of them somewhere. It cost these companies hundreds of dollars in postage each year, if not thousands, to send these prepaid envelopes out, but if you don’t mail them back it cost nothing on the return end.

Once you have your stack of envelopes, the next time you go to the mailbox take the junk mail from that day, ad’s from your local paper, flyers and anything else you get,  fold them small enough to fit into the envelopes and mail them back. This will drive them nuts. Send them coupons for special local buys, pizza coupons for a local restaurant or contractor offer for free estimates.   Not only did they have to pay for the postage, but now they have your trash to dispose of. This will get you removed from their mailing list and all the new offers will be sent elsewhere.

Another trick is to take their offer, place it in another solicitor’s envelope and vice versa and mail them. This is the one I use, I figure if it is such a great offer, maybe they will be interested in it too. Or you can just send the empty envelope back; they still have to pay postage on it.

One thing to remember, if you want to remain anonymous make sure anything you send back doesn’t have your name or address on it.

The post office fighting for every penny that they can get right now with everyone paying bills online, so let’s help keep them busy.

If enough people do this, maybe we can cut down these unwanted solicitations down for everyone. Enjoy yourself and smile the next time you to the mailbox.


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