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Liberals versus conservatives

Updated on June 28, 2014

Some people claim to be liberals while others claim to be conservatives. Definitely, people have their reason for belonging to either group however it is difficult, at times, to know when to draw a line and get the real meaning of a liberal and a conservative. This is because a liberal is expected to listen to others and allow or welcome changes while a conservative wants to maintain the status quo of the time.

Therefore, if we look at it critically then we can ask how willing or how really people practice either liberalism or conservatism because we know that a liberal may not allow all changes especially when it is against or violates their own right as a person likewise a conservative will accept changes that are of benefit to him/her. However, let us take liberalism and conservatism the way people claim it to be.

If the conservatives have always been in the picture and we know that, they have. Then the question will be how the said conservatives really conserved things from the beginning have?

This is because at each point in human history, people want to conserve what they met or inherited even when they did not know how the thing came to be in existence in the first place. It is for same reason that the present conservatives, just like past ones, want to conserve the status quo. They fail to understand that if all things were, strictly, conserved by all man from the beginning (that is man from his beginning as a primitive being conserved all things) then man will still be in a primitive state. Then it follows that most of the things the current conservatives want to conserve in this generation would not have been in existence. This is because we know that changes took place over the years so it means that what the conservatives met and try to conserve was what the liberals permitted to come into existence.

It is always good to know what to conserve and what to permit. However, the problem, most times, is that people only want to permit those things that will be of their own personal benefit only and not to the benefit of others, likewise people refuse changes because they are at advantage and they do not want others to benefit or freely make their own choice as human.

Well the issue is that the battle between the liberals and the conservatives will continue because man will always have reasons to change some things while man will always have reasons to resist such changes.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 5 years ago

      Thanks WB, I understand your stand and I do not think anyone will want to change what he or she supports to what he or she opposes. That is conservatives try to uphold what they think is right. The hub is a general statement about the two groups. For instance in the example you used some people will not want a revert to the old way because the current situation is to their advantage and they will fight to conserve it. That is why I asked when we should really draw a line between the two groups.

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

      Whether or not something changes has everything to do with common sense if you take the greed and selfish aspects out of the consideration. Conservatism is not about stopping progress, it is about the approach taken to the problem. Look for example at our deficit and debt situation. You do not have to examine it very long before the math tells you that taxing the highest wage earners at 100% will not close the gap on either one. Spending is the problem. That said, a conservative approach wants to reduce that spending to bring things back into line. A liberal approach wants to ignore both gaps and continue wrecklessly in the same blind direction assuming that we can spend our way out of the problem. You tell me what makes more sense. WB