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Mexico, Why Should We Be Concerned?

Updated on April 26, 2011

Mexico is our southern neighbor. A neighbor is someone who has a profound effect on our daily lives. What they do and don’t do affects our neighborhood, North America. They, in all actuality, impact the property value of our continent. I very much admire Mexico and have a deep respect and love for her wonderful people, that are very much American, just like us.

Now that I have lost some readers for saying I respect Mexico, I will continue. I am not a fan of gated communities and in some ways consider The United States a large gated community. To be a good neighbor, one does not simply build a large wall pretending the problem of our neighbors is simply their problem. In the case of Mexico it is our problem.

The weapons used by the cartels in Mexico come from the money made from cocaine sold in the United States, our drug problem. The vast majority of weapons themselves used in Mexico come from the United States.

Mexico is full of an inherent corruption that is on a cultural level. Mexico can not simply solve their own problems, and is on a downward slide. The government of Mexico is slowly but surely losing it’s main resource of oil revenue. All hope seems to be lost.

Shut down the boarders and beef up security you say? That in my opinion solves nothing. Mexicans are resourceful and smart people that care for their families in a profound way. They care so much they are willing to risk their lives to cross the border no matter what and labor relentlessly in the United States. If you lived in squalor, not being able to drink safe water and provide for your family, you would do the same thing.

The United States does have a legal process to enter the country but it cost a fortune, in terms of a poor Mexican, to apply to be almost guaranteed denial of a visa. It is incredibly hard to get into the United States legally if you don’t own a house or have a business.

For the good of our continent we need Mexico to succeed. What is the answer to a successful Mexico? I believe there is an answer, a slow but sure answer, education. Education in Mexico. We need to start at the core of the problem and it starts with the youth of Mexico. To rid Mexico of corruption the youth must not learn to accept a society of corrupt officials.

But how can we, as citizens of the United States in any way support education in Mexico? Simply to lead by example.

1. Teach our children here in the United States to love and be concerned about their neighbors.

2. Talk with Mexicans that are here and learn about their culture and families.

3. Learn some friendly phrases in Spanish.

4. Go to Mexico, enjoy the beaches and wonderful people.

5. Realize we are both Americans, Mexico has cowboys and intellectuals, just like us!

6. Give up the ideas of a gated communities and interact with people on the other side of the wall.

7. Teach empathy.

Thanks for reading and I plan to keep writing on this subject so please, talk to your wonderful Mexican brothers. Viva Mexico!

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