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Johnny Roselli

Updated on January 16, 2015

Johnny Roselli was one of the top Mafiosi in the CIA's plots to assassinate Fidel Castro

Like Jack Ruby, Roselli came up through the Capone gang in Chicago; but Johnny started out with the Winter Hill mob in Somerville, Massachusetts as Filippo Sacco. He went on the lam to Chicago and changed his name after committing his first murder.

"Colonel" Roselli was deeply involved in the secret war against Cuba.

Apparently he told Congress too much for somebody's liking of what he knew about the CIA's secret relationship with the Mafia in the agency's attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro, for soon afterward his dismembered body was found floating in Florida's inter-coastal waterway in a 55 gallon oil drum.

Johnny Roselli

Johnny Roselli
Johnny Roselli

Johnny Roselli videos

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