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Be Kind To Others And The World Is Changed By You

Updated on December 8, 2018
Laurinzo Scott profile image

I am a person who lives to write and writes to live; because it is such a way to tether human spirits to this sometimes confusing plane


Remember the movie, ' Pay It Forward'? An excellent movie and tribute to the real life boy who effected the lives of so many with his simplistic, yet life-changing ideals. The thought of stepping outside of yourself and simply showing kindness to someone else. The formula was to do these acts of kindness to other people, and those people would pass it on , and so forth to infinity. He imagined how the world would change were this chain to go unbroken. This from the mind of a child. Who imagined we could all pay it forward daily. We can.

Fellow Huber Brandon M. brought up the question... "What made you laugh today"? It was a good question. Realizing that laughter has the power to make a normally stressful day easier to bear. Consider too, that making someone else laugh or smile can change not only that person's day; but everyone around them.

Now before you go to work and 'pie' your boss in the face, or give that edgy co-worker a 'wedgie'; how about a simple post-it note saying, "thanks" or "you're doing a great job". It is amazing what a kind word or deed can do. I try to make a conscious effort to positively effect the lives of those I encounter- strangers, and familiars alike.


Words can cut like a knife or work as a miraculous salve. One must try at all cost to know the value of words, and use them sparingly and with positive purpose. We could with our words make or break (especially with children), the


It motivates us like a hungry beast that constantly needs feeding. Ego needs the nutrients of feeling worthy, of being accepted, and even loved. It's what tells us we have a place in this world.Even the most confident, self-assured people on the planet have egos that seem insatiable. In fact what is often "labeled" as arrogance in people, is actually is insecurity. An insecurity so profound that the need seen or told how beautiful, wonderful, and special they are. It's even okay if others won't tell them so, cause they'll constantly echo it to themselves.To stroke the ego of someone else is not always the negative. It can push someones' life positively forward.


As it has been said that kindness is it's own reward. That is good to keep in mind because people won't always reciprocate your kindness, and some will even take that kindness for weakness. That is okay, because as true kindness asks for nothing in return. When you do something kind or thoughtful anonymously; you can renew both the hope and faith of someone who'd possibly given up on both. Since a person can't connect a face to the kindness, they must at some point be pointed to the true source of all kindness, and that is God.


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