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Racism, Civil Servants, and Michael Jackson

Updated on January 10, 2016

Michael Jackson Then and Now!!!

Getting strange.
Getting strange.
Hard to explain these images to my nieces, nephews, and son.
Hard to explain these images to my nieces, nephews, and son.
This could be worse, it could be me with lots of money and a boat load of self hatred.
This could be worse, it could be me with lots of money and a boat load of self hatred.

Racism, Civil Servants, and Michael Jackson

Years ago -- the late '90s -- in Queens, three civil servants -- one police officer and two firefighters -- rode a parade float in black face. Michael Jackson walks around in white face -- surgically evolving since the 1980s -- on a regular basis. All four men show their contempt of Blacks.

The civil servants rode a float, throwing fried chicken and watermelon at a cheering crowd, and -- these employed protectors of civilians -- also dragged a black rag-doll behind the float, like, an infamous -- criminal case -- in Texas.

The press got a hold of a video, and every TV news station in New York seemed to have lead with it. The public was outraged, the mayor -- seemed -- outraged, and the -- offensive -- civil servants were fired. Hurray! you say? Not so fast, because these former civil servants sued to get their jobs back, and according to a judge their First Amendment rights were trampled on. In other words, they -- the one police officer and two firefighters -- have the right to express racist views when off duty and keep their job. Would anyone hire David Dukes as a New York firefighter or police officer? Should someone? Did the civil servants express their contempt for Blacks -- they would have to serve -- on their psychological exams, before getting hired -- as New York City Civil servants?

If the New York City police officer, who was convicted of sodomizing a black man, in a police precinct, had first pretended to sodomize a black rag-doll, while off duty, and it got out to the media, would people consider that freedom of speech? Or be concerned about what that officer might do to a real person, in the future, while on duty? A civil servant who shows pure contempt for blacks -- who, along with other races, he has to serve and protect -- should not be a civil servant.

Now, Michael Jackson. Well, his face is white, he was born Black, he was born in America where some founding fathers and presidents had slaves, and so laws were against Blacks at the formation of this Republic. In America, where light complexioned slaves were -- thought -- better than the darker complexioned slaves. America, where in the early part of the twentieth-century, young Black children -- some as young as five -- were placed in prison work camps on trumped-up charges. America, where, Black-American soldiers fought for freedoms of others in World War Ii, while Blacks were being lynched back home. America, where a young boy is beaten to deformity for a supposed infraction against a white woman. America, where a woman, refusing to get out of her seat on a bus for a white man, gets arrested, which started the Civil Rights Movement.

These events were before, around, and after the birth of Michael Jackson, the white-faced -- shamed of himself -- Black-American, who lived in a country where some civil servants -- and he -- proudly show contempt -- in his own way -- for Blacks' existence.

I wrote this essay several years ago. N.E. Wright

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Thank you.


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  • heyathere1000 profile image

    heyathere1000 4 years ago

    (CONT) Last but not least, MJ just married Debbie Rowe only because of the kids that would be born out of wedlock. Debbie was already 6 months pregnant when MJ and she married. As said before, MJ was a gentleman, and wouldn't never have children out of wedlock if he was in a relationship with a woman. But Debbie was nothing but a surrogate whom she actually begged to give MJ children, saying "Please let me do this for you, please!" "You need to be a daddy", etc. Debbie gave MJ children as a 'lovely gesture', a 'gift'. MJ did not ask Debbie for children, Debbie offered to help give MJ children. And of course he wouldn't let the offer down just because the kids were white. MJ loved all races. And MJ said he wanted to have two each of children of each continent.

    And the reason why Lisa Marie didn't have MJ's children, because MJ wanted children without sex, like he did with Debbie. It's no wonder why Lisa didn't want children with MJ, I wouldn't either. Lisa already had very young children of her own, who at the time were Riley Keough, age 6, and Benjamin Keough, age 1. And Lisa who was only 26 years old. Debbie was much older than Lisa when she decided to give MJ children, and Debbie never had children to take care of, it's no wonder she gave MJ children, lol.

    Also, if MJ can marry Debbie Rowe based not on love, what do you think he did with Lisa Marie Presley? lol. If MJ did it to Debbie he did it to Lisa too, lol. MJ marrying Debbie is only testament that MJ only married Lisa Marie to gain his good reputation. And MJ married both Lisa and Debbie for the exact same time, 2 years, lol, that should tell you something. When are you guys going to wake up, lol. I know all the ultimate secrets baby.

    MJ loved black women, that's why they were always in his music videos. And the love of MJ's life was Diana Ross. Just about all his love songs are about Diana Ross, one of them being 'Remember the Time', whom he dedicated it to in 1993.

    And the reason why MJ did not hang around many blacks, because the persona he put out for the public. Whites would accept him better if he were associated with whites. But that's not where his heart was, that's why he always had black women in his music videos, because that's who he really liked. MJ told the truth whenever it came to his work. He was a perfectionist, and saw it perfect to put in his videos the truth of his heart. I know the ultimate secrets baby. I'm not saying he didn't like white women, he liked all races, but it's most likely to prefer someone of your own race because that's what you're accustom to, not because you close out anyone who's not of your race.

    Also, MJ decide to choose a black women to help raise his gift given children, Grace. He could of easily had a Latino or white women help raise his children, but he purposely had a black women help raise his children. It's like he couldn't live without black people, lol. It's like he just had to have at least one black in his life. I know the secrets baby, lol.

    Another thing, many blacks today are 'ghetto', and wouldn't accept MJ because of his eccentricities, that's why MJ went where he would be accepted, whites. Whites accepted MJ regardless. Many blacks, not all, but the majority of them dislike you if you don't act like them. They call you square, etc. This is why MJ, including myself can't hang around blacks, simply because I act different and not what you call 'ghetto'. You see I understand MJ, because I experienced what he experience. Also, I'm a Virgo like MJ. TBOJ.

    MJ even left a black women in his Will, Diana Ross, to care for his children if anything happened to his mother. So please do not say MJ did not like black women, he loved black women, he just couldn't be around them because the white Hollywood industry and music industry wouldn't accept him as well if he were seen with blacks. And also because many blacks didn't accept MJ's eccentricities. Notice the black nanny that helped raise his children is not your typical black, she has a accent, and a different way of life than the typical black. Same with Conrad Murray, he too has an accent, and different way of life than the typical black. So it's not about race, it's about acceptance, and sharing the same values, etc. I know the ultimate secrets baby, lol.

    Yeah, I wrote almost half a book, lol, but that's what it takes when discussing a person like MJ who is so misunderstood and judged. Ha ha, I love you Michael.

  • heyathere1000 profile image

    heyathere1000 4 years ago

    (CONT) Go look it up, only Randy and Jermaine had non-black wives. Jackie, Tito, and Marlon all had nothing but black wives. Some say Tito's wife was not black b/c she was so light skinned, but she was indeed black. And as said before, Jermaine had a black wife first, Hazel Gordy. Black women can sometimes be a nag, not all, but most, and that's why black guys go to white girls, etc. And the only reason why Randy Jackson didn't have any black wives, b/c by him being the youngest, and by the time he wanted to get married, he followed what his brother Jermaine did, which was during the time Jermaine was married to a non-black, so he too married a non-black.

    And as for MJ not acknowledging dating Stephanie Mills, is because she was popular enough to acknowledge. MJ never acknowledge dating women who are not famous, or not as famous. Tatum O'Neil was very famous and popular. MJ said in his moonwalk book that he's dating many women, but didn't mention their names because we wouldn't know who they are anyway because they weren't famous, also because he respected their privacy.

    Let's be honest, no one hardly knows who Stephanie Mills is. I found out who she was in 2009, in relation to her being MJ's former girlfriend, lol. MJ acknowledge Diana Ross, and she's black. He couldn't even stop talking about her in his Moonwalk book, and in his private 'Glenda Calls', and even in his music, RTT, etc. So once again you fail, lol.

    And you're wrong about MJ's black women in his video getting less black, lol. The reason why MJ used light skinned Tatiana in his 'The Way You Make Me Feel' video, is b/c MJ was only trying to camouflage himself due to vitiligo. If you look at the BAD 25 documentary, one of the TWYMMF producers said Tatiana looked like a girl version on MJ. MJ purposely chose Tatiana to camouflage himself, so no one would notice his skin was getting lighter. Even though some knew MJ's skin was getting lighter, camouflaging lessened it. And that's why MJ didn't tour in the US for that very same reason, because people who attended the victory tour would notice his skin had lightened. And once his skin was complete, and turned completely white, there was no longer a need to hide, he start putting the regular black girls back in his videos like with Thriller.

    Also, in MJ's 'Liberian Girl' video, he used Beverly Johnson, a regular black girl in the video. But notice he allowed himself not to be in the video, but be the director away from people. He did this to hide his vitligo. To make is not noticeably. And notice at the very beginning of the video, it's in grey. I know the secrets baby, lol.

    And testament of what I'm saying is true, is due to the fact MJ made his 'In the Closet' video in sepia color, because of his vitiligo showing a lot with him being half clothed with that sleeveless T-shirt. Believe it or not, MJ was ashamed of his white skin. Notice he always ripped his shirt off when he was brown during concert, during the Victory Tour, and Bad tour, ad even in his 'Dirty Diana' video, but when he was white during the Dangerous video he never ripped his shirt off. The only time MJ ripped his shirt off during the Dangerous era was during that Panther dance at the end of the 'Black or White' video, which wasn't in the normal color, but is deep blue, where it looked like his skin was blue. And when he shown the least bit of skin in his video 'In the Closet', he made the video in sepia. The only time he shown his skin was in his YANA video, and he was in dire situation having to prove he was heterosexual. He'd do anything to bring his reputation back, lol.

    I know so much about the secrets of Michael, I scare myself sometimes, lol. It's the wisdom of God who gives me this knowledge, lol. I could write a book on MJ if wanted to, lol. So before you pass judgment 'uh', go do your research first, until then, just shut up.

  • heyathere1000 profile image

    heyathere1000 4 years ago

    'uh', 3rd comment down, you are an idiot. MJ did just get plastic surgery because his nose was big, it had nothing to do with race. He just simply got a nose job because he wanted to make his nose smaller. You said "having a huge nose is a common african trait. the fact that Joe was namecalling his own son for looking african is where the problem starts". That's not true. MJ had enough sense to know that just because he had a big nose it didn't mean all blacks had big noses. Even MJ's own father didn't have a nose like MJ, which is why Joe said "You didn't get that big nose from me". MJ said this about his black mother: "My mother is wonderful. To me she is perfection". MJ was a perfectionist, and to say his mother is perfection says a lot. MJ also gave a photo of his mother to his mother with the words written on the photo "You are so beautiful to me." written in 1978. MJ's mother of course was black. MJ loved his mother because she was the good looking parent, and I know he wish he gotten his looks from her, instead of from Joe's side. So that should tell you there that MJ didn't see all blacks having big noses, just because he did. MJ also admired Diana Ross's beauty, and she's black. MJ admired Whitney Houston's beauty, and she's black. Whitney Houston had one of the cutest little button noses I've ever seen when she was younger, that's why she was a model before a singer, and Jermaine Jackson, MJ's brother cheated on his wife Hazel Gordy with Whitney, because her beauty was to hard to ignore. Even MJ in 1991 had a short term affair with Whitney at Neverland,(not sexual, but just a date drinking, etc.) because Whitney's beauty was so great. All blacks do not have big noses, some of them have some of the smallest noses you ever seen, and Whitney Houston when she was younger was one of them. Diana Ross also had a cute nose that MJ tried to achieve with plastic surgery. Many people questioned if he was trying to look like Diana Ross. He even widen his eyes to get big eyes like Diana Ross. So what you say is absolute rubbish, lol. Besides, there's big noses in all races. Whites in Europe have very big noses, like the Germans, Turks, etc. How do you think they came up with the character 'Pinocchio'? Based on real life European features. The witch nose you see in 'Snow White' is based on real life European features. Of course Hollywood, American telelvison try to keep all their unappealing whites out of the public eye to hallucinate the minds, but they forgot they will show up somewhere where they least expect it. And I see these big nose whites in real life on the everyday bases, lol. Also Jews have very big noses, Indians have big nose, Mexicans, etc. There's big noses in every race. You've been watching to much TV based on how whites want you to see things.

    And to prove to you that MJ did not get plastic surgery to look more white, subtle and oblique, but very clear to understand to the wise like myself:

    "I can't help but pick up on some of the criticism leveled at me at times. Journalists seem willing to say anything to sell a paper. They say that I want to look more white. More white? What kind of statement is that? I didn't invent plastic surgery. It's been around for a long time. A lot of very fine, very nice people have had plastic surgery. ~ Michael Jackson.

    What MJ was saying is that when he went in to get plastic surgery, he did not chose what type of plastic he wanted, he just said I want my nose smaller, less wide, and the plastic surgery they gave MJ was a European nose, which is in MJ's case and most people's case who had a too wide of a nose, only option to make his nose any smaller. I mean how else would they make MJ's nose smaller? MJ had a wide nose, and the only way to make it any smaller was to narrow it down, which turned out to be in most cases of narrowing a wide nose, a European nose.

    And you said: "i know michael himself dealt with racism...he had to during those times. not winning those grammies for Off the Wall and being told that 'black artists don't sell magazines' by Rolling Stones probably had a lot to do with him striving so hard for approval from white people". Yes, MJ tried to appeal to a more white audience, but that had nothing to do with him wanted to look white, lol. MJ made the 'Beat-It' rock song, and that's when he was still black, which had nothing to do with looking white, lol. MJ sang "Can you Feel It', with lyrics which talked about racial equality, etc., and that was when he was still black, which again had nothing to do with looking white, lol. MJ broke down racial barriers with 'Billie Jean' being the first black music video played on MTV, which again was when he was black, and had absolutely nothing to do with looking white, lol. MJ also made 'We are the world', with lyrics about world peace and the world needing love as it's soultion, etc, which again was when MJ was black, and had absolutely nothing to do with trying to look white. MJ did not try to heal the world and earn racial equality through appearance, he did that with his music dimwit, lol. And MJ couldn't help that he got vitligo and lupus, and was purposely burned during that 1984 Pepsi set-up, *cough cough* I mean commercial. It's been confirmed in MJ's autopsy that he indeed had Vitiligo. So all of what you say about MJ is absolute tabloid trash.

    And for you information, of course MJ was proud that he had white fans screaming for him and saw it as a huge achievement as opposed to being screamed for by his own fans, because that mean he broke that racism against him between he and his white fans. That is a huge achievement. And you have to look at the whole statement. MJ said that the white media was angry that he had white fans fainting, crying, etc., for him, because the media wanted white fans not to like MJ and be racist against him. MJ wanted to break that racism toward him, and he did. It wasn't that it was so special and important that he had white fans, because whites are so important, it was all about breaking racial barriers, that what MJ was happy about. Happy about breaking that racism toward him. If he thought white women were so important, why weren't they in his music videos? All black women were. And you can't say that his music videos didn't mean anything because as soon as he got married he place Lisa Marie in his music video. His music videos meant a lot. It was his work he perfected in.

    And I hate to say this, but MJ used Lisa for his own selfish needs. MJ's reputation was priority to him. Lisa helped his reputation during the false allegations. I also believe MJ marrying Lisa was to send a message to all the Elvis fans who say Elvis is king, that he wasn't, and that he MJ was because he was able to marry his, Elvis's daughter, which makes Elvis pretty much nothing. I think MJ's first intentions with Lisa was to only do work with her like he did the Beatles, Paul McCartney, but sense the false allegations happened right in the middle of his plans, with all that time he had living alone came up with the idea to marry Lisa to save his reputation.

    Elvis was MJ's rival for years, and so was the Beatles. MJ would even often brag, "I broke the Beatles records, I broke Elvis's records, etc. If MJ could marry Debbie Rowe not based on love, what do you think he did with Lisa Marie? lol. Marrying Debbie is only testament that MJ also married Lisa not based on love. And he married them both for the exact same amount of time, two years, lol! That should tell you something. MJ never had sex with neither Lisa or Debbie. MJ stayed away for 6 months straight! are you kidding?, lol! MJ always did things indirectly to drive you to act first without him having to act, so again he looks like the good guy, when really he was the bad guy, lol.

    And actually only 2 of MJ's brothers married non-blacks, Jermaine and Randy. All the rest of the brothers had black wives. And even at first Jermaine had a black wife, Hazel Gordy. MJ said his brothers would be hurt and pick grass b/c they were hurt by their wives, (the black ones), that's why they went to non-blacks. We all know most black women can be a pain in the a** lol.

  • Craig Suits profile image

    Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida

    I got a flash for you Alex, Vitigo had nothing to do with his nose disapperaing or many of the other facial abnormalties he suffered. He was a good looking , decent kid once upon a time until fame and fortune reared its many ugly heads...

  • Dumbledore profile image

    This Old Guy 6 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

    I believe the public servants portrayed in your hub should absolutely not have been re-instated. Freedom of speech or not, portraying themselves as police officers on the float demonstrated that their oppinion was also that of the police department.

    Haven't heard from you in a while, how are you doing?

  • profile image

    uh 6 years ago

    interesting post. i have been an mj fan. a black one, for a long time, and it has been hard for me but i had to accept that he just didn't want to be black. didn't like being black. but i feel he has no excuse when people like obama still came out fine and still came out proud of who they are. michael's dislike for himself is too blatant. the autopsy report stated he had vitiligo though, so i'm not sure why he would lie about that. people think okay he was told his nose was bigger and he simply just made it small and they say it doesn't have to be race related, but it IS. having a huge nose is a common african trait. the fact that Joe was namecalling his own son for looking african is where the problem starts. i know michael himself dealt with racism...he had to during those times. not winning those grammies for Off the Wall and being told that 'black artists don't sell magazines' by Rolling Stones probably had a lot to do with him striving so hard for approval from white people. To me, that is the disgusting part...not even the fact that he had surgery to become more acceptable, but this obvious need to appeal to white people or rustle their feathers is what makes me lose respect for him more and more.

    First we all know he went with Brooke to the Grammies to get people talking. Openly interracial dating was still a big deal. The media was already havinga hard time dealing with this massively popular black man for the first time in modern history, a black man who was very sexual on stage and viewed as a sex symbol across America. He had white fans screaming for him (which he has emphasized as though that is something to be so proud about and obviously saw as a huge achievement as opposed to being screamed for by his own fans), and his album sold a rate that people had never seen PERIOD from a single artist much less a BLACK man. It's like he was insatiable, then you saw him hanging around all these white folks suddenly after Thriller. Even Janet said their relationship was not the same after Thriller but it could've just been siblings simply growing up and drifting apart. But when he dated Tatum O'Neal, he would talk about her constantly even to where an interviewer asked him if he liked any black women. He also asked photographers to take pics of him and Tate as if he wanted the white world to see hey, i've arrived. And i always find it weird that Stephanie Mills says they dated but you never hear Michael acknowledging her. I'm not sure why.

    The women in his videos obviously became 'less black' the bigger he became (with the exclusion of Naomi Campbell and of course You Rock My World because the marketing strategy was to become more approachable and he also came back to his black roots whenever the whites he so desperately sought no longer wanted him). Then of course he married two white women and people still speculate whether those kids were his. I think that was the last straw for people, the possibility that he, the first beloved black man around the world, hated himself and his blackness SO MUCH that he couldn't even stand to see a carbon copy of himself. I mean, what black man dyes his son's hair blond? (even with the bs reason that it was done because of some alleged kidnapping threats against his kids). The kids are a lot darker now than they used to be and even if they are his it still stands that he obviously didn't want to have children with a black woman and basically alienated his black fanbase. I guess as a black man he was glad he was no longer just limited to his black fanbase and was now accepted by the world but i think he alienated his own by doing so.

    Of course as a fan you try to let certain things go but then the pictures of Neverland came out and there's all this artwork of him being surrounded by white/nonblack children and it makes you wonder why. Why not just black children? What is wrong with being seen as a black icon? Years later when people find these things, they wont even recognize Michael as a black man and I think he felt that was something that held him back. I wish he was proud of it because there was a time when black people weren't accepted and when Thriller became big black people felt good about themselves. I know he was not obligated to be proud but it sure would've been nice. I also feel as if he didn't want full black children because maybe he felt the media wouldn't be kind to them. Now the media dots over his children gushing over Paris' 'electric blue eyes' and so forth and you know they wouldn't have done that if his kids were full black children they wouldn't even be on the news. Stuff like that, as a black person, makes it hard for me to respect him. He will still be the greatest performer but I just have no respect for someone who clearly did not see black as beautiful or even worth it. I say he has no excuse because you look at somoene like Obama who is half white but clearly proud of who he is as a black man. The reason why Michael disappoints me is because I know many black men who will date anything that is not black (just like his brothers. that whole famiy is a sorry mess)

    sorry for the rant.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 6 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi Bill,

    This article was written almost a decade ago. I had an essay I had to write for one of my last writing assignments for my grammar course, and I needed to read some current event.

    The final conclusion to the well known New York incident caught my attention, my anger, and my disgust. You can catch all of that in my article. LOL.

    Those civil servants do not call themselves racist. They call themselves decent human beings, and they call Black and Hispanics animals.

    Our civil disobedient reactions get people like those civil servants fired. Even if it is temporary. I am way cool with that. LOL.

    I have not a clue what it is like to live in the deep south. What I do know is that most of my relatives seemed to have escaped the deep south during the great migration of the '30s and '40s.

    They never spoke about any of the real details. Most of us younger children believed they came up to New York for work. Sure that was partly true, but the very next day after my great grandfather was found dead in front of his gate? What happened to their farm? Please. LOL.

    My 92 year old Great Aunt will not tell even her children the truth about why they came up to the North from the South.

    One of her daughters found out that my Great Uncle -- her father -- was marked to be killed by a group of white men for being interested in -- or with -- a white woman. Was it true? We have not a clue. We just know that our elders did not come to New York freely.

    There would be no Civil Rights Bill if people did not fight racism. I would hate to think what would happen if people just let things be, because no one stood up to racism.

    At the same time I do hear where you are coming from. Give them notice and they feed off of it. That actually is true, but today, most do not want their employers or clients know they are racists. They do have to get paid. LOL.

    I so appreciate your comments.

    Thanks so much.

    Take Care,


  • bill yon profile image

    bill yon 6 years ago from sourcewall

    Baby I am from the deep south. If you let racism get to you then you have already lost the battle. Let the racist hate it is their right, when you acknowledge the racism in front of racist that is their pay off. They need the reaction to feed on. As a black man growing up in the south I have experienced racism like you would not believe. Racist want to insite a reaction if you ignore them then you rob them of their pay-off. Do not spend your time worried about racist history will judge them and in the end they will be seen as monsters.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 6 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Hummingbird5356,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    You know, I am so with you about that officer. There were two firefighters also. New York has had hidden racism, but that was way too much in front of everyone. Oh, and the Mayor was Rudolph Giuliani.

    Oh, I had a crush on Michael Jackson when I was a child. LOL. He was cute. LOL. Yeah, he became a freak. Sad to say.

    You know your comments tell me you would be interested in my article "Loving Your Dark Complexioned Self".

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • Hummingbird5356 profile image

    Hummingbird5356 6 years ago

    This is a good hub. What those officers did is an offense, it is inciting to hatred, which causes violence.

    There are many people who are not happy with their skin colour. White people want a brown tan and black people often want to be white. We should be happy with the skin we are born in.

    By the way, before Michael Jackson started all his cosmetic surgery to change his colour and his face he was a good looking boy. He became a freak.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hey Roshall,

    I hear ya.

    Most of us have nice memories of Michael Jackson. I had a crush of him. LOL.

    Once after my parents took me for my sleep away camp physical in Manhattan, they were going to take me to see the Jackson Five, but they were on break. It was a surprise for me. Unfortunately, there were no performances until later in the afternoon. They were on lunch break. LOL.

    I was just happy they were thinking about surprising when it. It was not my birthday. LOL. They just knew I loved the Jackson Five.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Take Care,


  • roshall profile image

    roshall 7 years ago from Ohio


  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi ChristineMargaret,

    I love your approach with your stepson. LOL. It is great.

    It is unfortunate that your family has to go through stupid bull crap still this day and age. I am just tired of it.

    I wish you and your family well though. Your stepson sounds sweet.

    Take Care,


  • ChristineMargaret profile image

    ChristineMargaret 7 years ago from Rapid City, SD

    Thanks for the article--I know more about racism now than I ever thought I would- I am white and still in an interracial marriage. I know what you mean about not talking about it to your child so early. I waited to discuss it with my stepson, too. When he was about 5 he asked why everyone looked at us when we were together. I told him maybe people thought we were cute. He was very cute!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi Alexander,

    You were very thought provoking, and I love it. LOL.

    Oh, yeah, Clinton's law license was suspended for 5 years ... and he had to pay a $25,000.00 fine to Arkansas bar officials. Not to mention he gave up any legal claim for repayment of his legal fee. Which is the real reason behind his first -- tomb. LOL. -- book.

    He received millions in advance monies for his book, and it was a best seller.

    Also, most people love Clinton, but do not respect his lack of self control, which is why most Democrat Law Makers were not comfortable with back Hilary. They did not want to go through Bill's antics again. LOL.

    Well, thanks again for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • Alexander Mark profile image

    Alexander Silvius 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

    I hope I wasn't too provoking, but thanks for your kind return comments.

    I did not know that Clinton was punished. If he was, then I can certainly live with that ;-) I am ignorant of what happened as a result of the actions taken against him, so thank you, I will have to get myself educated on that a little more.

    Thanks for such a stimulating topic!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Alexander,

    Sorry I took so long to get back to you on this comment ....

    Interesting, most Caucasians I have ever spoken to believed Michael had a skin disease. I am with you. I really do not believe it was a skin disease he had.

    That police officer, and those firefighters were shameful, and caught on tape. It might be on You-tube.

    Listen, I do not judge President Clinton for lying about cheating. No, I have never done it before, but I have a funny feeling I would not tell the truth. LOL. I know in my heart he was wrong. Too self absorbed.

    Still, Clinton lied about cheating on his wife not selling drugs. LOL. He should have lost his law license as he did. He should have been disgraced as he was, but not get kicked out of office for lying.

    Though I understand where you are coming from. My baby brother would not even vote for him, because he did not truth him to keep it in his pants. LOL.

    Still, being under oath and lying is the problem which is why I believe the punishments he received -- and the fines -- were fitting. Impeachment though? No. That is over kill to me.

    It must be nice not to deal with racism in your area. It sounds like my baby brother's area. My mother was there for a week and she loved it.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad.

    We all end up having some type of guilt from our youth dealing with race, and it usually has nothing do with anything we did wrong. LOL.

    Thank you so much for your ... provoking comments.

    Take Care,


  • Alexander Mark profile image

    Alexander Silvius 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

    Wow, I'm glad I visited this hub! I feel too that Michael Jackson hated being black, and people can tell me all day long he had that skin disease that turns dark skin to white, but with all the surgery he's had, I don't believe it. His is a sad story. His father hated him, mistreated him growing up, which is probably the root of Michael's problems - add to that the burden of enduring racism, and it is possible to see how that affected his life so negatively.

    The story about the police officers and firefighter is beyond belief. Your reasoning is exactly right, what about the people they serve, some of whom they have shown an absolute hatred for? This is why Clinton should have been kicked out of office - he represented millions of people, most of whom are against adultery.

    As far as racism goes, it certainly does exist, but I have seen plenty of successful black people here in California. In my neighborhood, I notice a lot of black people who moved out of bad areas in the city so they could live a normal life. I am thankful that I do not see racism around me.

    Growing up, my dad was racist and at school I learned white guilt so I'm all messed up ;-)

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi Teresa8go,

    When my siblings and I were children my father worked hard on teaching us not to be bigots .... Believe me that was hard to do in the late '60s, and '70s. LOL.

    I am proud of not being a sorry ... bigot. Sorry you had to experience bigotry from silly human beings.

    Most Blacks do have issues about complexion, it has to do with Slavery .... I know people hate hearing that, but it is so true. You seem to know that. I respect that.

    Speaking about that subject, I actually wrote a Hub called Loving Your Dark Complexioned Self. LOL. The reaction to it was pretty cool. Some of other races told me about the hatred within their cultures. That shocked me.

    You were not blind. You were a child. LOL. If your town did not have a lot of Blacks -- if any -- in your area why would your parents need to talk about them? They would not so you would not see how they really felt about Blacks. Out of sight out of mind. LOL. Right? LOL.

    Wow, the story you shared about your Cyber Mom is so sad.

    Lucky for her she has you. She cannot be herself with no one else from either race? Wow.

    Still, she has to know that those so-called friends are not her friends.

    At the same time I am saying that. I really do not know what it feels like to look one way when you were born another way and the only people befriending you usually do not like people of your race. It must be weird for her, and hard on the self esteem? That bothers me, and I really feel for her.

    The hatred of President Obama scares me. It reminds me of why my Mother really did not want to vote for him in the Primary. She was for Hilary, and when we pressed her on it she finally said, "They are going to kill him."

    My siblings and I were stunned into silence. The judgment was over. I do not know why we did not think about it that way, but we did not. Worse, my Mother looked sad and ashamed, as if she were thinking about her two sons with her at our family gathering.

    Yeah, I am with you on wishful thinking when it comes to racism magically going away here in America. It would be nice for my Mother and Father to experience it also.

    I really love your sharing some of your ... info. thank you so much.

    Take Care,


  • teresa8go profile image

    teresa8go 7 years ago from Michigan, USA

    N.E. this is a great hub! Racism is something that has always confused me. I just don't understand it! I mean I know it's out there and I have been affected by it, in a very small way, as a white women by a few racist African Americans. And then there is the racism within the African American community about a person's skin being too light or too dark. Even though I know the reason's behind it..... I'm so confused!

    I just don't understand what the color of a person's skin has to with whether or not they are a good person. And that's all I care about. It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I found out my parents were racists. They were raised in Kentucky where it is common. But they kept it hidden from us kids as much as possible. Either that or I was just blind to it.

    My cyber-mom has vitaligo and lives in a mostly white community. She's told me of how racist her lady friends are and how they hate Obama. They think she's white and if they found out she was really black she'd be all alone with no friends at all because the black people in her area see the color of her skin and don't want anything to do with her either. It's so sad!

    You are right about how civil servants shouldn't be racists. It would affect the way they did their job and how they related to the people they served.

    I pray that someday it will magically go away!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hey Amymarie_5,

    Years ago Latoya Jackson, Michael's sister said that Michael would order cases and cases of skin cream lighter and have them delivered to their home.

    Using skin cream lighter for your skin for longer than recommended can end up damaging it. I learned that from one of my sister's childhood friends.

    As a young girl her friend was very dark -- as my family is and was -- but she was an only child and when people made fun of her she really did not have any great advice given to her on how to handle it. She started self hating.

    Eventually she began using the cream, but she used it for what seemed like a year or so. She ended up damaging her skin. It became splotches of white and pick. It looked bad. Now she uses Mocha foundation make-up for her face to even the tone with her natural skin complexion. It is sad.

    My problem with racist who are hired to protect and to serve all people is that they really should not have become firefighters or police officers. What are they thinking? Not about all of the people they are going to have to protect.

    Most of them work in the inner cities, and live in the suburbs. I once heard two firefighters speaking to these two Hispanic females and they asked them questions like, "How many kids you have? 10? How old are you? 20?" I just walked pass them all in disgust. I was more upset with the young women. How come they did not see they were being demeaned? It upsetted me.

    It just does not make any sense to me that people would become civil servants yet have such low views of their fellow human beings no matter what their races are. It really ticks me off.

    The KKK has to be so happy so many people are showing contempt for President Obama and joining their groups in record numbers. Still, their hate does not make any sense to me.

    What I am happy about is that it is a lot better than I would have ever thought it could be. Also, in my lifetime I never thought we would have a Black President. I just still cannot believe it.


    LOL. Kim, KKK, I caught it. LOL.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • amymarie_5 profile image

    amymarie_5 7 years ago from Chicago IL

    KKK,not Kim... lol, darn spell check...

  • amymarie_5 profile image

    amymarie_5 7 years ago from Chicago IL

    Okay so let's say for a moment that Michael jackson suffered from vitiligo. That does not change the shape of your nose, eyes, lips, cheeks and all 'the other parts if his identity he tried to destroy. Thinking of Michael Jackson always breaks my heart. When I was a child we were all in love with him. Did he hate being black? It looked that way to most people. He's a sobering example of how racism can turn into self hatred. Even for someone who was as loved as Michael Jackson.

    And as for those firefighters and policeman, I have to just say how tired I am of people twisting the first amendment and using it as a weapon to spew hate. The Kim has been doing this for years as well. I think our government needs to make another amendment excluding people who use the first amendment to attack, insult and belittling people. This is called hate speech, not free speech.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Pmccray, I hope you do not have that skin disease. I believe one of my nieces and her mother has it. It is sad.

    Still, I am with you about Michael Jackson, I was ashamed. My parents also.

    The problem with slavery is it truly had no race in the middle ages. In Europe slavers stole white women, and children all the time. It was what they did.

    Race and slavery seems to be an American thing brought here by Europeans.

    I wish I could blame the judge about his decision, but I cannot. I blame the mayor. Most people call him America's Mayor. Please.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

    I'm not sure if MJ really had a skin condition, I think I suffer from the same skin abnormality, but unsure.

    Anyway when he lighten himself all over I felt as an, older black woman living in this nation, embarrassed that he hated himself that much.

    As for the hideous action of the city employees shown above this is deplorable and any judge that will call their actions trampling of their rights is a racist. Our people were kidnapped, families torn apart, our heritage ripped from us. Our ancestors were beaten, mutilated and whipped in an effort to bend them into submission.

    After "freedom" from slavery we were hung, raped, mutilated and killed without any seeking justice for a life taken. We had done nothing to anyone, all this done simply because we exist.

    We are not thinned skinned and because racism is still practiced and exists in the US there's not a damn thing funny about stereotypes.

    I tell most racist that if their forefathers had not been so lazy NO MINORITIES would be here. Stomping on this type of stereotypes is the only way to get our point across. We seek not tolerance, but demand respect.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello Anjili,

    I thank you for following me, and I appreciate your praises.

    I am conflicted when it comes to Michael Jackson, because I grew up loving his music.

    My parents were going to take me to see them perform in Manhattan once, but the group just went on break, and my parents and I had to get back to Queens for my other siblings who were in school. I was seven years old.

    When his complexion became lighter most Blacks that I knew where offended.

    Still, he did seem like a good father.

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Take Care,


  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 7 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi N.E.

    Thanx for the follow. I like your hub which was well done and revealing about the rock icon. I believe in being proud of what God gave us coz he knows best why we look like we do. Happy New Year and good hubbing

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Oh, Valentine, I am sorry I assumed you were just going out, and not that you two were married.

    I am happy to hear you two were married for nearly twelve years and sad to hear about the crap you two have to go through.

    Please let me know where your other work is so I can read it.

    You know, I read a woman mentioned before that she did not think racism was really around anymore until she started dating a Black man. Suddenly they get it from both sides. It became worse when they married.

    I am so ... tired of ... people. Profanity is screaming through my head. LOL. I am just trying to be nice.

    We all need to stick up for one another when it comes to this racist crap, because I do not see how else we can stop it.

    Still, you are right, people really have too many layers of delusion. I kind of got that from some comments I have read from another Hub.

    The commenter was a complete racist, and he is not a fellow Hubber. The Hubber, was a little worse than Switzerland. He reminded me of one of my professors ....

    I have to take my son to his school bus soon, but I really hope to keep in touch.


  • Valentine Logar profile image

    Valentine Logar 7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

    NE - I don't date him, he is my husband and has been for nearly 12 years!

    We knew what we were getting into. It is difficult sometimes and as I have said I abhor racism, partly because it represents such ignorance but mostly because it strips all of us of our humanity. I have written about racism in other forums and even battled racist more frequently than I care to think about, you cannot really get through layers of delusion though.

    Many people believe because of my history I should harbor prejudice and fear (the basis of racism). I do not because I was raised to use my heart and mind. What I harbor is the deep hope that someday we will banish ignorance.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hi Valentine,

    I thank you so much for your wonderful praises.

    I am sorry to hear that you confront racism just because of who you date. Please be careful. Some racist really do believe they are sickly on the right side of God.

    I became friendly with this young student at Columbia University about twenty years ago when I was a young campus security officer in his dorm.

    He started talking to me about the break up between him and his ex-girlfriend who happened to be Black. He said he was tired of young black men always wanting to fight him whenever they went out because he was white dating a black girl.

    I did not judge him, because I remembered being a young -- craven 12 year old -- girl liking a young Irish boy who liked me, but I did not want people to think I hated being Black .... So, when I was informed that he was going to ask me out I said something shameful about never dating a white boy. I must say I am still ashamed of myself for that.

    I know my friend and the guy who told me this were rightfully disgusted with me. They said nothing they just expressed silent shame of me.

    On YouTube there is a video In memory of Marine Sgt. Jan Powel Pietrzak, and his wife Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak. They were murdered for his being married to her, a Black woman, by four Black fellow Marines. I never ever heard of this story until I was doing research ....

    Again, please be careful, because you seem to be brave and proud. I wish I had your strength when I was younger.

    Take Care,


  • Valentine Logar profile image

    Valentine Logar 7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

    N.E. Very nicely done. Funny, this is the first one I read of yours, I found it well written, introspective and somewhat sad too.

    Racism is an issue I confront constantly. Oddly in part because of where I live (Texas) in part because of the type of volunteer work I do (Victim Impact) and in part because I am one half of a mixed race couple. I use to be able to laugh the ignorance of other people off, no longer. Ignorance of this magnitude should not be ignored as it has such catastrophic impact on us as a nation.

    I look forward to reading others of your Hubs as I have time.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    I am still not comfortable with that, but you reminded me of how comforting it was for me when a young couple --who happened to be White -- smiled at me and applauded the completion of my music report.

    See there were about three of our fellow classmates who showed total disrespect to me for having the nerve to attend a Rock and Roll class -- in college -- while being Black.

    Still, they were great towards me -- not at all --until the day of our presentations. I listened to their presentations with respect.

    Still, they made sure I knew that they thought Eric Clapton, the Stones, and etc. really did not need to listen to Black Musicans to be who they were. Yes, they lied to themselves. LOL.

    Still, I listened to these bigots and clapped when they were finished, because they were informative -- in a racist sort of way. LOL.

    I was the last one up and they just looked around, talked to one another and ignored me. I was angry, and looked at my professor for silent help. He just smiled at me and ignored their disrespect of me. That pissed me more, but I continued reading. To be honest it was that couples' silent support which kept me going on. From time to time they looked at those bigots with disgust, and turn back to me and smile.

    When I was finished only the professor -- jerk -- and the couple clapped for me.

    When the class was over they apologized to me as if they did something wrong. My anger melted away.

    I thank you for reminding me of that.

    Too bad any of us have to go through dumb-ass crap, but that is life.

    I thank you so much for your kind words.

    You make me smile.

    Take care, N.E.

  • calpol25 profile image

    Callum 7 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

    Your very welcome and thank you, that act of kindness you showed your friend in school, is something to be really proud of.

    I understand why it would hurt you, that he asked that but it shows that we are united if more people would stand up against this, like you did.

    Bless you N.E

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Calpol25, I appreciate your comments.

    I really do not understand why most people in all countries do not see Gay Rights as a Civil Right?

    If you deny someone normal civil liberies you are taking away someone's right. Where is the freedom?

    I remember a friend in high school who seemed gay, but never said he was.

    Our Bookkeeping teacher actually made fun of him for being gay. Some students laughed, a few of us females --that happened to all be Black -- did not.

    He actually thanked me for being nice to him by smiling at him after looking at our teacher with shock. He thanked me for not making fun of him. That hurt. What was I supposed to do make fun of him? I guess he thought yes.

    I did not know about how terrible gays were treated by cops until I saw MILK earlier this year. Sad but true.

    I really thank you for sharing your comments.

    Take care, N.E.

  • calpol25 profile image

    Callum 7 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

    Such a great hub N.E!!!

    I too have had persecution for years,Here in Northern Britain, when people find out your gay some are okay with it but you do get those who try to make it hard for you.

    They would kill us and sometimes they do, because we are not the same as they are, but you know something this hub shows that you should be proud of who you are and stand united against racism in every country.

    Great Hub, I salute you N.E :)

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY


    It was Martin Luther King Jr's way that got us the Civil Right's Bill here in the U.S.. That and President Johnson's signing the Bill.

    Dogs, and water hoes turned on peaceful Marchers. Still, the militants made most of us proud, because they did not turn the other cheek. LOL.

    I did not know that 'Rap'Brown, Huey Newton, Angela Davis, and others were demonished in the U.K. as they were here.

    Though I must admit all I ever wanted was to have an Angela Davis Afro. LOL.

    Thank you for your comments.


    Giselle Maine,

    Thank you. Most have not pick up on that small bit of humor, but I have as I stated, nieces, nephews, and a son so I cannot state things to them in a mean way. I have to be careful.

    Micheal's looks saddens me.

    Thank you so much for your comments.



    Everything about Micheal's childhood depresses me completely. If you believe Latoya's book from the '80s all of sister and she were raped by their father and their mother knew it.

    Still, if you ever listen to professionals who worked with incest victims all children of both genders are usually raped within the family.

    Who knows the real horrors those siblings went through.

    With race, my biggest fear is when I will have to explain racism to my now 7 year old son. So far so good. LOL.

    My younger brother was in the army in the '80s. My other younger siblings and I were concerned about how he was treated for being Black. He said, "Hey, I was treated cool until they found out I was a New Yorker." We laughed so hard. Against region not Race cool. LOL.

    I thank you so much for your comments, and your service to this country!!!

  • vietnamvet68 profile image

    vietnamvet68 7 years ago from New York State

    Racism is such a foul word and still to this day it runs wild in this country.I begin to think we have taken 2 steps back for every one forward anymore. I seen it up close in the 60's when I was in the service and still see it today. Unfortinuately it still remains until God cleanses the earth and then we can all have a peaceful life together.This was a great essay you wrote and I could go on and on on the subject matter. I was raised in Indiana close to where Michael Jackson lived and seen him sing when he was just a young boy. He was a great singer but he also had a terible childhood at home the way he was treated by his own father

  • profile image

    Giselle Maine 7 years ago

    A clear and well thought out hub. Yeah, the Michael Jackson images are disturbing. (Your first caption is hilarious by the way! - I love the way you put humor into your hubs here and there!)

  • Meadows_Lad profile image

    Meadows_Lad 7 years ago

    A very restrained and reasoned article given the story which prompted it and which I had not heard. I remember when I was a young lad back in the sixties seeing news from the Civil Rights struggle on Television. I couldn't believe some of the stories and they made a lasting impression on me. One of the things that strikes me now is how leaders such as 'Rap' Brown, Huey Newton, Angela Davis and others were demonised even here in the UK.

    Much progress has been made due in part to those brave men and women, but there is still a way to go and people like that are needed to help complete the journey, and not just in the US

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hello China Man,

    I thank you for your kind words.

    As I commented earlier, I wish I did not know about this subject, but I do.

    My fear, seriously, is what my son will experience.

  • profile image

    china man 7 years ago

    Power to you - nicely thought through writing. The harm that racism does to everyone involved is almost beyond belief and understanding. Keep these ocming :)

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Wow, I did not know that Tom.

    I tell you, though, I thank God for my father. My siblings and I would be total bigots if it were not for him. Going through being called the "N" word just, because you are walking past someone's home to get to your home. Or being called the "N" word, while visiting Great Adventure when you are all of 14 years old.

    My father loves this country, and he did not teach us to hate our Black selves, but he taught us that not everyone in any race are the same.

    He would love what you had mentioned about Medals of Honor. His father -- I believe -- was in World War One.

    Thanks for your kind words, and thanks again for sharing this information.

    I cannot wait to tell my father.

  • justom profile image

    justom 7 years ago from 41042

    N.E. I love this one. I've been fighting this crap my whole life. I ran across something a while back that made me go hum...Of the 3,463 Medals of Honor awarded as of April 2007[update], 88 have been awarded to 87 different African American recipients.[1] Robert Augustus Sweeney is one of only 19 men, and the only African American, to be awarded two Medals of Honor.[2] Seems the hero's were of a similar color. Well what do you know?

    Peace!!! Tom

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Wow, ahorseback, what you are saying is true.

    I do believe not all parents agree with prejudice, but do they teach that acting like Archie Bunker is not funny in real life?

    Well, my father did .... We could not get away with calling anyone out of their name or race.

    I am not comfortable with how some of us of all races seem to have no problem with hating a different race or religion a season.

    We will all do better with letting our children know -- out loud -- that we will not accept prejudice from them in any form.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts.

  • ahorseback profile image

    ahorseback 7 years ago

    Hello N.E. ,The saddest part of even good parenting is the passive continuation of prejudices , and not just racial but the "them and us ", mentality of poverty against well to do, biased against ethnicities or cultural differences. We as a nation fail in or fear mongering ways by not teaching our children to be open minded enough to see the person within first . And the visual differences last. We would teach them so much more by teaching them to look 'within'.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Hey, Ghost, I am laughing and nodding my head at the same time.

    You are correct, and again funny while speaking the truth. My big deal about life is choice.

    That really is what America is about in my opinion.

  • profile image

    Ghost32 7 years ago

    Masood, we are not about to throw out Moslems...or B'Hai...or Hindus...or people of any other faith. It has nothing to do with naivete, either, but with the defining principle of religious freedom on which our nation was founded.

    That said, if you are referring to what has become commonly known as the "Ground Zero Mosque" in New York, we--as a people--are not about to deny the Imam's RIGHT to build the mosque in any way, shape, or form. Our constitution makes his right to build it crystal clear. Rather, those who are against it being built precisely WHERE it is being built are questioning (a) the sincerity of the Imam when he describes himself as one who wishes to bridge with other religions, (b) the overall sensitivity (or lack of same) shown by choosing that location, and (c) clear indications that the Imam is more radical than he admits.

    None of this has anything to do with his legal right to build.

    Now, to un-hijack this hub and get back to the topic of racism (not religionism, to coin a word): N.E. Wright, I'm a hardcore fiscal conservative, defender of the Second Amendment, and generally a to-the-political-death opponent of Progressives and/or Liberals and Big Government in general. As you know!

    But socially? That's another matter. I'm mostly pro-choice (though not a big fan of partial-birth abortion and not in favor of using federal funds to pay for abortions).

    And I've been fighting racism since I was ten years old, standing in a mouthfight against several grown men in our local (Montana) barber shop. (Not that they were impressed.)

    Okay, done said all that to say all this: During my time in the U.S. Army, I ran an "unofficial racism survey", questioning any man I could about their attitudes on race. At the time--1964-65--my findings came out as follows:

    Of every 100 people (young adult males, any and all races), 97 admitted having at least some negative "attitude" toward folks who didn't look like them while 3 appeared--on the surface, at least--to be "clean of the taint".

    The mere fact that America could (and obviously did) elect a President sired by an African father makes it clear those percentages no longer apply, and that's good. But I seriously doubt racism will ever vanish from our midst. It can be a sneaky bugger.

  • profile image

    Masood 7 years ago

    Please don't let your damned government to build a f... mosque.Are you crazy Americans? The hell with you who have chosen this government who supports Islam only for the benefit of a handful of rich. Be yourself! Be American (not racist though).Defend your country. It is a shame for you that an Iranian (I am from Iran) tells you what to do. The hell with Islam. Just throw out Moslems and rebuild your country. don't be naïve....

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Thanks all of you for your kind words.

    I really do not know if Michael Jackson hated his Black self I just know that most Blacks believed it, because his skin was lighter than it was when he was a youth.

    Too many groups had gone through discrimination and abuse in this country. I am upset by what is going on in regards to hispanics and Muslims now.

    Still, when all is said and done I LOVE AMERICA. We just need to be cool to one another.

  • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

    Anna Marie Bowman 7 years ago from Florida

    Excellent essay! Very well written. On the issue of vitaligo; I know someone with the skin condition. She has lighter, discolored patches on her face, which she hides under make-up. I can understand where, lacking an alternative (such as a cream to darken the light patches), someone would opt to lighten the rest of the skin to match the lighter patches. As far as Michael Jackson having the condition, I cannot say.

    In regards to the rest of the essay...sadly, there are many shameful chapters in this country's history. My great-great grandparents emigrated from Ireland in the late 1800's. They saw their own share of discrimination and abuse. Young Irish children forced to work in dye factories, being beaten and abused, sometimes to the point of death. I can never compare that to the treatment of blacks in this country, just another footnote in the disparaging history of horrible treatment of those that are different. Thank you for this! Excellent!

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY


    Thank you for your kind words.

    I actually hate that I know enough to write a story like this.

    My son requested I read this story to him. I refused nicely. Too much explaining for a six year old. He is sitting next to me playing his Game Boy. I want him to stay innocent a little longer from racism....

    I just do not know what to think about Michael Jackson's feelings about himself, but I know that most people including myself was bothered when he appeared fair-complexioned suddenly to the public.

    I secretly thank God I did not have money. Who knows what I would have done? I am just being honest.

  • donotfear profile image

    donotfear 7 years ago from The Boondocks

    This a very deeply disturbing subject. I'm glad you wrote about it. Human behavior can be quite apalling.

    I will say that Michael Jackson had the skin condition called, I think, vitigo (?). When his skin began lightening in some places & staying dark in others looking spotty, he attempted to smooth out the look by chemical treatments, which resulted in a totally white appearance. I don't think he was ashamed of being black. I think he had a deep in security.

    Thank you for a well written article.

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Thank you Anne for your kind words.

    I was looking forward to moving within USA in two years, but I have been hearing so many sad tales that I may just say in New York. I just do not want to explain racism to my son.

    I felt sorry for my mother when she had to explain it to me when I was 6 years old.

    I look forward to talking to.

    Oh, please tell Lea, I wish my Mom sent me to get my hair braided at her age. I looked a mess with nice clothing. I was so happy when my mother allowed me to wear an Afros. LOL.

    Take care.


  • Anne Pettit profile image

    Anne Pettit 7 years ago from North Carolina

    Dear N.E,

    This is an excellent hub! I was born in Berkeley, CA and lived my adult life in Sacramento, CA. Two of my daughters are African American and our multi cultural family was commonplace in CA. I moved to NC in 2006 and we are struggling with the racism in all groups. More dialogue with you would be wonderful and I will read your hubs. Anne

  • N.E. Wright profile image

    N.E. Wright 7 years ago from Bronx, NY

    Sorry I took so long to respond to your comments. I had death in the family and was not comfortable with being on line. I just deleted over 17,000 unread e-mails early this morning.

    Okay, for me it is hard to explain Michael's images. I did once believed that he had Vitigo, but his sister, Latoya said he use to have skin brightening cream sent to him by the case load.

    Also, my sister had a friend who hated her dark complexion and used skin lightening cream until it bleached away part of her dark complexion and she now has to wear dark hued make-up. So I just do not know what to say or what to believe about Michael.

    I would prefer he was suffering from Vitigo, because explaining dislike of ones self is not something I believe I can do well.

    Thanks for your response Alex.

  • profile image

    alex 8 years ago

    It is NOT hard to explain these images to your son.This man ,MICHAEL Jackson suffered from a disease called vitigo.It is a medical condition that destroys the pigmantation of the skin.HOPED THIS HELPED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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