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Mission 1 Department of the Interior Celebrating and Enhancing America’s Great Outdoors

Updated on May 1, 2015

Protect America’s Landscapes and Species: Initiatives under this goal protect and restore America’s large landscapes; conserve and restore wildlife populations; and improve efforts to manage lands and resources for resiliency.

Under this mission of the Department of the Interior there appears to be some logical actions within this goal but also actions which may or may not be within their jurisdiction. Each government entity has a responsibility to monitor and enforce the laws to which they are entrusted to the full extent of the law. Here again in another entity of the federal government with plans to address climate change in reference to analyses of resource threats, trends, data and monitoring needs. This includes future planning needs of the National Park Service. Celebrating and enhancing the great outdoors of this country is an admirable goal and should be encouraged by all Americans. We have enormous opportunities to see our country in a different perspective from New York to California and everything in between. Our state and national park system needs to be enhanced to display the beauty that has made this country great.

In celebrating the land we have called home we should not lose sight of the fact there are areas which have seen a reduced number of wildlife and other animals that have been a part of our history for many years. Part of this reduction is wildlife trafficking, for which efforts to preventing this practice is part of this government entity. I understand the activities surrounding climate change in this organization can be a significant activity but belief in climate change has not been widely accepted or proven to exist with solid evidence. This is with cooperation with the Department of State and Justice.

The Everglades is another area where this government entity has put some planning into restoring it for quantity, quality, timing and distribution of water to the Everglades. Part of this planning involves developing an operations plan for the Modified Water Deliveries Project to this national park. Another aspect of this goal is efforts to restore bison populations. Bison has been a part of our history and some may ask the question why is this action is being taken. The truth is much of our history is slowing going away or being changed in textbooks now being used in our school systems. Having living examples involved in our history helps keep our history alive for us all regardless of what is in our textbooks which is a subject to be discussed at a different time. Three national parks where this organization wants to increase the bison population include Great Sand Dunes National Park/Preserve, Baca National Wildlife Refuge

in southern Colorado and the Badlands National Park South Unit on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. In addition another area involves public and state lands near the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Celebrating and enhancing our great outdoors is important. Our national parks are a treasure for each of us and anything that can be done to enhance the enjoyment of individuals and families who visit them is money well spent. Activity to expand recreational opportunities in national wildlife refuges while implementing conservation activities is a positive activity for the Department of the Interior. Net year with be the 100th anniversary of the Department of the Interior and with this fast approaching improving the condition of 469 of the National Park Service is the highest priority facilities to help celebrate this achievement.


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