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Why Liberalism Makes Cowards Instead of Citizens

Updated on October 13, 2018
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Bill has advanced degrees in education and political science. He has been a political science teacher for over 28 years.


You Gotta Know When to Hide

We share a common image: 9-11. On that fateful day, gravity delivered a sucker-punch to New York City and the shockwave hit us all. I’ll never forget that sickening feeling watching the victims leap from the towers, clutching each other as they fell. I remember seeing a video of Mayor Giuliani looking up, surrounded by fellow New Yorkers, eyes fixed and mouth agape in disbelief as one jumper after another made the horrible choice to jump rather than burn to death in the towers above.

But gravity is, and was on that day, relentless. We witnessed the unimaginable: the collapse of the North and South Towers within minutes of each other. One of the most graphic images that followed was the humanity that fled the vicinity of the Towers as that great cloud of dust and debris rushed from the collapsing buildings.

Later, I thought about others who are forced to flee when terrorists strike: those who flee from a mall, school, or café because some lunatic walked in with a weapon and started mowing people down.

Retreat. Turn your backs and start running. Run for your lives...

Sometimes retreat is the better part of valor. When a dust cloud is rushing at you, you can’t raise your hands to stop it. When dangerous events race toward you, it’s time to quickly assess and move for cover; if the event is dangerous enough, even “reaction time” might be a luxury.

But sometimes, retreat is just cowardly, especially when time is on our side to do something about the threat we face. That cowardice is being facilitated by modern liberals and their facilitators.

Earlier, we heard that some of our Border Patrol officers would not send their people into border areas because those areas are too dangerous. Our nation is being invaded and our officials are running away from the danger, just like children running from a bombed-out school. I don’t blame the Border Patrol per se. They’re just following the lead of the Obama Administration who is facilitating the Southern Invasion of America.

To President Obama and his accomplices, the death and destruction of personal property on our Southern Border is no big deal. In most societies, it is the men that step to the front to defend hearth and home. How pitiful that the president has to be reminded by a woman governor, Jan Brewer of Arizona, of his obligations to defend his nation.

Consider how remarkable it is that the United States of America, with all of its military and technological prowess, is defenseless to protect that one element that defines a nation-state: it's borders.

How about Iran? Iran is a storm and a bad one. Liberals sit and watch while Iran arms, threatening the existence of Israel. Our national debt is another storm; it’s out there and it's going to hit one day. Obama & Company have met this crisis by spending money even faster.

Sarah Palin: A reminder to women on the Left  that they aren't feminine enough and to liberal men that they are not masculine enough.
Sarah Palin: A reminder to women on the Left that they aren't feminine enough and to liberal men that they are not masculine enough. | Source

Sarah Palin: Scourge of the American Left

Most Americans are worried about the Southern Invasion, corporate bailouts, the debt and mullah loons that run Iran. What about liberal secularists? Are they concerned about anything? What’s dangerous to them?

If you listen carefully, liberals do express their fear about some things. Liberals face at least one perplexing and indomitable evil:

Sarah Palin.

Liberals are convinced that Sarah Palin and her stupidity are one of the great threats to America today. Palin is not an even elected official but the bright lights on the left keep flopping her around like a cat with a dead mouse. And I don’t know why liberals keep bashing her intellect: Palin is the product of the educational system they created. If Palin represents the “race to the bottom” of American educational achievement, liberals should stop stomping on her and celebrate her. Compassionate liberals should give her a job in the Obama Administration, just like they’ve done for other dimwits like Biden, Holden, and Nepolitano.

The liberal fixation with Sarah Palin is itself a marvel. Most people gravitate toward those that display intellectual prowess; liberals are gravitate toward stupidity….why else would they spend so much time talking about her intellectual unaccomplishment (unless it's their own intellectual vulnerabilities)? Like barnyard bullies, they repeat the mantra "idiot" whenever Palin's name is mentioned. Speaking of a pack of bullies, you don’t have to go any further than the Huffington Post to witness the left's clamor over this woman. While vaunting their intellectual superiority over Palin I read such bright assessments as

  • This woman simply exhausts me with her idiocy
  • She's as dumb as a box of rocks...
  • If Palin gets the nod for the republicans, Obama will get a unprecedented 3rd term! (Which just illustrates that liberal education didn’t teach their children to add or they don’t know how the Constitution works)
  • the dog ate…[her] lack of intelligence (think about that one)
  • Republicans are elephant dung. (Actually, “donkey dung” is funnier because it’s alliterated and it sounds like “Donkey Kong,” but I date myself)

As an unknown commentator put it, Sarah Palin is a reminder to liberal women that they are not feminine enough and to liberal men that they are not masculine enough.

Actually, Sarah Palin is a very intelligent woman who makes gaffes caught on tape. Liberals act as if their icons never do the same. But if verbal gaffes are a sign of idiocy, then Sarah Palin move aside because you can't hold a candle to the misspeaks of liberals....

They love talking about how stupid she is and all the dumb things she says; I guess it helps them cope with their own mental inadequacies. Socialist liberals have made a cottage industry of razing the elevated and accomplished. Their adage is “Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses; drag them down to your level, it’s cheaper.”

But the “Killa from Wasilla” isn’t the only liberal evil on the horizon. Some of the great global evils are guns, asbestos, children’s toys, two-liter sodas, and the most infamous and underrated evil of all: the Big Mac Value Meal from McDonalds.

Liberals look for evil everywhere except where it’s resident: the human heart.

Liberals focus on material objects or adverse circumstances and imbue them with malevolence. Since they know that the world has problems, and because they’ve rejected the reality of sin, liberals look for evil in things and circumstances so they can play Don Quixote attacking the windmills. After all, they know that they’re on safe ground opposing the evils of rodent extinction in Texas, but opposing Muslims could get them killed.

They know that Islam is a dangerous religion; that’s why they won't say "boo" against it. It’s for the same reason that they were always nervous that Goldwater or Reagan would push the red button: they’re cowards. In fact, you know which religions are peaceful because those are the religions that secular liberals attack. They're safe attacking Christianity because they know that the only thing they’ll get hit with is a string of Bible verses and an invitation to come to Jesus. But if you attack Islam, you might become the next Salman Rushdie. So the left spends its time attacking the "Fundies," but when Muslim fathers kill their daughters for refusing to wear a hijab, you don’t hear a peep. Consider it a prudent risk assessment.

While Americans are facing rape and murder on our southern border, liberals are waging war on references to Jesus in the speeches of high school valedictorians. They have been skillfully trained to flip off the mike switch of some graduating religious fanatic, like they did to Brittany McComb in 2006. It’s safe for liberals to attack graduating high school seniors. After all, what are they going to do? Paper-cut us with their diploma?

Another great foe of current liberalism are the infamous roadside crosses that stand as memorials. Utah erected such crosses throughout its state to memorialize patrolmen who have fallen in the line of duty. Well, not any more. Apparently, the Tenth Circuit drank the Kool-Aid of the fruitcakes at American Atheists, ruling that crosses that stand as memorials for fallen patrolmen might be construed by the average observer as an endorsement of religion. (I know that’s what I’d think if I saw one.). Attacking the crosses is another safe cause for liberalism. Little resistance is usually offered when attacking dead patrolmen and their grieving widows.

Today’s liberalism attacks imaginary evils and ignores the major storms on the horizon. It’s a perfect formula for cowardice. Let liberals fight their windmills; it’s time for real Americans to straighten their backs and oppose the real dangers that confront us.

© 2010 William R Bowen Jr


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