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Men in support of Women's Rights

Updated on July 24, 2013
Men in Texas supporting women's rights
Men in Texas supporting women's rights

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: Texas Men Explain Why So Many Are Joining The Fight

Something seriously interesting happened at the Texas capital on 1st July 2013.There was a large turnout of more than 5,000 people from Texas with the number of men being massive.Everyone was dressed in orange and took to statehouse to protest and voice their anger on the ,new,strict and harsh abortion restrictions that would make it almost impossible for women to access reproductive care in case the new law is passed.

If it succeeds,the legislation will criminalize abortion done after 20weeks.It would also create require all abortion clinics to upgrade to surgical centers and that would force almost all state’s abortion clinics to be closed leaving only clinics in big cities such as Austin,Dallas and Houston.This would in turn result to women in rural areas not having access to abortions and other saving medical care like cancer screenings and reproductive health care.

Why are Texas men so concerned with women's rights?

Below are some of the reasons why the Texas men decided to come out in large numbers to support women’s rights by protesting against the legislation.

  • Some men said it was not just a women’s issue but a family issue
  • They were horrified to think that their daughters could grow up with a lesser choice than they themselves.
  • Others argued that if someone is not free, then no one is free because everybody’s rights will inturn be at stake.
  • Others turned out coz they have mothers,wives,nieces and said it is really important that they be treated as competent human beings who can take care of themselves.
  • Some stated that the healthcare of women does not belong in politics.They said they are fathers of daughters and want to protect their daughters healthcare rights and their ability to control decisions about their body.They added that they would not like their daughters,girlfriends,sisters,wives,etc to bleed to death in a bedroom after botching a home abortion.

One thing that is notable is that they were all in agreement that women should have autonomy over their own bodyThe texas men also have a facebook page by the name Texas men for women’s rights.In this century it is really impressive to see men coming out in large numbers to support women’s rights.

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Names used to describe men who fight for women’s rights.

Even as men are been encouraged to support women,there are various questions that arise in regard to what we should call a male identified person who stands up or actively participates in promoting feminism. ‘Feminist is the obvious answer,though that name can cause problems because the word is highly associated with women.Some people feel that the word feminism should exclusively remain to identify female people while others feel that males supporting women’s rights should also label themselves feminists in order to better challenge the notion that feminism is only a concern for women and not both women and men and also to encourage men to actively engage in the struggles for women’s rights and equality. “Allies” is also another term used to describe men who fight for women’s rights.The word allies is often used to describe people who advocate and support struggles around a particular issue like sex workers though they do not identify with that community themselves.Other names that describe men who identify with females are “Male feminists” and “pro-feminists”.Labels are however a personal choice and none of the above labels is more correct than the other.It is just a matter of what you believe and what you feel comfortable using.

How men can support women and feminism

Like the Texa’s men,all men in general can also take part and support women’s rights.There are many ways men can promote gender equality and support women.

First,as a man,its important to realize that you indeed have more advantages purely because of your biological sex.Men as a whole have been more privileged with more money,more rights,less domestic chores,not to forget getting to keep their name in marriage among others.Having understood that as a man you have certain advantages as a result of your sex,you can step up as an individual and help in the struggle for gender equality by taking some actions to highlight some of this privileges and make inequality that is base on sex or gender more visible.

Another way in which men can stand up and support gender equity is by speaking out actively when you hear or see a behavior which generally denigrates women.

Lastly,you can also support women’s rights by listening to women and respecting what they say. It is generally a good idea to listen and value what the women have to say,even though the discussion is based on a topic that women are traditionally excluded, for example car repair.


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