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Pakistan's View on Trump

Updated on May 30, 2017
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A student of legal studies at Punjab University Law College, Punjab, Pakistan. Interested in World Politics because of globalization effects

11/9 of American History

World War II caused the death of millions of people, but one can’t say that the USA was not cognizant of the consequences. This period reminds us of not making the same mistake twice. We should not forget those deadly days by which the whole of the humanity suffered.

Last year when, Donald Trump was elected as the President of United States of America, he exaggerated the sense of self-security in everybody’s mind. Is America going to deteriorate? How will Trump tackle the world as the president of a super-power? Will the world be again on the threshold of another world war? Will trump strangle the monopoly of America? How much will the Muslim world suffer? These questions are like a catastrophe in everybody’s minds.

The 45th American President Donald Trump
The 45th American President Donald Trump | Source

The president who took his oath on 20 January 2016, in his first speech made clear that he will unite the world against radical “Islamic Terrorism.” As a president he has deterred the world with his rebellious policies to counter terrorism in the world. The travel ban on seven Muslim countries points out the policy of “protectionism”; but smashed windows and chaotic confrontations before his oath taking ceremony has showed the world that Americans opposed his policies. Many politicians opposed his ideas. The former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari urged him by saying, “It’s too early”. The Mexican president canceled his summit with him. The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) warned him on his travel ban. The French Finance Minister defied his persecution by saying, “Trump presents grave risks to world trade”. So, Americans elect their president by themselves but they are not the only nation who suffers but the whole world suffers as well. The questions are:“Is America going to deteriorate” as a result of is his policies and is the whole world going to deteriorate.

Islamic World

From my point of view, so far Trump is successful in his attempt to have a sway on Muslim Countries as he has ordered to establish the ‘”safe zones’” in the countries he is going to ban. On his dogma about safe zones, he has the confidence of the Saudi King and the UAE. Interestingly, Pakistan is completely silent on the whole scenario. In tackling the world, the most dangerous issue that Trump is facing is not the objection from Muslims but it is the objections from the people of the United States of America. The majority of them are protesting by making slogans “I am Muslim American”. The greatest hurdle in his way of managing the world is Americans themselves.

How much will the Muslim world suffer? Muslims have been suffering for decades. One and a half billion Muslims are now curious to see if there will be suffering from the tentacles of this president.

Every new president creates more strenuous policies against us. Trump is not a new person in this regard. The policy he has arranged against us is that he has banned Muslim travel but he is not removing the American military from seven countries and he will not do so because, if he does, Russia will be the omnipotent one. So by using the slogan that he is going to unite the world against radical Islamic terrorism, he will be capable of killing many civilians to which America will call them terrorists. To be brief, Americans are protesting in favor of those seven countries that are in a state of war due to America.


Numerous events caused World War II but the two major causes were: The rise of Nationalism in Germany and Non-intervention of USA in European politics. After taking his oath, the newly elected President addressed his nation and illuminated his policy of ‘”isolationism”’ in which he would not intervene in any of the countries in the world. As America had wasted billions of dollars on fighting wars that he does not own. He said, “We will make America great again”. History repeats itself and because of his leadership the world is threatened by another World War as America has both now “nationalism
& ‘isolationism”.

The Prince of Wales stated on February 1, 2017, “The lessons of WWII are being forgotten.”

"Here is a new president who is asking a lot of unfamiliar questions, and because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it"

-Henry Kissinger

President Trump talks with King Salman at Riyadh Summit 2017
President Trump talks with King Salman at Riyadh Summit 2017 | Source

Pakistan and Afghanistan

Moreover, the newly elected president is making policies in contradiction with the American spirits of their country. US National Security Adviser McMaster also told the media that Trump's new policy would be announced soon in accordance with Pakistan and Afghanistan policies. What kind of abyss, is he digging for both countries? It is difficult to predict.

Trump’s America is the best example of how the world is going to be affected by converting from multilateral policies to unilateral policies.

Middle East States

From the very beginning, middle east states have attracted most of the Western countries. However, the region includes allies and enemies of the United States of America. This year Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected in Iran. His victory is good news for Iran but not so far for Trump and his allies. In the Arab-Islamic-American summit, President Donald Trump motivated his audience by delivering his speech on hope and love. But by excluding Iran he has so far put the Muslim world into chaos. Moreover, he lambasted Iran and considered it to be the reason of emerging sectarian conflict and terror. The Islamic world during the last few decades has been badly treated by most of the major powers. Now there is a new elected president who says that by not including Iran, he will tackle the situation of anarchy around the world.

Policy towards Iran

The summit not only included the exclusion of Iran, but it also helped Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries to take a stance against Iran by unveiling the plans for Arab NATO, by approving 2 billion$ missile sale to U.A.E, by making 100 billion$ arms deal with Saudi Arabia. All that means is not that you people fight with each others. I'll sign deals with you. How the world in the 21st century is changing. America, the champion of democracy and the superpower is now at the preposterous decisions of an incompetent president.

A total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on.

-Donald Trump, December 2015


It doesn't matter how and when it was started. What matters is how it will end. Because all is well that ends well, either in a polite or in a rude manner. What matters the most is your attitude towards others. No doubt that Islamic states have contributed very much efforts to bring terrorism to an end. Without any dis-trustfulness or query one can also state that America has sacrificed many lives for the cessation of this war. But what the world needs is an affiliation of both parties. By common interest and connection, most of the problems can be solved. All we need is patience, patience, and patience.

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© 2017 Muhammad Hassan Ibrahim Minhas


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    • Minhas333 profile image

      Muhammad Hassan Ibrahim Minhas 5 months ago from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

      I also do

    • profile image

      Hammad Maqsood 6 months ago

      I agree with Henry Kissinger. Realism about Donald Trump.