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Updated on August 29, 2020

Must read and know prior to Election 2020

I usually don’t do these posts in which a majority of the content is political in nature, but in light of the upcoming election, this stuff needs to be heard and said.
In the almost four years we’ve had Donald Trump as President, it is impossible to ignore that he is not the nicest person. While he is not anyone I’d want to have lunch with, as most of you would be, he wasn’t hired to be a nice guy. Considering what he’s had to endure, I wouldn’t be nice either. I wouldn’t have made it halfway. The mass media prior to his announcing his candidacy for president was largely favorable. Since he became President, he’s been accused of getting money from Russia to influence the election, having sexual relations with Stormy Daniels, he survived a witch hunt of an impeachment trial, Justice Kavanaugh’s sexual assault charges, not caring about families being separated from their children on the wall and illegal immigrant issue, and the Corona Virus. Whether or not he was guilty of any or all of these, God only knows. What I do know is Obama and Biden were suspected of many of the same stuff and more, but the only reason there was no coverage of it is we have a biased liberal media that wants nothing more than America to be destroyed because we are what stands in the way of a New World Order and ushering in of the Antichrist.
Here are what I believe President Trump’s best moves in office were.
1. Moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem/Acknowledged Jerusalem as capital.
The success of this country is based on a covenant God made from the very beginning.
“Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. “ (Genesis 12:1-3)
So God’s hand over this nation is based on our choice to stand with Israel. Exactly 70 years from the day Israel became a nation in 1948, Donald Trump announced Jerusalem is the capital if Israel and that we were moving our Embassy to Jerusalem. He has stood with Israel throughout his presidency and has worked hard to support them in the peace talks in the Middle East. As much as Obama was liked by a lot of people, he funded enemies of Israel just as much if not more than he funded them. Because of Trump’s support of Israel, our nation’s economy grew to the strongest it’s been in a long time.
2. Stronger economy.
Now I’ve heard to this point that it takes four years for the previous president’s policies to take effect, so people can easily give Obama credit for that. That statement held water until when the Corona Virus crumbled the economy to the highest unemployment rate in history. So God has used Trump in all of his flaws to rebuild the economy to where there’s more jobs than people. The reason we don’t see it is because in many cases it pays the person more money to stay on Unemployment than to work a job, which does need to change.
This leads me to a side note. Early on in Trump’s presidency, he sent many businesses financial benefit money, which many have used to upgrade business supplies and not to give employees raises. I say this to say that as much as Trump is blamed for this, he can’t be held responsible for the wickedness in CEOs of businesses. He’s responsible for making decisions he believes is right for the country, which he has.
3. Stronger borders.
Trump has gotten a lot of flack for this, as with everything he’s done. Stronger borders lead to a better country. I’ve talked to quite a few people over the years who are angry about the tax breaks that people coming in from other countries get to move here, while we get taxed like crazy to run businesses and can’t get ours off the ground, while the tax breaks for people coming in gives them time to get strong before getting taxed. We should stand with our own.
Trump’s made it clear that he encourages people to move to our country to better their lives, but do it legally. As he should. Nobody would allow a person to move into their home without their permission. That would be trespassing and they’d call the cops on that. Same concept here.
Social issues
If the Corona Virus has taught me one thing in regards to the way a nation runs, it’s this. Even if the President does everything right (there’s not one person who does), he cannot stop the damage fear has on a society. The media’s pushing fear has caused many to turn on each other, when we need each other to survive. There are several issues that are going to be mentioned here that are going to anger many, but please look at what is being said objectively, and you’ll see that what is being said is in large part true. The media has used the Black Lives Matter, Feminist Movement, and Defunding the Police as tools to further divide our nation. And they’ve succeeded. They’ve also used attacks on Trump supporters in hopes to keep them silent.
Attacks on Trump supporters.
I know the attacks on Trump supporters nationwide is not what even traditional Democrats stand for. I noticed in an aftermath of the 2016 election, more friendships ended over an election than any other election in my lifetime. This shouldn’t be. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, Christian that believes in Creation or Atheist that believes in Evolution, Conservative or Liberal, gay or straight, Black or white, male or female, or support defunding the police or not, or whatever the difference on social issues may be, you can listen to the other side without wanting to cause harm to them or call them names. It’s encouraged to embrace differences. We can embrace differences while being respectful.
Black Lives Matter
As a human being that sees value in everybody, I can get behind the concept of Black Lives Matter. Social injustice does still exist in this nation. But here’s the thing that’s going to anger a lot of people. Black Lives Matter is a hate group designed to strip away our freedoms and re-bridge the gap between blacks and whites. “All lives matter” is not a racist statement. I have seen more riots through this movement than any movement BY FAR.
Feminist movement
I haven’t seen such hatred from women towards men as I have in the last few years. My brother took his life because of a serious false accusation from a woman he was seeing. This could’ve been avoided had she taken a step back and not assumed she knew based on signs and patterns of behavior she thought Cliff was showing. Had she talked to him about it instead of angrily accusing based on emotion, Cliff would still be alive today. That has been the ammo for many more women since this feminist movement. In many ways the equal rights women have wanted has been used to treat men as low lifes. Not all do this. Thank God. But enough do for people to notice. This has got to stop!
Defunding the police.
Many that look to defund the police seem to believe that the police are the problem. THE POLICE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. THE ABUSE OF POWER AS A RESULT OF PRIDE IS THE PROBLEM. We defund the police, we’re still going to have the same problems we did before, only with no checks and balances to stop wickedness from happening.
Having the thought in the back of a person’s head they can get caught, it hinders crime. Without that fear of getting caught, things will get very ugly very quickly. This is something that must not happen!
In concluding this writing, you will notice that most of this writing was on things we have to do and less on Trump. While I do believe that Trump is the best candidate for the 2020 election, if we want this nation to stand, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO STAND AGAINST THE INJUSTICES WE FACE. If loving God and loving others is the fulfillment of the law (which it is), there is no room for hatred. Jesus was the only one who had every right to hate or hold grudges if he so chose. He was wrongfully killed when he never sinned, yet he said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” There is no justification for hatred. If we’re going to stay great as a nation, Fear and Hatred have got to go.


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