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Thinking of the Homeless

Updated on February 2, 2017

Do you ever stop to think about what it is like for the homeless people? In New York or New Jersey or any inner city really. I have been thinking of it more and more. I have such horrible thoughts. Holidays are over, and January is one of the coldest, nastiest months of the year. There has to be more done, only I don't know what. it kills me inside that I can't help. The bleeding heart liberal. Call me what you will, but I care about all life.

He was sitting there

God please help me to always be mindful of the people in need and give me a way to help them.

I was walking next to the pier in this rainy nasty weather. I decided to do my cardio outside today, so I set my alarm on my phone for thirty minutes, put my headphones in and I found some of my favorite music on You Tube. I live in Brooklyn New York.

So many times I walk to 86 street. I see homeless people sitting on the street with signs asking for money or help. Usually I walk to the lunch truck and get a meal for them of rice and chicken and salad. and a bottle of water, but I don't always remember to bring the money. I feel I don't want to give money because I have been told that some people just sit out there everyday and collect money all day and that's how they make their living. It is difficult in this day and age to make money to even get a job. So much competition and we have laws that say no discrimination but if someone walks into your place of work and applies for a job and he is wearing tattered clothing and has uncut hair, are you going to hire him above a clean cut person with education? Its a difficult call.

Back to my thoughts about today, I was walking and when I reached the pier I saw an elderly Chinese man sitting on a bench. He was sitting on some kind of material with a couple of garments wrapped on him and an umbrella which wasn't really protecting him from the cold, wind and rain. It was battering him, and he was in the worst place by the water on a bench. I don't think he was sitting out there for pleasure. He looked cold and uncomfortable and I can't get his face out of my mind. I feel like I should of tried too talk to him. I kept thinking he probably only speaks Chinese and didn't want to seem like a pain and I had nothing to offer him. I didn't have any money, I just had my phone and earplugs . I was too far from my house to go get him food and come back , he would of been gone. I am wondering where is his family? I don't think the shelters have room any more or some of the shelters are so riddled with crime people would rather brave the elements. I cried when I got home and prayed for him. I still feel like a piece of dirt for not offering to help.

I hope he found a safe place to go and I hope he gets the help he needs.


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