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My Tribute to Veterans Everywhere

Updated on March 14, 2022

Veterans Should Be Remembered Every Day!

A lot of my family were Veterans and I have the utmost respect for the people that fight for our Freedom. This page is dedicated to respecting those Veterans.

This house is a little crazy right now. My parents are watching a old war movie. Then they started to talk about family and those that served and those that are serving! My parents are 86 and 84, they've been telling a lot of stories lately, so I went and got the photo books. I have to edit this before I go on, since I posted this, both my parents have passed, I miss them both so much!

They also have grandchildren in the military and were so proud. They have so many memories to share and I thought about all the veterans and the sacrifices made and how people, literally, move on. So I decided to share a little of that rich war history with you in my tribute to veterans everywhere.

Our Veterans are only celebrated on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day every year. I think they should be celebrated every day! I've had many of my family members serve, all different branches of our Military, in all the wars. My Grandfather fought in World War I, my Father was in the Marines, WWII, my Aunt was in the Navy, my Brother and some neighbors got drafted to Vietnam. I had a cousin Harold, he lost his life for our Freedom. Sad as that is, we will always remember he died for our Freedom. Those unselfish acts from our soldiers should be appreciated.

The Vietnam Veterans were not recognized or celebrated. Their were no ticker tape parades for them. Instead they came home under a dark shroud, with no real recognition, no ticker tape parades or big Welcome Home parties. They were greeted by angry young people who had been taught, by the very people they had fought in Vietnam, that the veterans were bad and had no place in the society they were coming back to.

Seems unfair they would not be recognized for serving our Country just like any other Veterans. So support our Veteran's, all of them and wear a t shirt, wear hat or get a mug, put a bumper sticker on your car! However you want to support our Veterans just do it. Show your support, It means a lot to our Veteran's! I know I have a lot of pictures here, this is my way of showing tribute to the Veterans in my life. I hope you like the pictures, I had fun finding them and trying to make them look newer. I'm still trying to get a picture of My Aunt in her Navy blues and my Brother in his uniform.

On the other hand, did you ever consider when you shake a hand or show your support for our Veterans, that it would make them uncomfortable? Our 'Thank You' to veterans is welcomed, but not always comfortably received. This article made me take notice of what I was trying to convey here. This explains why Veterans may be uncomfortable when we just say Thank You. There is a great article with six veterans explaining how and why they feel uncomfortable but I couldn't get the rights to put it here.

Never Forget

My Grandpa In Uniform - He Was A Good Man

Here is my Grandpa all dressed up in his full uniform. I remember this man so well and so fondly. I knew my Grandpa loved me, I felt it and he showed it. It was a silent understanding. I could always invade his space and he just let me. You know those man spots, the garage and the basement, he always let me stay and bore him to death. He was a good man.

A Tribute To Veterans - Honor Them!

These are just a few gift ideas for your War Veterans. There are so many wars, if you don't see what you are looking for you can find more. This was just a start and to give you some ideas, I hope I have helped you realize the wide variety of gifts that are available.

My Dad In His Uniform - Such A Handsome Man!

I love this man! My Dad is now 88 years young and I'm so thankful, at the age of 88, I still have him. He can still drive, fix things around the house and climb up and down a ladder. He goes to meetings and goes out in service. He loves to get out, so I'm glad he still can.

American Eagle Mug Flag

Great Veteran Gift!

American Flag Eagle Mug

This is a great gift for any war Veteran. I show my respect every chance I get. The work that our Soldiers do to keep us safe and away from harm should never go unappreciated. With this mug you can Salute each morning with this patriotic mug with a design inside and out! A mug that any American would be proud to hold and display any place they want to.

Uncle Harold In Uniform - I Never Got To Meet Him

Here is my Uncle Harold in his full uniform. There really is nothing more handsome than a man in uniform!

Harold Warner Never Came Home - Newspaper Obituary For Harold

Obituray For Harold
Obituray For Harold

1369 Butternut

Detroit, Michigan

That is where we went to visit my Aunt Gladys in Detroit, she was my Dad's Aunt. She lived in a huge house with the fence so close to one side of her house we couldn't even walk through it. I wonder who lives there now, or even if the house is still there. I didn't spend a lot of time there, just the necessary holiday's. She had those creepy porcelain dolls with the eyes that opened and shut, all over her bed and we were NOT allowed to play with them or touch them. It was her son, Harold, that died. My Dad talks about Harold all the time.

Excerpt From Freedom OutPost - Thanks Tom!

Vietnam Veteran Honored By His Son
Vietnam Veteran Honored By His Son

Here is an excerpt from a post that really touched my heart, while I was doing some research.

Vietnam Veterans: Have We Forgotten?

The time he proudly wore his uniform just to be spat upon, or cursed just for wearing the uniform, that is a pain that is very hard for him to contain with just a smile, but he does because if he were called to defend his nation again he would do it regardless of his pain, injuries and problems. You see, that Vietnam veteran is I and I remember the days of my time where if I walked the streets of New York, I had to wear civilian clothes or be ridiculed for my service.

You can find the rest of this touching article about being a Vietnam Veteran at Freedom Outpost.Com and a huge Thank You Tom, for letting me use your story to get the message across to generations of people that don't know or understand what happened!

Thank A Veteran Hat

Respect Our Veterans!

Freedom Comes At A Cost! It's easy to take it for granted. Acrylic cap with embroidered crown and bill helps remind all to thank the veterans in our lives who contributed to the freedoms we enjoy today. Show some respect to a Veteran today!

Vietnam Veterans didn't get the war hero welcome home parades that other generations of war veterans received. Even though they still kept us safe and died for the USA, they came home under a cloud. The public showed no appreciation for these veterans at all.

Take The Poll - Join In The Conversation

Do you have Veterans in your family? Have you lost family a member to war? Please leave your story or a memory you'd like to share, please leave it here. I love to hear from you!

Are you a veteran family? Take the Poll and share with readers,

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Old Fashion American Icon

Handcrafted Tin Cups

Classic Tin Cup

If these tin cups could talk, what stories we would here! A story from soldiers resting from battles, early explorers and cowboys around their campfires. This tin cup is surely and American icon, taking us all back to those simpler days.Take a sip from this American icon, and travel back in time to those simpler days. These tin cups are proudly handcrafted right here in the USA.

If you can't find what you are looking for, make your own! They will handcraft your ideas and work with you on your project.

If you have taken the time to stop by, please leave your comments and opinions. Share your stories with other readers or just leave a name or what branch they served in. I love to hear from you!


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