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Project Veritas Claims to Uncover Plan by Hillary Supporters to Force Evacuation of Inaugural Event

Updated on January 17, 2017
James O'Keefe of Project Veritas
James O'Keefe of Project Veritas

A citizens' film project which recently captured Hillary Clinton supporters in the apparent act of planning active voter fraud, which went viral on the Internet, has released video of left-leaning activists apparently planning to set off stink bombs at the National Press Club. The venue is hosting the Deploraball, which is being held, according to the program, to honor citizens who "worked social media, knocked on doors, and endured harassment" in support of Donald Trump.

The meeting which was filmed surreptitiously by the project took place, the report says, at Jimmy Comet's, a pizza parlor mentioned in former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podeta's emails, which were published by Wikileaks last summer. The pizza shop became the center of a sordid news story known as #pizzagate.

In the video recording, alleged plotters discuss the placement of butyric acid in the HVAC system of the building in which the event is located, forcing the evacuation of the guests into the "freezing cold." The film project, naming itself Project Veritas and run by James O'Keefe, states that, although it supports Constitutionally protected protest and free speech, the methods being discussed by the activists caused enough alarm among the reporters that they contacted law enforcement.

In the video the alleged plotters, who call themselves #DisruptJ20, can also be heard, in edited video clips, discussing how to get a building's sprinkler systems to go off "all at once."

The release by Project Veritas is below.


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