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Women Distort Women's Rights

Updated on December 7, 2011

Most who are reading this would basically say that they agreed with the idea of women's equality to men.  But would most also agree that there are some women that are not happy with just this? Some women want the same voice and rights as men but still want to be treated as delicate flowers.

 Women want the illusion of equality, but they don't want the sacrifices that come along with it. You can not say you don't see it.  With people you know, maybe your mother or sister, maybe you see it when you look in the mirror.  Women who want the men to help with the house work but don't want to get a job to help pay the bills.  Or the angry stripper who expects her customers to behave like gentlemen.  We are all guilty of this.  Men as well as women, but that is a different hub...

The big issues.

My biggest problem is women who want to control other women, and the women who put blame on men for the "innocent girl" making a living with sex.

You want the same rights as men to make our own decisions with our minds and our country.  But, even you, you certain women, want to take away our right to make decisions about our own bodies.  But NEVER do you blame the female herself, you will hide behind the facade of male on female degradation.  Claiming that it is the men's fault, they're degrading that "poor girl stripping away her integrity on the pole".

Here's the words from one former stripper...

This was our choice, our choice to do what we do with our bodies.

 To fault the men doing what they do in the strip club, with the hooker on the street, for treating them as if they are nothing more than sex toys, to judge them for this is wrong.  These women must expect that men will treat them as such, because this is what these girls have chosen to portray themselves as. 

I am not heartless, and I do understand the hardships that may have pushed these women to do such things, and that they may not enjoy or want to do them.  It still would not fault the men who treat them like hookers and strippers.

Women who choose this life should have the right to do so as well.  This is MY body, if I choose to sell it to a needy man to pay my bill it should be my choice, not the laws.

If i choose to dance naked for a crowed of people in an adult setting to buy my meal for the day, it should be MY choice.

Although, I myself could never lay down with a man for any amount of money, I am a firm believer that if a women wanted to do so, if she chose this life for any reason, she should be able to do so without the threat of persecution. Who should say what I can or can not do with my body? 

Take a look at any country where prostitution is legal and you will find statistics of rape that are substantially lower than our own, since in these places, those men who seek out the twisted and weired fantasies don't have to rape to get it, because for the right amount of money they can buy it.  

It may sound offensive, and wrong and immoral. But, this is my opinion.  I have seen things on television and in papers and magazines that have made me angry at my fellow women.  

As the world around us grows ever so increasingly accepting to sexuality and embracing the differences in individuals we here in the US still hold on to the clinging strings of some "higher morale" code.

At least, this is what we tell ourselves.

Some will argue that this opinion of mine would destroy women's rights, proving us to be nothing more than sex kittens and hostesses for "our men".

I promise you, it would not.

Women need to understand, that some women are made for power, some are made to be leaders and do great things, just like some men.

But also, just like some men, some women were only meant to be the plaything, the trophy, or the homemaker.  Some women want to take what they think is the easy rode and use their looks and bodies to manipulate the world around them.  It may be wrong to you, but who are you? 

I was in their shoes once.   Needing the cash, being young and dancing on that stage.  I grew up, I moved on.  But it was part of my life and I am not ashamed.

I am equal to You Mrs. John Q Republican.  Along with all my girls down at the local strip joint.


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