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GOP and the Voter ID

Updated on August 23, 2014

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Vote: It's your right!

No matter what the climate is, many people fought and died so that we might have the ability to vote.

  • Be on the safe side: don't give in to the outrageous behavior of the parties. Just go prepared. Take a photo id, a voter registration card if you have one. Make sure your ID is current and correct. Driver's license, passport book or card, etc.
  • Review the ballot and make sure everything is correct before you pull the lever or push the button.

Early Voting

The Republicans, as well as the Democrats thought that it would be a great idea to have "early voting days". This would allow those who work two jobs or double shifts at the same job, have children or other responsibilities that would make it hard to get to the polls.

What neither took into consideration, was that it would give everyone a chance to vote because early voting doesn't have to be done in your district. This opened up a whole new meaning to "get out the vote". Soon, the issue of many Democrats was that in an individual region within a district people were given the opportunity to get out and vote instead of being sent on one day to one polling place.

2013, in areas that are predominantly Democratic, you have lawsuit after lawsuit, trying to stop the voters from getting to the polls early. Republicans have been doing this for so many years, they've perfected it.

Voter ID Law

2013, the Voter ID law passed. Now when you go to the polls you will be required to show a photo ID. Acceptable ID's will be the traditional driver's license. Also, there are other acceptable forms of ID, like a passport or military ID.

While many feel it will suppress voter turnout or put a hardship on the elderly, the fact remains that if you are elderly, you most likely are enrolled in social security retirement benefits or some form of monthly stipend. If so, you also have a form of identification. because it is impossible to cash a check without an ID. If the money is in the bank, then an ID is required when withdrawing from the account.

While parties are trying to convince their followers that each is right, most Americans believe it's a good thing, whether Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian, etc. It just makes sense.

It assures the voting system will be more accurate, no more voting more than once or in different counties. If you haven't changed your address to your current residence and voting district, then it's up to you to get it done in a timely manner. An individuals laziness to get prepared will be the only issue.

Law requires that when relocating, a license can be considered invalid if not updated within 30 days. So, if an individual is not ready to vote come election day, it is not the politicians fault, it is the individuals fault and shame on you for not having the follow through.


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  • cascoly profile image

    cascoly 5 years ago from seattle

    ROFL - irrefutably? you havent PRESENTED anything of substance to refute! you present lies & distortions, then resort to ad hominem attacks, then lie again claiming your opponent has no facts. quel surpris! as this has been romney's campaign all year - the most truth-free presidential campaign ever run. luckily in another week we'll be rid of him [but we'll then have all the foxies yelling foul when they lose]

  • tsadjatko profile image

    TSAD 5 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

    You are a typical liberal - you can't win on the facts and when your lies and distortions are irrefutably exposed you then resort to name calling and trying to discredit the messenger - oldest trick in the liberal playbook only you really aren't very good at it - you really should be ashamed, on two counts..

  • cascoly profile image

    cascoly 5 years ago from seattle

    tsadjatko -- yours is just one more anonymous troll [tim buk tu? 'REALLY?'] broadcasting republican distortions - but your theft aside, the whole point of this tripe is to make it look like the US MIlitary is supporting this - in fact its not. Doesn't matter if it's MSNBC doing the work that the rest of the media should be doing. Calling MSNBC doesnt diminish the reality of their reporting -- i'm waiting for your evidence that what they say is untrue.

    as far as 'media bias wnd' - the results are dominatd not by neutral sources but from WND and other rightwing machines! funny thing -- 'media bias msnbc' also results in links to the SAME rightwing nutcases. just shows that 'media bias' is yet another rightwing dogwhistle code for 'doesnt agree with us'

  • tsadjatko profile image

    TSAD 5 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

    Sorry - so I forgot to attribute- It's not like I'm trying to hide anything - it's out there for all to see. Well here ya go:

    Yes, Obama really is suppressing military vote

    Exclusive: David Kupelian exposes most despicable form of election fraud yet

    Read the whole thing if you want the truth.

    The question isn't where it was published but is it true, and it is, and for anyone to cite an MSNBC article to refute it is a total joke....Just google media bias MSNBC and media bias WND and compare. MSNBC is known for making up things to attack the truth when it doesn't fit their agenda - why do you think their ratings have fallen off the charts.

    It appears you are the one skilled at deceit as military groups such as the National Guard, US Army have a policy of not commenting on issues like this and the volunteer groups weren't gathered by republican lobbyists. Even in this article you cite your paraphrasing is not what is said in the article so you are distorting the truth.

    What is said in your MSNBC article, and I quote "The coalition...was assembled by Michael Morley, a Republican lawyer and political operative, according to Bob Carey, who serves as a point of contact for the coalition. 'Michael Morley approached these organizations and put it together himself,'” Carey told Lean Forward."

    What do you expect, a democrat lawyer to put together a coalition to fight a democrat lawsuit?..get real. I suppose you'll assert the lawyer made them join against their will or as my article said they are just dumb?

    The MSNBC article says "The military coalition has largely escaped scrutiny" (I wonder why - seems only MSNBC a known partisan hack network is trying to bring false scrutiny upon it without even getting a single comment from any of the organizations that signed on yet smearing them by saying " even though it appears to have been organized as part of a concerted effort to lend support to Republicans in voting cases—some, as in Ohio, involving efforts to restrict voting rights—in swing states across the country.").

    No, I posted the truth and you came up with a partisan hack piece by the famous "tingle up my leg" network MSNBC. That is dumb.

  • cascoly profile image

    cascoly 5 years ago from seattle

    first off, tsadjako's post is taken directly from a rightwing website without attribution [even the word 'Really?'- just enter the question he quotes in google to find the original]

    msnbc has reported on this latest attempt by the republicans

    basically these military 'organizations [volunteer groups expressing their opinions, not actual military groups such as the National Guard, US Army, etc] were gathered by republican lobbyists to fight AGAINST early voting -- you'll notice that the rightwing press release copied above doesnt state WHY they're opposed to MORE early voting

  • tsadjatko profile image

    TSAD 5 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

    I read your hub page title, then I read your hub page and I fail to see how you have made a case in your hub that supports the title. Actually it sounds like your hub makes the case that both parties are in favor of early voting and that is good.

    As you may know, in July the Obama re-election campaign sued Ohio state officials in an attempt to suppress, in that pivotal swing state, the votes of America’s military men and women – people who traditionally lean conservative and vote Republican. (CNN exit polling data from 2008 show voters favored Republican John McCain over Obama by a 10-point margin, 54 to 44 percent.) Indeed, the elite press currently overflows with articles accusing those claiming the Ohio lawsuit is bad for the military of being both wrong and dishonest.


    Is that why no fewer than 15 military organizations have joined together to fight this particular Obama-machine lawsuit in court? I’m talking about:

    The National Guard Association of the United States

    The Association of the U.S. Army

    The Association of the U.S. Navy

    The Marine Corps League

    The Military Officers Association of America

    The Reserve Officers Association

    The National Association of the Uniformed Services

    The Non Commissioned Officers Association of the U.S.A.

    The Army Reserve Association

    The Fleet Reserve Association

    The Special Forces Association

    The U.S. Army Ranger Association, Inc.


    The National Defense Committee

    The Military Order of the World Wars

    Are America’s armed forces wrong and dishonest? Do the Army, Navy and Marine organizations listed above not understand the issues of military voting as thoroughly as the experts at Snopes and Media Matters? Are the Special Forces and Army Ranger groups just plain dumb? I don't think so.

  • profile image

    Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

    Great Hub, Abecedarian. Everyone should and must study the issues and get out and vote.