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Who was Lisa Howard?

Updated on October 28, 2014

When they tell you Barbara Walters was the first female national TV news anchorperson in America, they're lying to you...

Years ago I became curious about why there was so little written about Lisa Howard and she became a particular point of focus for me. Call it intuition.

She was an actress who scored the first major interview with Krushev at the U.N. in 1960, by masquerading as a U.N. employee and was subsequently made anchor of ABC's noontime The News Hour With Lisa Howard. She did two specials on Cuba and Castro's revolution in '63 & '64.

In '65 she went on the air and began to tell how she had been a secret laiason between the White House and Castro to begin exploring the possibility of the U.S. normalizing relations with Cuba. She was fired mid-broadcast and escorted from the building. Within a short time she was found in a state of incoherence, was hospitalized and died. The official ruling was probable suicide. It was said she was distraught over the loss of her job and a recent miscarriage. ABC claimed she was fired for violating their policy of non-participation in partisan politics.

Early on that's all I could learn, but it's quite an attention getter. Since then what I've learned leads me to believe that she points directly at the who and why of the JFK assassination.

Formerly classified documents, now available online, confirm that what she was trying to report was true. Furthermore she pursued the matter after JFK's death, but Johnson wasn't interested and Castro wasn't surprised.

Okay. I subsequently learned that by the time Bobby Kennedy was running for the Senate, she had turned against him, was working against his candidacy, because she had learned that while she was working as a secret liaison for JFK, he had people trying to assassinate Castro. This stewed in my brain for months before it struck me one morning in the shower: HOLY CRAP! SHE DIED IN 1965 AND DREW PEARSON IS CREDITED WITH THE FIRST EXPOSURE OF THE MAFIA/CIA ALLIANCE TO KILL CASTRO IN JANUARY OF 1967!! CASTRO, WHOSE INTELLIGENCE WAS ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD OF THE PLOTS, PROBABLY TOLD HER ABOUT THEM!

Furthermore, JFK was killed just when the first meeting between high level Cuban and U.S. officials was being organized. I've learned that news of these goings on had leaked as far as the rabid anti-Castro community: Cubans, C.I.A., Mafia et al. I believe this was the proverbial last straw for them.

The evidence is apparently reliable that she downed a bottle of pills at the pharmacy where she had just purchased them, but I believe she was at least driven to it, because it was feared that she was going to expose the C.I.A./ Mafia alliance and if she was allowed to keep talking about the secret negotiations, someone would eventually realize this was the motive that finally pushed those who had been conjecturing about killing JFK to do so as soon as possible.

If you've ever wondered why TV "journalists" are so willing to parrot the official government lies instead of exposing the truth, remember Lisa Howard.

Lisa Howard

Lisa Howard
Lisa Howard

The blind leading the discussion

As a thirty-plus year researcher on the subject of JFK's assassination, I've found that those who believe that Oswald acted alone are invariably the least well read on the subject. Anyone who is familiar with the facts of the case can PROVE with the Warren Report's own evidence that the commission's conclusions are not supported by that evidence. Furthermore they can show that this same evidence would tend to indicate that Oswald was completely innocent of shooting ANYONE.

The problem is simple. If you don't read, you can't be expected NOT to be ignorant. Allen Dulles is famous for saying, "Americans don't read." The assassins depended on the cover up. The Warren Commission depended on people NOT reading.

Sylvia Meagher discovered, to her distress and consternation, that the near 900 page Warren Report and 26 volumes of evidence had NO INDEX! She took the monumental chore upon herself of creating one and providing it to the world. In the course of her task, she discovered that the evidence does NOT support the conclusions and she wrote her brilliant critical analysis of the report, ACCESSORIES AFTER THE FACT, explaining the same.

Ms. Meagher's book is the place to start, if you give a damn, but it's only the beginning, because once you understand that the single bullet theory was always nothing but a theory and that it was proposed as a "what if" with the clear understanding that it was NOT even possible BECAUSE it had been ESTABLISHED that the back wound never penetrated JFK's plethora (and thus DID NOT transit his body), you've now only established that there HAD to be a second shooter, so the next phase of research only just begins.

The mainstream media abandoned JFK with the death of Dorothy Kilgallen, another courageous female journalist who died mysteriously shortly after publicly stating that she was going to blow the JFK case wide open after conducting the ONLY interview with Jack Ruby ever granted to a member of the press (see "related lenses" below for a lens on Dorothy Kilgallen).

Journalism was once the guardian of truth, be it unfair or unbalanced or not. Late in 2007, I saw Diane Sawyer on TV taking fellow broadcaster Keith Olbermann to task for not being fair and balanced. You need not fall back on the claim that you are fair and balanced, if you can make the much stronger claim that you are truthful and accurate, yet apparently the mainstream media as a whole is now willing to accept the standards of FOX News.

In the years since JFK was assassinated, we've lowered the bar in this country to the point where opinion is valued as the truth and our 41st president had a lower IQ than JFK had after he was shot, but only people who are SERIOUS readers can tell the difference and know that it does matter that the word nuclear is pronounced NU CLEE AR not NOOK YUH LER

JFK assassination videos

Lee Harvey Oswald's request to be represented by Attorney John Abt is the Rosetta Stone in the JFK case...

"The first proceeding to require a member of the Communist Party to register with the Attorney General ended today. Mr. Albertson's attorney, John J. Abt of New York...called no witnesses to the stand. The final Government witness, Albert Jackson, who observed party activities for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for four years, testified that he attended many Communist meetings with Mr. Albertson. Mr. Apt brought out that Mr. Jackson had received varying sums of money from the FBI. He asked the witness whether he expected to be paid in the future. 'After this is finished I guess I'm finished,' Mr. Jackson replied. 'And I'm finished,' Mr. Abt said, ending his cross-examination."- New York Times, 9/19/62.

I have contended that Oswald was completely familiar with this case and Bobby Kennedy's, Hoover's and Abt's roles in it.

The record shows Oswald tried to contact Abt for legal representation after being arrested by the Dallas police on 11/22/63.

As Mark North observed in "Act of Treason": "What is critical here is the fact that Abt defended alleged communists against the accusations of FBI informants. Oswald....readily identifies with this situation."


If Abt had represented Oswald, he may have protected his cover, freed him and got him access to RFK, which history has shown he certainly needed, considering the Hoover stonewalling of the Warren Commission, and the subsequent Johnson authorized frame-up.

Had Abt taken a plane to Dallas, come Sunday morning, LHO, along with Abt, may have been on Meet The Press explaining how he had exposed the conspiracy and saved the nation (though this would most likely require blowing his cover) instead of suffering the effects of a close-range lead poisoning.

Bobby knew who Apt was. Bobby very quickly thought the assassin was one of Harry Williams' guys and he told Harry so. I believe Harry confirmed LHO was one of his guys, but insisted it had to be a set up.

Unless RFK had more knowledge of LHO pre-assassination than has been proven (and I believe he was aware of him), in my opinion it was Oswald's asking for Abt that snapped him to attention.

Hoover was well aware of Abt AND his abilities:

"They really didn't have a case against Oswald until we gave them our information....All the Dallas Police had was three witnesses who tentatively identified him....Oswald had been saying he wanted John Abt as his lawyer and Abt, with only that kind of evidence, could have turned the case around, I'm afraid." - J. Edgar Hoover - HSCA, vol. 3, pp. 471-473.

"He asked me first did I know a lawyer named John Abt....I said I did not know him, and he said, 'Well, I would like to have him represent me...' " - President of the Dallas Bar Association quoted in A.F. Newman's "The Assassination of John F.Kennedy", p.552.

The HSCA document quoting Hoover is from a memo he wrote at approximately 4 pm (EST) 11/24/63, after Oswald had been eliminated. Assistant Attorney General Herbert J. Miller is enroute to Dallas carrying Hoover's instruction's to Henry Wade and Chief Curry. At 3:45 (EST) President Johnson talks with Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr. Carr and Wade are the two ex-FBI agents, who will, two months later, inform Warren Commissioner J. Lee Rankin that Oswald was an FBI informant. This will be Hoover's only bump in the road, but it will be the point where the commission members face the fact that they have to take Hoover on or cave in to him.

The memo continues:

"All the talking down there might have required a change of venue....If they keep talking, perhaps the same will be true of Ruby....Curry I understand cannot control Captain Fritz....who is giving much information to the press. Since we now think it involves the Criminal Code on conspiracy charge under Section 2-11, we want them to shut up. Furthermore, I have ordered the evidence to be secured by the Police Department."

Most of us in the research community have encountered at least the next part:

"The thing I am most concerned about, and so is Mr. Katzenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public Oswald is the real assassin"

When one views the assassination and cover-up in the proper context, that the Kennedys were at war with Hoover, it is much easier to grasp.

When JFK died, the direct line to Hoover that Bobby had placed on Hoover's desk was IMMEDIATELY removed to Mrs. Gandy's desk in the outer office. When JFK's head was blown off, Bobby's legs were cut off and only Abt putting he and Oswald together could have connected the dots fast enough to prevent Hoover's cover-up and the Warren Commission's acquiescence to him, but now it was too late.

Making the case for conspiracy in the JFK assassination in three quick steps...

The report of FBI Agents Sibert and O'Neill (the only two FBI agents to attend JFK's autopsy) dated November 26, 1963, which is contained in Warren Commission Document No. 7 in the National Archives, contains this description:

"During the latter stages of the autopsy, Dr. Humes located an opening which appeared to be a bullet hole which was below the shoulders....This opening was probed by Dr. Humes with the finger, at which time it was determined that the trajectory of the missile entering at this point had entered at a downward position of 45 to 60 degrees. Further probing determined that the distance traveled by this missile was a short distance inasmuch as the end of the opening could be felt with the finger."

J. Edgar Hoover memo dated 11/24/63. HSCA, vol. 3, pp. 471-473:

"They really didn't have a case against Oswald until we gave them our information"

J. Edgar Hoover memo dated 11/24/63. HSCA, vol. 3, pp. 471-473:

"...we now think it involves the Criminal Code on conspiracy charge under Section 2-11"

So why does this matter today?

11/22/63 and 9/11/2001

1.) If the general public knew about the memos from J. Edgar Hoover confirming George H. W. Bush's role in certain events following John F. Kennedy's assassination (by the way, Bush lied to congress about this at the hearings confirming him as Nixon's new Director of C.I.A.), he would never have become president, his son would never have even been a candidate for president and the attacks of 9/11/01 would not have taken place, had George W. Bush not been president.

2.) The Dallas doctors all agreed the throat shot was an entrance wound .

3.) The Dallas P.D., by means of a paraffin test, proved on 11/22/63 that Oswald didn't fire a rifle that day. You'll hear the argument that the absence of nitrates means nothing, however you needn't be a forensics expert to understand that the presence of nitrates means something, so their absence means plenty.

Points 2 and 3 above and the accepted timing of the event are all one needs to show that there were at least two shooters and neither of them was Oswald.

This conclusion, available since day one, is all one needs to demonstrate that the Warren Report is nothing but a massive frame-up of a patsy.

Read Sylvia Meagher's "Accessories After the Fact" and note that nobody ever criticizes her. She remains unchallenged, because her source of information is the Warren Report itself! She simply interprets the information objectively, instead of distorting it to frame Lee Oswald.

4.) A little research will bring you the amazing information that if an airliner in U.S. airspace:

a.) veers off course,

b.) doesn't respond to a radio call and/or

c.) turns off its radar transponder,

a fighter-jet escort is IMMEDIATELY sent up to join it. This was the protocol on 9/11. BUT ON 9/11, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN THIS WAY AND NOT ONCE BUT WITH ALL FOUR PLANES. The air traffic controllers informed their superiors of the multiple problems and their superiors were charged with informing NORAD. YET, WHEN IT SEEMED NO ESCORT WAS BEING SENT, THE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS BY-PASSED THE CHAIN OF COMMAND AND CALLED OTIS AIR FORCE BASE DIRECTLY AND THE FIGHTERS THAT GOT TO NYC TOO LATE WERE FINALLY LAUNCHED.

The air traffic controllers have all been effectively muzzled, but a little research will confirm that what happened on 9/11 was IMPOSSIBLE without SOMEONE WITH THE POWER TO DO SO stepping in and preventing the existing system from functioning normally and properly.

As for the argument that the fighter pilots would only expect to be deployed over the sea, two words: Paine Stewart.

As for then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice's immediate insistence that no one could have predicted crashing planes into buildings, me thinks she doth protest too much.

The NATIONAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION had planned a drill for 9/11/2001 that was to be conducted on the supposition that a small PLANE HAD CRASHED INTO THE NSA OFFICE TOWER!!

My point is: if you examine just a little bit of THE RIGHT EVIDENCE in these cases, you can demonstrate that the official explanations of both events are B.S. cover-ups.

The great majority of books critical of The Warren Report written in the 10-15 years following its publication posed versions of this question in their conclusions: If the lawfully elected President of the United States is assassinated and the government perpetrates a cover-up rather than exposing the truth, what can we expect of the future?

Well, those of us with our eyes open have learned we could expect escalation of the Vietnam war and lies from LBJ, greater escalation in Vietnam, the carpet bombing of Cambodia, Watergate, the co-opting of the Justice Department and lies from the massively corrupt Nixon administration, during which George Herbert Walker Bush became head of The C.I.A., Warren Commission member Gerald Ford's pardoning of Nixon, the dis-empowered Carter administration, Reagan's deal with Iran behind President Carter's back, Iran/Contra and the rest of the Reagan administration's circumvention of the nation's laws, President George H. W. Bush, his war and his debt and his LONG history of cloak and dagger, the persecuted Clinton administration and the George W. Bush administrations and their accompanying baggage, including the repetition of the same errors in Iraq that were made in Vietnam, and the intentional turning around of the US housing boom and subsequent shattering of the global economy; yes, George W. Bush's COLOSSALLY corrupt administrations of treasonous thugs who were without question complicit in the attacks of 9/11.

Get False Mystery here - Perhaps the best book for understanding the effects of JFK's murder on today's world (9/11 and all that it has spawned)

Vincent Salandria was the first American to publish ANYTHING critical of The Warren Report. He foresaw that Oswald would quickly be killed and concluded, in the 1970s, that there is no mystery to JFK's assassination and that the time for analyzing and debating its details is over, that the planners of JFKs killing WANTED us all to eventually have the details necessary to understand that it was a military/intelligence operation and to understand that THERE IS NOTHING THAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT, strictly because THEY SEIZED POWER, HAVE THE POWER and ARE THE POWER NOW.

JFK And The Unspeakable

I've read a hundred books about the JFK presidency, his assassination, research into that event and related people. In my experience, this is the best book to date covering all of these topics.

Family Of Secrets by Russ Baker - The Bush Dynasty, The Powerful Forces That Put It In The White House, And What Their Influence Means For America

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand why America in such deep trouble at the hands of President George W. Bush, his family and their associates.

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America
Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America

Within these pages, Baker details heretofore suspected but unexplained evidence of George H.W. Bush's connections to the CIA dating back to at least 1953, The Bay Of Pigs invasion of Cuba and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, including his close association with Oswald "baby-sitter", George de Mohrenschildt.


"The Terror Timeline" by Paul Thompson

Read "The Terror Timeline" if you have any doubts about the fact that we had a system in place to prevent what happened on 9/11, a system that had to have been and WAS prevented from functioning by people in the George W. Bush administration who were powerful enough to do so.

Should you purchase anything from this page, you will automatically make a donation...

to The Acumen Fund.

You'll be helping to combat global poverty and helping us all to imagine a brighter future.

Now, doesn't that feel good?

Cutting to the chase - The essential texts on the JFK assassination - If you read nothing else about the JFK assassination, read these books...

More recommended books on the JFK assassination

More recommended texts on the JFK assassination...

So why do you think they want you to believe Barbara Walters was the first national female news anchor?

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