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News&Views Feb 2010 Politics-India Shiv sena

Updated on August 10, 2010

News&Views Feb 2010


Shiv Sena behaving like J&K separatists, says BJP chief Gadkari
Times of India (see link below)

I am happy about this news . Finally BJP shows some sign of waking up. RSS and BJP have declared regularly that they are for all Indians and "Sarva dharm saman bhava" (to have equal glance on all communities). The word dharm here in the Indian context should be taken to mean communities, language groups, religious groups etc. Philosophy that all Indians should have the same basic rights, any where in India, is ancient and indisputable for Indians. It has been like this in India since time immemorial.

One can understand that this inclusion should also address the concern that in any locality by and large people have employment and a minimal standard of life. Local political parties or community based organizations like shiv sena should of course have all rights to raise such concerns occasionally. One can also understand their concern that government should not show any support or association to Pakistani army, elites and ruling class, since they are supporting terrorist activities in India.

But MSN or Shiv Sena are not just raising these concerns. They are also intimidating practically every one in Mumbai and surrounding regions by their behavior, specially North Indians and Muslims. This is not a new phenomena. Some years back their target for intimidation were South Indians, later it was Gujaratis for some time.

How can a party like BJP (or its philosophical mentor RSS) which has ideology like "sarva dharm saman bhav" (have equal glance on all religions) tolerate such a behavior from one of the members of its political group NDA? Parties which are nationalistic and not feudal in nature should make sure that in any region of the country, this philosophy is followed by and large and should associate generally as less as possible with any organization not following such principles.

But how many parties are there in India which are nationalistic in basic ideology and are not managed in feudal style. Even Congress management is family oriented and feudal. Communist, some left oriented parties and BJP are essentially the only parties which have cadre based management. The left oriented parties including CPM are also basically feudal in the sense that their top leaders, once they are chosen in top positions, continue to be in those positions for decades. Also both congress and leftists groups talk about secularism and national ideals but when it comes to day to day work, the very first thing they do is associate with groups raising communal and religious passions.

Many have wondered how much the recent rise of MSN has to do with election calculations of Congress or NCP bosses? The current phase of aggressiveness and intimidating behavior by Shiv Sena and MSN in Mumbai is also seen by most as mainly due to the encouragement by Congress and NCP which are ruling in the state. Silence and inaction by Congress and NCP Government on this intimidation is indeed deafening.

In this situation, only party from which one could expect some reaction was BJP. But it seems to be lost in its own internal troubles. Silence by BJP on this issue was suffocating. Now its chief has made comment and in quite right direction. Though the behavior of Shiv sena or MSN can not be equated with terrorism of Pakistani influenced separatists in J&K. Their demands and intimidation is quite similar to enforcement of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir etc. BJP chief Gadkari has indeed made right comment. I hope BJP now gets courage and comes out of its self created shell and makes more such right comments and takes right paths. So do I wish for other parties.

Just now we should concentrate more on providing a minimal life style to every one in India rather than getting lost in these peripheral issues. India is a country full of resources. Making sure that every working person in India has a minimal life style for him self and his family is not such a difficult task and can be achieved in less than 10 years or so. BJP and Congress should come out with clear plans to achieve this with in a decade, rather than just talking about whole nation being one etc. That will automatically take care of concerns raised by parties like MSN and Shiv Sena and other communal and cast based politicking organizations and leave practically no scope for them to have an intimidating behavior.

Here is the link from Times of India of the news.

war over Mumbai

Pictures of Mumbai taken from internet sources


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! Nishan

      Thank you for coming back.

      Good! At least you agree that One should not use abusive words for others. Certainly not when you are communicating with some one as a guest. After all, while reading my hub or article you are my guest and I am your guest in your hub.

      Now why you are complaining to me about Shiv Sena. Do we all not know about it. I also live mostly in Mumbai.

      I have started this column news&views in my hubs precisely for this purpose, to highlight problems we face. Problems we face because of turmoil in our cities which currently has occurred because of intimidation from Shiv Sena and MNS now and many others as you have mentioned are important ones.

      Perhaps you just read one of my articles while I have posted 4-5 articles on hub on this topic and topic of af-pak region war and what we should do. I try to anlyze these problems and try to find solutions to it or understand difficulties about it (see my article published yesterday "is Mumbai going in Kolkata way").

      I write often that main focus in our country should be just now to improve our economy and administrative management so that every working person in India can provide a life with minimal decency to all members of his family (good housing, food, roads, clean pollution-less cities, towns villages, good education etc.) In effect we should try just not for our selves but also for our neighboring countries (see my articles on af-pak region wars etc. ). India is a country full of resources, we can easily do it provided we keep focus on it. For this to happen we all have to work hard and achieve this and for some time we have to keep away from useless fights, using abusive words. Calling others deshdrohi, traitor, bullshit etc. does not achieve any thing. If you do that what is the difference between you and leaders of Shiv Sena or MNS whom you do not like. You do not surely want to get lost in useless fights and intimidation if you want to achieve social justice. Creating social justice by bringing a good life to every one will achieve a lot. Most other countries already have it. Why should we remain behind and lost in useless fights.

      We have to learn to argue with calmness and achieve the above mentioned goals. If you read Dr. Kalam's books you will see that he also argues the same idea and shows the path towards this goal.

      Even though you use abusive words too many times, I am happy that at least your ideal people Dr. Kalam, Vajpeyeeji are right ones. They have indeed been very inspiring for whole nation.

      This path of social justice by creating a minimal life style and keeping away from useless fights, abuses etc. is what I convey in my articles also. (Even three hubs I published yesterday also describe the same path).

      This is the path you should plan to take of focus on bringing minimal life style for every one if you want to succeed in your sane goal of bringing social justice. Wish you and all the good luck for the success.

    • nishanS profile image


      8 years ago from INDIA

      Hi soumyasrajan Thank you very much for your response to my comments. I did like your advice as well, I did notice that I wrote it very late night in haste, there are so many mistakes are there. However, I do feel that we must have decency in our talks but what do you think about Shiv Saina. I have gone through your mix comments; rather I would say a political article in response of very very bad political game of Shiv Saina. Are you aware about MNS and Shiv Saina doings? Do you? Do you know they had slept one of the MP? It is an act of Macho and might. What will be the realm of their act? Who they hell are to beat up north Indians, why they should be in politics. Why? What are their qualifications to govern this beautiful country? Do you know what are they doing? They are forcibly collecting money from film industry. There were one Dawood, now three or four dawood. Do you think? Are they worried about country? NO NO!!!!. Are they Patriot? NO NO!! Who gave them this right to divide this country .we have to stop them. We have to ask them to stop such nonsense.

      Let me tell you sir, country always come first. Who will divide my country? We will divide them. Enough is enough. He should not misuse democracy; they should enjoy it and let other live. Please some one tells them, this chore will be transient. It will end soon. Every one. Every one in India watching their bad act, which is exasperating every one. This lava will burn everything. Please suggest them be nice and live into their kholi. I am an Indian by birth and I love India, I love my mother India. Same time I am American as well. Please some one tells them to close this shop of street. Hope they will find wisdom, other wise time will teach them, and this country and time will never forgive them.

      My logic in writing and using hard words, we must deal with iron hands with such bad people. Whenever any one will try to break this county. We called them "deshdrohi". Traitor. When country in danger we use army. We use force to eliminate them. India was governed 1200years. We have to get rid of these KALE Angrez. They feel they can govern this beautiful country by playing with the emotion of people. Or misusing, misleading illiterate people. India is in danger; India is being covered by China geopolitically and strategically. Terrorism is being imposed on us by Pakistan and china as of their state policy. People like Raj thakre, they are making us weak. Not only Raj thakre. There are lots of politicians; we must get rid of them. Such as, Chutala in Haryana. Mulayam Singh Yadav in UP, Mayawati in UP. KODA or Goda in karnataka. Badal in Punjab. Lalu and party, pashwan, shebu shoran in jharkhand or untrachal, I am not sure where he is from. We need to get rid of communist from Calcutta. They are China's agents. They don’t have any interest in Indians progress. For money they are opposing Indians move everywhere. These local politician or inapt politician is taking it guaranteed to govern this country just like their parental property. We have to send back to be qualified first .We have fully ignored northeast. They have feelings that they are not the part of this country. No development because these north and south Indians are mainly governing this country. They don’t even felt to go and look at that area. They don’t even feel that people live in that area is human. They are seating in Delhi and taking care their families and relatives. They come to power to make money and take their full stake of benefits. However, there is long way to go. We are ZERO in infrastructure; we are ZERO in system and law enforcement. We need to fix enforcements. Any law, sanitation, police. Roads. We have to force laws to take accountability by the people working in system. So, Questions is? Did this Maharastrains Mariah Raj, Udhav or Bal thakre ji ever discuss problem of common people of that state. Did they ever go and voluntarily work for poor. Are they decedent of Bhahadur shaha, or any other king of India, or co-owner of east India Company? They are misleading people and injecting poison in Indian society. We need to fix this kind of people first with iron hands. We will go one day, from north, west east to Bombay all trains will full and Bombay will be flooded by these people, we will march for peace but if any one will come into our peaceful way and try to show might we will show him real picture of Indians. I they are real caretaker of India, they must do sacrifice, they must to something, they should gain qualification first, I will be the first person to Salute them.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! Nishan

      It looks like you did not read my hubs at all. I am a big fan of every any Indian who believes in "sarva dhram saman bhava" philosophy. All religions Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Buddhist, are Indian, in the sense that we have very large representation from each of these religions. I admire Dr. Kalam a lot. His book Wings of Fire, I consider one of the best books written by Indians in the recent era. I have written even articles about it. Perhaps you did not even read my profile. You would have seen that I am a scientist in one of the top research Institutes in India and also a Professor in a university in USA. I know Dr. Kalam very well. So you are angry for no reason. If you also know Dr. Kalam, you would have seen how calm he always is. How nicely he handles every situation.

      You claim that you have organized a group for political and social reform in India. A very sane cause. Every Indian will be with you for this. But any such reform should start first with one self. You admire Dr. Kalam. I hope you will also adopt his qualities and style and keep such unnecessary anger away. Have you noticed that he never uses such words like bullshit or traitor etc., used by you. First reform has to be to learn to listen and respect every one. That is also part of Indian style. Wish you all the good luck in your mission.

      You end with slogan love India and love Indians. But in the very first message to me without even reading it properly or understanding it properly you just show your anger for no reason. Is this your love for India and Indians? Any way despite your anger I become your fan. That may help in mutual understanding of Indians.

    • nishanS profile image


      8 years ago from INDIA

      Shiv saina used to be a popular party because it stood up against terrorism while Bombay was burning .Now it has start running on a different track, they have lost their creditability. They are playing with the emotions of Maharashtrarains, creating a wall of hate between Indians. Playing dirty games to gain the political power. Working as traitors. They are doing politics at cost of country. Specially, Raj kakre. I want to ask to this kakre. You talk about sacrifice and safety and security of the country and Maharastrians. Did he ever go to war, did he ever fight for country. He is a sick man. I want him to change its course before we bound him to change his course. I request him, stop all these bullshits. Be a good Indian. Now time has gone when every idiot or stupid, or gundas were coming to politics. That time has gone. It is the demand of Indians. We needed people like Manmohan ji; we need people like Kalam ji or Mr. tharoor ji Atal ji. We don’t need people like all Mr. kakre ji. Indian doesn’t need gundas or inapt illiterate people like Mr. Raj kakre. My name is nishan; I have organized a group name, Political, Social and System reform mission. I do advise you to stop your all bullshits before we take all Indians through you out of your bad kholi. Shut up your shits. Don’t jostle with right people those who are working hard to bring this country altogether, Muslim, Sikhs and christens are our brothers, they are of same blood, they are Indians, we can not blame all community due to few bad people of particular community.

      Love them, bring them in good faith. Fight with bad peoples not north, west or east Indians. Don’t act like traitor. You know the punishment of traitors. I wish you good luck to be a nice and super Indian. I will state you when you will gain in politics on the basis of your qualification. Love India and Indians.



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