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New World Disorder

Updated on November 18, 2020

Chaos Often Precedes (New) Order

Many people have heard about plans for a "New World Order". Few, however, seem to think about what is required to do so and what it really means.

I'm not yet sure what this lens will focus on most, but hope at least some of what I end up posting is of value to those interested in what to expect.

Please publicly post or contact me privately with any comments, questions, or concerns.

Recipe for National "Suicide"

Steps to Destroy a Nation - From Within

The United States is under attack - and is unlikely to survive (intact).

Many Americans are FINALLY beginning to realize that the I.O.U.S.A. has serious financial problems - and that the "national" debt is so out of control that the entire country and everyone in it (for generations to come) may end up being (property) "owned" by (foreign) bankers, "creditors", and "investors". The current "debt" CANNOT EVER be "repaid" - even if it were not increasing exponentially (from the accruing interest alone) on a daily basis. Any (remaining) illusion of individual or national "sovereignty" and "independence" is rapidly being "dispelled".

Each new Federal Reserve Bank Note printed reduces the "value" of the already worthless U.S. Dollar - and inflates the cost of everything people purchase with it. The U.S. national "debt ceiling" has been "raised" so far beyond an "appropriate credit limit" that "balancing the budget" (and any expectation of an "affordable cost of living") are practically impossible - especially without simultaneously increasing taxes, reducing wages, and eliminating almost all services.

The U.S. Dollar may (soon) lose its status as the global reserve currency - and fiat currency itself may be replaced by either some fractionally-backed (physical) "commodity" or reformatted from paper into a global government computer-based and controlled cyber credit system that eliminates all anonymous cash transactions and will require (someone else's) "authorization" (and "approval") for (personally identifiable and monitored) electronic transfers of funds.

U.S. (national) "news" media promote (through their proclivity for disseminating corporate-government misinformation, disinformation, and outright propaganda) three "Ministry of Truth" slogans in George Orwell's book "1984": "War is Peace", Freedom is Slavery", and "Ignorance is Strength".

The United States (military) is actively involved in multiple wars, insurrections, revolutions, uprisings, and "kinetic actions" around the world. War "against" anything tends to only increase it's presence, prevalence, and power - but seldom its popularity.The War on Drugs and Global War on Terror have cost more money, lives, and "freedom" than most people seem to comprehend. An ever greater cost is coming from a war that is not even called one.

Far more "insidious" and far less openly talked about (especially in public by politicians, or "the press") than concerns regarding what is currently happening in Muslim-dominated countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Lebanon, or Jordan, increasing conflicts between "Palestinians" and their "supporters" with Israel, the economic and social meltdown in Europe, extremely "hostile" (internal and foreign) policies by China and Russia, is the impact of illegal immigration and the "non-enforcement" of laws and policies along and inside of the United States' own southern border.

While the United States (and the rest of the world) has "benefited" enormously from those who came in the past, those arriving (illegally) today are likely to be the last to do so in what were once United States. The metaphor of a "melting pot" into which everyone "assimilates" has been replaced by the concept of a "patchwork quilt" - or at best, a "salad bowl".

"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" tends to not only mean "amnesty" for "illegal aliens" but also a redefining of "citizenship" and "residency" status for (hyphenated) "Americans" - and "entitlements" to (voting) "rights", (social) "services", and "responsibilities" (required in return).

No nation or society can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of competing languages, cultures, and world views. Individuals often benefit from fluency in two or more languages, perspectives, and paradigms; society as a whole does not. There are NO societies of bigamous bisexuals. The histories (and byproducts) of bilingual and bi-cultural societies that do not integrate and assimilate are filled with turmoil, tension, and tragedy.

Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, and Lebanon all face crises of national existence from minorities pressing for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed a ethnic rebellion, France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans,

Greece and Spain have always been more uneasy alliances than unified nations. Divisions along religious lines in India and Ireland resulted in the formation of new separate countries. The bloody internal ethnic "civil' wars following the collapse or overthrow of "unifying" (political) leadership in countries like the former Czechoslavakia, Soviet Union, Iraq, most South American, African, Asian, and "Middle Eastern" nations indicate that societal "diversity" is often more of a liability (to all) than an asset (to any).

What we resist, tends to persist. Resistance is probably futile. Some assimilation (and cross-"pollination" or "contamination") is inevitable between (and within) every "nation" as the result of contact - but "cohesiveness" is never the result of "compromise" and (the consistency of) "culture" is not merely a consensus between either competing or cooperating communities. Separate is never equal - and immigrants who are encouraged and allowed to value the languages, culture, and traditions of their "heritage" as much or more than those of the country to which they came can only further divide rather than unite those living in the new land. Most Americans today "hyphenate" themselves and others - choosing to "qualify" the "type" of American they are (and/or are not). An "African-American" would only be regarded as an "American" in Africa. The same is true for almost everything else "Americans" put in front of the (national) hyphen.

Rather than emphasizing similarities as Americans, many cultural subgroups are actively "enforcing" their differences. "Diversity" rather than "unity" is what seems to be now celebrated - with only tolerance and pluralism left to hold people together in a (failing) multiethnic multicultural experiment that encourages ethnic identity, dual citizenship, and divided loyalties.

Diversity is the rule rather than the exception in nature - as a way of increasing the odds of survival, perpetuation, and evolution of at least ONE variation (as the "fittest" or best "adapted"). Equality is a MYTH - allowing anyone to Make Yourself The Hero. But all possibilities are NOT the same - or of equal value. It may be "politically correct", but hierarchy, dominance, and a "pecking order" is also the rule rather than the exception in nature. Some are ALWAYS "more equal" than others - and not just on an "Animal Farm".

"Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid." ~ John Wayne

E. Pluribus Unum means From Many, One. It does NOT mean All For One and One For All. The emphasis is on minimizing the diversity of the Many and maximizing the unity of the One. Divide and conquer or unite and rule - united we stand; divided we fall.

Religious "freedom", "tolerance", and "separation" of church and state are considered key "values" of American culture (even when they are not practiced), but clearly some beliefs are more "compatible" than others. Surprisingly, Islam seems to have acquired an almost "most favored" religion status in where any reference to the irreconcilable conflict between Sharia (religious law) and western culture is deemed "racist". The non-integration of many Muslims into European societies is creating major social problems there that most Americans are seemingly not yet aware of (as beginning to emerge in the United States as well).

Any attempt to openly discuss, debate, or even draw (unwanted) attention to issues that inevitably will affect us all is often met with hostility and labels that attack the messenger to divert focus from the message - particularly regarding any mention of the undesirability of an essentially open border and allowing anyone who wants to enter the country.

It is important to question, challenge, and confront the consequences of the current cult of diversity if America is to survive - even as a Dream.


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