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The Mob Boss Was Going to Take the 5th If Subpoenaed.

Updated on March 26, 2019

If there is justice, then the mob boss will be behind bars!

The mob boss was going to take the 5th if subpoenaed.

There are six questions from the Mueller that we must have answered:

1--Was the con man not proven guilty of obstruction solely because a POTUS can’t be indicted?

2--If Mueller didn’t have enough evidence of obstruction why wasn’t the con man subpoenaed?

3-- Did Barr quash Mueller’s effort?

4-- Why wasn’t Manafort giving Russian GRU agent, Konstantin Kilimnik internal polling data, in exchange for eliminating Russian sanctions, the ‘quid pro quo’ that proved Putin conspired with the con man to steal the 2016 election?

5—Will the GOP rue the day that Barr distributed his duplicitous press release that gave his boss a free pass for criminal activity?

6—Isn’t the con man’s threats of retribution against his investigators more evidence of the mob boss’ abuse of power and obstruction of justice?

1—Any US citizen, other than a POTUS, would have been proven guilty of obstruction!

Experts can’t understand why Barr offered his conclusion that the con man was not proven guilty of obstruction. Many think that Mueller simply followed the Justice Department 's guidelines that say a sitting president cannot be indicted.

Mueller stated he would not indict a sitting president, and so he was deferring this question to Congress, but Barr wanted to give his boss a victory, so he overruled Mueller, who also stated he couldn’t exonerate the con man.

Mueller makes hard decisions, but would not indict the con man--not could not. He had the evidence, but he didn’t want to make this decision because he believes in the chain of command and Mueller wanted to honor Barr’s extreme ‘unitary executive’ theory.

Barr's press release isn't the Mueller report!

2--If Mueller didn’t have enough evidence of obstruction why wasn’t the con man subpoenaed?

trump refused to be questioned in person and instead answered written questions. Mueller never subpoenaed him — an action that likely would have reached the Supreme Court and ended in an uncertain outcome. The mob boss has stacked the Supreme Court with cronies such as ‘Barto’ Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. We have precedence for a POTUS being subpoenaed with President Clinton being subpoenaed by Ken Starr in 1998 and Richard Nixon being subpoenaed in 1974 to force him to hand over tape recordings and other materials related to the Watergate scandal. Sadly, now we can’t have trust in our Supreme Court.

The mob boss has defiled many of our institutions including our Supreme Court.

Barr is a GOP operative!

3-- Did Barr quash Mueller’s efforts?

Barr is a GOP operative, and has been for unethical for generations! Barr supported pardons in an earlier GOP POTUS 'Witch Hunt': Iran-Contra. Do you think anyone in trump’s mob knew that Barr would do anything to further GOP power?

Barr auditioned for the role of AG. Barr expressed in a 2018 memo, that Mueller's obstruction investigation as "legally insupportable," adding that it should not be sanctioned by the Justice Department. Barr sent the memo to the Justice Department, trump's legal team, and lawyers representing other figures of interest in the Russia probe. Do you think anyone in trump’s mob got assurances from Barr that he would give the mob boss a pass?

Barr’s press release of the Mueller report said “There were "multiple offers" of Russian help to the Trump campaign.” Mueller, if left to his own discretion, would have subpoenaed the mob boss’ son, Donnie, who was in the trump tower meeting with Russians who had dirt on Hillary Clinton. Barr restricted him from doing this!

4-- Why wasn’t the Manafort Kilimnik ‘quid pro quo’ proof that Putin conspired with the con man to steal the 2016 election?

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is required for a conviction in a criminal case. That is the standard that Mueller attempted to reach, but with the experienced crooks in the trump mob, this was an impossible goal. Lawmakers aren’t bound by such a high standard of proof in their investigations, and may have another view on what Barr said was Mueller’s other main revelation -- that he “did not find that the mob boss’ campaign or anyone associated with it conspired with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Since hiring Guiliani as his mouthpiece, the mob boss and Guiliani acted in a manner that appealed solely to the con man’s low-information base. They knew Mueller would never reach the proof beyond a reasonable doubt standard, and only wanted to keep their low-information base angry about the alleged persecution of the con man.

5—Will the GOP rue the day that Barr distributed his duplicitous press release that gave his boss a free pass for criminal activity?

We can’t know until we see the full Mueller report, but if Barr acted as a political operative to help his mob boss by giving us a duplicitous press release, then we can’t believe anything from this administration! We need to combat this attempt to brainwash the country with propaganda!

Barr is a GOP operative. What hasn’t the mob boss lied about? The mob boss and Barr are betting the low-information 36% don’t even care about the facts of the full Mueller report! We can’t believe that our brothers don’t care about the truth. We didn’t give them much credit, but we won the 2018 midterm elections, despite the 36% trump base.

6—Isn’t the con man’s threats of retribution against his investigators more evidence of the mob boss’ abuse of power and obstruction of justice?

con man allies have raised the prospect of an investigation into the Justice Department and contend that the president was the victim of a "witch hunt," even though House Republicans spent months investigating similar questions and found no direct evidence the department's conduct was motivated by politics

trump attorney Giuliani said that both he and the POTUS would continue to hammer Democrats and reporters who promoted what they regard as a bogus conspiracy theory of a conspiracy with Russia.

The GOP, trump and senior White House aides, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), among other GOP operatives, clamored for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to quit the Intelligence Committee or even resign from Congress altogether, part of an intensifying campaign of revenge against Democrats who pursued and promoted allegations of collusion between trump and the Russian government.

This isn’t how a democracy thrives. The con man wants to turn us into a banana republic and his low-information will unwittingly accede to his demands!

The mob boss was going to take the 5th if subpoenaed.

The con man has been in 3,500 legal cases in U.S. federal courts and state court. Remember, the con man accused Hillary Clinton of being a mob boss because one of her staff took the 5th? “The mob takes the Fifth,” the con man said at an Iowa campaign rally in September 2016. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

trump’s lawyer, Cohen, admitted the con man ran a mob enterprise; consequentially he’s a mob boss. The con man has taken the 5th 97 times on adultery questions. Why wouldn’t he use it again as POTUS? If you review the con man’s history, then you conclude he’s guilty of conspiracy with Putin to steal the 2016 election, and obstruction of justice!


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