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If you were a Perfect match, Would You Donate a Kidney?

Updated on April 14, 2016

Yes I have thought about this many times.

What is the reason for this question you are wondering? The answer is simple, my grandfather. He was on dialysis for 9 1/2 years. The comment he out lived his doctors came pretty close to the truth.

They said he was too old for a kidney transplant / donation. At the time I was a junior in high school and would have stepped forward at the drop of a hat to donate one of mine.

I have known several folks on dialysis and the time involved to keep themselves alive. What I'm asking for is your opinion about donating a kidney. Or for that matter, any organ that could give life back to someone in need. May they be a relative or a complete stranger.


dialysis machine
dialysis machine

A couple of reasons I believe in donating.

Reason # 1:

As I stated above my grandfather was on dialysis and turned down for a kidney transplant because of his age. I remember sitting with him many times as he became attached to a dialysis machine. This was both at home and at hospitals. For the hospital he had to drive several hours sometimes to get to. Yes when I had gotten my license I steeped up to drive him back and forth. On the way there it was not so much but on the way home he was spent. It felt good to know that he was able to rest after four hours of sitting still and having the blood pulled out of and then pushed back into him. In fact it was because of this that Giving blood was not scarey for me. Comparing the needles used for dialysis vs the ones for the donation. Give me the ones for the donation any day. They are much smaller.

Reason # 2:

In college I had taken a public speaking class. One of the assignments was to do a speech to convince others to do something. In my case I pulled out my drivers license. Then worked on convincing others to check the little box to show that they were willing to donate their organs. I am unsure if any checked the box but it did feel better knowing that I had at least done my part and brought it up to them. Some people will plant the seed, some will water it and others will harvest. With that said I would be happy to have been the one who planted the seed. It meant that the folks in the audience were listening and thinking about what was being shard with them.

The image show is a dialysis machine. like the one my grandfather used.

Dialysis machine quiz

view quiz statistics

A bit more on the history

Dr. Willem Kolff's considered the father of dialysis. In the late 1930's the development of this machine was started. This was at the University of Groningen Hospital in the Netherlands.

Its time to voice your opinion - Or in this case to type it out.

If you are unable to add your opinion on this site please try a different browser to access this page.

If the need were there, would you be willing to donate a kidney?

If the need were there I would be happy to step forward and give freely one of my kidneys.

If the need were there I would be happy to step forward and give freely one of my kidneys.

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    • Kay 4 years ago

      I absolutely would. I don't know that with my anemia that I could be a candidate but I'd try :)

    • Ladyeaglefeather 4 years ago

      Yes, I would.

    • June Campbell 4 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I would probably donate a kidney provided I was close to the recipient. I am probably not generous enough to donate to a stranger.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I did donate a kidney to my fiance so simple out of hospital in 3days and I would never know I dontated if not for the scar. Such a simple procedure

    • chft55 lm 5 years ago

      I think I would if it was someone I knew and cared about. I wouldn't want to do it for a random stranger, partly because I'm scared my remaining would fail, and then where would I be?

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Absolutely. Please help Cesar in his battle:

    • flycatcherrr 5 years ago


    • Michelle 5 years ago from Central Ohio, USA

      I would do this in a heartbeat to help someone else.

    • Jack 5 years ago

      Yes if it's someone I'm close to.

    • Nicole Pellegrini 5 years ago from New Jersey

      I'd like to say I would without question, but of course saying and doing are two different things. But for someone I loved and cared about personally, absolutely.

    • intermarks 5 years ago

      I will if I am very healthy and young.

    • rallo-smith 5 years ago

      My mom lived 24 years on dialysis and I always wished I could have given her one. Because of all the blood transfusions she had none of us matched. I would more then willing give one if someone needed.

    • Monica Lobenstein 5 years ago from Western Wisconsin

      Definitely! Not as easy of a decision as bone marrow or something else that grows back but to help someone with something so important as their life... Priceless!

    • BookNympho LM 5 years ago

      Yes, absolutely!

    • UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

      no question

    Sorry I would not be able to either because of medical or personal reasons.

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      • stella vadakin 20 months ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

        Yes, it is a great thing to do and yet very simple,

      • scootersandwheelchairs 5 years ago

        I would like to think I would, but I probably not. I've been through a lot.

      • TopNewToys 5 years ago

        No, I am sorry. I wish I could. That is a fear I cant overcome. If I could do it without surgery then YES!

      • Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

        Yes I would love to help someone else, but my kidneys are not the best, so for now I have today sorry, cannot help.

      What is your opinion on Kidney donation? - This section was added if you do not wish to leave a comment above.

      Given the oportunity would you donate an organ.

      See results

      Dr. McCoy had a solution for kidney failure - Part 1.

      Dr. McCoy had a solution for kidney failure - Part 2

      You saw the clips above now here is the complete movie.

      Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home (Remastered) [Blu-ray]
      Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Remastered) [Blu-ray]

      There were the six movies and this is the only one that I bought. Granted it was on VHS at the time. Now I have blue-ray and looks like I will have to get it again.


      Please feel free to donate your comments to this page.

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        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 4 years ago from State of Confussion

          @charlie1232: I am glad to hear that a match was found. Thank you for sharing with ma and the others that will read your comment.

        • charlie1232 profile image

          charlie1232 4 years ago

          Thought provoking lens. My brother in law had a kidney transplant a couple of years ago and is life is so much better. Unfortunately no-one in the family was an exact match, but he was lucky to be given a second chance.

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 4 years ago from State of Confussion

          @NibsyNell: Its nice to others out there that have gone through this. And the hardest part of this is when you want to but can't.

        • NibsyNell profile image

          NibsyNell 4 years ago

          Great lens! I've witnessed the effects of kidney failure and it's a situation I wouldn't wish on anyone. For anyone to risk their health for a family member is a heroic thing to do.

        • karen-stephens profile image

          karen-stephens 4 years ago

          Thank you for the lens. Some great questions here! blessings.. xxo

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 4 years ago from State of Confussion

          @intermarks: I had a time where the doctors said no you can't donate. When the said I could again I went back and held out my arms and said which one is better. At this time I tend to go with the double red donations as I am not dizzy after the donation.

        • fugeecat lm profile image

          fugeecat lm 5 years ago

          This is a great lens! And it is always something we should all think about. And hopefully everyone who could would at least be willing to donate to a relative.

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 5 years ago from State of Confussion

          @Wbisbill LM: Great to hear from both of you. It adds a lot to the saying in the Bible, "and the two shal become one" - Mark 10:8

        • Wbisbill LM profile image

          Barbara Isbill 5 years ago from New Market Tn 37820

          Thumbs up! I am a kidney transplant survivor! My wife donated hers! Great lens!

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 5 years ago from State of Confussion

          @KimGiancaterino: Understood. I had a friend who donated a kidney to his son.

        • KimGiancaterino profile image

          KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

          We have a good friend who donated a kidney to a relative. I passed out just looking at his surgery pics -- it's no small matter. He encountered a lot of red tape trying to do the noble thing. Hopefully live organ donors will be treated better in the fuure.

        • Rangoon House profile image

          AJ 5 years ago from Australia

          Congratulations for being featured in the Rocket Squid Ask-A-Question Challenge. Blessings.

        • WriterJanis2 profile image

          WriterJanis2 5 years ago

          Wonderful info on something so important.

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 5 years ago from State of Confussion

          @flycatcherrr: Guest book has been moved thanks for the sugestion. I had thought of it but never done it until now. Guest book away.

        • flycatcherrr profile image

          flycatcherrr 5 years ago

          @PaigSr: I missed those links, too! I wonder if you might think about moving your guestbook down to the bottom, as readers tend to expect it to come last (we've been trained by years of reading blogs) and so don't always keep scrolling past the comments to see if there's more - just a little RocketSquid suggestion to consider. Good job on this, and kudos for championing the cause of organ donation!

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 5 years ago from State of Confussion

          @sockii: Down below I have the National Kidney Foundation.

          At this time I had donated two cars that became Kidney Car.

          I will look for others to add to that list.

        • sockii profile image

          Nicole Pellegrini 5 years ago from New Jersey

          Important topic and thanks for writing about it. Are there any charity/awareness groups you could link to on this page, for those who want to know how they could help out, or perhaps donate to a worthy cause?

        • intermarks profile image

          intermarks 5 years ago

          I have been donating blood many years ago and now almost 12 times all together.

        • raelcalu profile image

          raelcalu 5 years ago

          Thanks for the share...

        • Elsie Hagley profile image

          Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

          Nice lens from a considerate person ready to help a family member if you were allowed. Nice to see.

        • Brandi Bush profile image

          Brandi 5 years ago from Maryland

          I am an organ donor on my driver's license. Donating a healthy organ while you are alive and breathing is a very courageous and heroic thing to do. I would do it for my children in a heartbeat. I've never thought of doing it for other relatives or complete strangers, but I would probably do that as well. A healthy body is a real blessing...never take it for granted. Excellent lens and eye-opening question!

        • rallo-smith profile image

          rallo-smith 5 years ago

          Great share!

        • AcornOakForest profile image

          Monica Lobenstein 5 years ago from Western Wisconsin

          I appreciated the personal story you shared as part of this lens. Well done z

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 5 years ago from State of Confussion

          @JoshK47: Thank you. its amazing how much easier it is to compose these sites when you have personal experiance. I had to include McCoy because the fit was right on. Also he is my favorite from all the different Star Trek's.

        • profile image

          JoshK47 5 years ago

          Very well put together lens, with a lot of great points - I love that you included that scene from Star Trek IV, as well. :)

        • Onemargaret LM profile image

          Onemargaret LM 5 years ago

          Nice lens. Have a wonderful weekend!

        • UKGhostwriter profile image

          UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

          What goes around comes around